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(en) Italy, FDCA - Il Cantiere #10: Outside the seats in real life Building the Libertarian Alternative by Cristiano Valente (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Tue, 13 Sep 2022 09:53:46 +0300

It is not the Constitutional Charters, the bourgeois parliaments, much less the governments that condition reality, but the economic reality and the actual power relations between the classes that condition social, political and even moral events. ---- The electoral campaign for the next elections on 25 September daily registers political amalgamations and unlikely electoral signs, from the red-brown sectors of Italia Sovrana which gathers the Communist Party of Rizzo from the former magistrate Ingroia, passing through Patria Socialista, which as a leading candidate he introduces the ninety-five-year-old former actress Gina Lollobrigida to the alliance of a new center that sees Calenda and Renzi take charge of center-right refugees such as Carfagna and Gelmini.
The constant refrain, albeit in a nationalist or pro-European version, depending on the political subjects and partisan interests that are represented or are to be represented, is the convinced adherence to our constitutional dictate as opposed to the indication of the center right, in particular the party of the Meloni, FdI, of presidentialism as a necessary and future architrave of the republic.
With a particularly forked tongue on the part of the Democratic Party, the presidential choice is portrayed as a "total collapse", forgetting that large sectors of the same PD would be in favor, that the former Prime Minister Craxi himself, from the distant 80s of the last century and with him, large sectors of the then PSI made it their indication, that Berlusconi himself, since he took the field since 1994, has talked about it, without forgetting that the presidential republics are France and the United States themselves, just to name two and not secondary.
But the hypocrisy of the secretary of the PD Letta takes on almost grotesque tones when, reviving and taking up a second-hand anti-fascism for the occasion, he ignores that only a few months ago, he was one of the major guests at the evening of Atreju, the national kermesse of Fratelli of Italy. One of two. Or Giorgia Meloni really represents a regressive and fascist danger and then behavior and above all consequential practices would be necessary, otherwise it is exclusively the electoral campaign and its need for greater consensus that pushes us to say untrue things.
It is certainly not we who take sides for one or another solution, both expressions of the capitalist command and of the different factions and interests of the national bourgeoisie, but what we intend to stigmatize is this continuous reference to the institutional charter by radical, antagonist and even communist sectors and organizations that even like us they refer to the class struggle.
We pass from the cited art. 1 which indicates work as the fundamental basis of the Republic and the sovereignty belonging to the people, in article 3 which recommends the need to "remove the obstacles of an economic and social order", which "effectively limiting the freedom and equality of citizens , prevent the full development of the human person and the effective participation of all workers in the political, economic and social organization of the country ", or article 10 on the right of asylum to" foreigners who are prevented in their country. effective exercise of the democratic freedoms guaranteed by "our" Constitution, passing to article 21 on the freedom of the press.
Many other articles could be cited, in particular those on the economic rights of the Third Title, of our constitutional charter, but what is most regularly cited in this dramatic phase of warfare on Ukrainian soil, is Article 11, the one that should see Italy, repudiate war.
But what does art actually say and what does it mean. 11? We report it in full:
"Italy repudiates war as an instrument of offense to the freedom of other peoples and as a means of resolving international disputes; it allows, on equal terms with other states, the limitations of sovereignty necessary for an order that ensures peace and justice among nations; promotes and favors international organizations aimed at this purpose. " In the aftermath of the Second World War with a dramatic legacy of over 60 million dead (2 million more than the entire current Italian population) and which had left wounds in every family, the expression repudiate was opted for to underline the indignation that such an event had aroused in world public opinion and in the hope of never finding himself within such a horror again.
For the sophisticated weapons with which it was fought, for the devastation of entire cities and populations, for the scientific extermination of the Jews, as well as the Roma and Sinti, it was the most devastating and dramatic war in the history of humanity.

The confirmed deaths of the First World War, which went down in history as the "great slaughter" excluding the approximately 50 million deaths caused by the "Spanish" flu, which broke out at the end of the conflict (1918/1919) and favored and developed by it, are been half; about 30 million.
After the war, we were not the only ones to proclaim this principle in the new constitutional papers. In the French Constitution, in its preamble of 1946, it can be read that: "The Republic will not undertake any war for the purpose of conquest and will never use its forces against the freedom of any people" and Federal Germany itself, in its new Constitution in 1949 he wrote: "Actions suitable to disturb the peaceful coexistence of peoples, in particular to prepare an offensive war, are unconstitutional"
But, leaving aside the other constitutional papers at the moment, if it were true that Italy cannot participate in wars, as explained in articles 78 and 87 of the Constitution, the first of which provides that "The Chambers decide on the state of war and confer the necessary powers to the Government "and the second who quotes:" The President of the Republic (Â...) declares the state of war approved by the Chambers "?
On the other hand, since Italy is one and indivisible and article 52 of the same Constitution establishes that "the defense of the homeland is a sacred duty of the citizen", Italy could launch a defensive war, aimed at protecting our people with the expansionist aims of others. Article 11 formally declares, in its first paragraph, the illegitimacy of the war of conquest alone, that of oppression, but the second paragraph allows Italy to participate in wars proclaimed and already started by other States, other international organizations
This article was written precisely to allow Italy's accession to the UN (the United Nations Organization) and subsequently to legitimize Italy's accession to the European Community and today to the European Union by transferring precisely the objectives of peace and justice on economic issues Despite article 11 from the postwar period to today we have armed "our boys", under the guise of NATO or the various interstate coalitions of willing, sending them to Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan , Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali. just as it happened in the conflicts in the Middle East, during which we provided assistance to the allies, as is happening in the Ukrainian scenario and as happens in the current 40 and more war missions, 18 of which in Africa, in which the Italy is present today with its men and weapons. In short, what comes out the door, comes back through the window and the hypocritical and false peace missions and humanitarian missions are always allowed. So Italy could participate not only in an armed conflict where its borders were to be jeopardized, but above all where its precepts of democracy or directly national economic interests were evaluated in danger.
In the form of the much vaunted interventions aimed at guaranteeing peace, the use of force was legitimized only to protect economic and commercial interests.
In this context, the already hypocritical humanitarian reasons expand, as well as the naval mission in the Gulf of Guinea with the clear task of protecting ENI's extractive assets. In short, war is no longer and only for the defense or conquest of new territories, but to favor and guarantee the national economy, through an increasingly aggressive and predatory, openly imperialist military strategy.
Returning therefore to our own sovereignists and extreme defenders of the Constitutional Charter, the limitations of sovereignty are, in reality, fully constitutional.
Only and exclusively, the greater autonomy of the workers' movement and changed power relations between the classes can represent a guarantee of better social and political conditions of the less well-off classes and their historical allies, younger generations and women; the innumerable papers of fundamental principles, as well as the constitutional ones, represent exclusively the crystallization of these relations of force.
Our task, as an organization, in this historical phase is to grow, expand and fortify a cohesive and oriented core of comrades and comrades, which acts as a collector in connecting the immediate interests of our class, hence the battles over wages and for better normative and social conditions, with historical interests, that is, the liberation of the working masses from the capitalist economic yoke, out of prehistory, for a libertarian communist society.
To request a copy of the magazine, send an article or a comment you can write to ilcantiere@autistici.org
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