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(en) Italy, UCADI #162 - THE USA BETWEEN THE UKRAINIAN PANTANO AND THE CHINESE SYNDROME (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Thu, 8 Sep 2022 08:30:54 +0300

The evolution of relations between the state and the Churches in the New Ukraine. In search of Autocephaly, in "Law and Religions" 2-2020, pp. 252-304. ---- The unspoken role of the Churches in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, in "Law and Religions" n.2 of 2021, pp. 487-512. ---- Orthodox autocephaly and confessional pluralism in North Macedonia, Telematic Review (https://www.statoechiese.it), issue no. 13 of 2022, pp. 1-34. ---- The Orthodox Churches and States in Europe: problems and perspectives, Laicidad y libertades. Escritos jurìdicos, 2022 (forthcoming) ---- THE USA BETWEEN THE UKRAINIAN PANTANO AND THE CHINESE SYNDROME ---- As the Midterm elections of 9 November approach: we will vote to renew all the seats in the House of Representatives and 34 seats out of 100 in the Senate and 36 governors out of a total of 50 states. Biden is in free fall in consensus, inflation is rising, approaching 9.1%, (the highest in 40 years), especially affecting the low-income and black electorate who had supported the President. The middle class is affected by the increase in the price of fuel and basic necessities. Bidem is given by pollsters at 38% with the disapproval rate close to 60% and it is very likely that the Democrats will lose the majority, today guaranteed only by the vote of the vice president (Democrats and Republicans today both have 50 seats).
The Biden administration tried to respond to all this by passing the Inflation Reduction Act, a law worth $ 750 billion in investments in health care and climate, which is financed by establishing a minimum tax rate of 15%. for all companies whose profits exceed one billion dollars a year. This measure is expected to generate more than $ 258 billion in revenues for the federal state over the next 10 years. 370 billion dollars are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030; most of the remaining resources are aimed at correcting inequalities in access to medical care in the US, in particular by lowering the price of medicines. This is a long-term structural measure whose effects will dilute over time.
The need for results and the need to meet the demands of the heavy lobbies operating in Congress have prompted them to engage the country in support of Ukraine, but in view of the imminent electoral deadline the administration needs immediate results as the war in Ukraine it entered a phase of stagnation and disappeared from
Chronicles. There is therefore a need to look towards the Pacific area and direct the attention of US foreign policy towards China, which is perceived by the Americans as the real opponent of the country. Therefore it is the whole party that is mobilizing, starting with the President of the Congress.

The USA and Europe

In terms of foreign policy, Biden tried to overcome the repercussions of the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan by reshaping foreign policy on two lines: attack on Russia, engaging it in a war of attrition in Ukraine, which if it is true that it is not costing lives. human resources to the Americans (but many to the Ukrainians and Russians!) required exorbitant investments in weapons, to the delight of the war industry and contractor agencies all over the world, creating growing problems for the treasury.
From the US point of view, the results of this strategy seem to exist: Europe is not only in fact, but also metaphorically, "on the gas pipe". Its production model based on the supply of low-cost energy and the partnership with Russia (gas and oil in exchange for technology and finished products) is destroyed. Thus, the lobbying activity of well-known Ukrainian oligarchs at the American congressmen, aimed at blocking the construction of Nord Stream 2, with the motivation that it is not good for the citizens of the European Union, but in reality to preserve the activity of oil pipelines passing through Ukraine.[1]
The operation was facilitated by the exit from political life of Angela Merkel who had focused on the policy of cooperation with Russia in support of the European production model. The unforeseen Russian invasion has radically shifted the very approach of the problem, allowing the US to enter the conflict to undermine the European production model and profit from it by entrusting it to its own supplies of gas and oil at prices and conditions so high that it dramatically increase the fixed costs of the European economy.
Another effect of this policy was the relaunch of NATO, which Macron believed to be in liquidation. The alliance has not only been reborn but has recruited new followers. Furthermore, the EU is divided by British plots which, through privileged agreements with the Nordic countries and privileged unilateral relations with individual states, are destroying the unity of action of the countries
of continental Europe. A further effect is the pollution of the community equis through the probable introduction of countries with an Orthodox majority, accentuating the internal tensions on ethics and the cultural and value heritage of the Union in order to undermine its cohesion. Add to this the increase in migratory pressure already produced by wars
Americans in the Middle East and climatic and economic disasters with the addition of 7 million Ukrainian refugees and we will have the picture of the instability produced in the area of ​​Europe.
All this facilitated by a European political class completely subject to American and British choices and a European political class without its own strategic vision, in which the politically inconsistent von der Leyen shines, surrounded by a staff of invertebrates, first of all the fool Josep Borrel, Charles Michel. misogynist and warmonger, President of the Council of Europe, flanked by the President of Parliament Roberta Metsola, in the part of the happy goose, who chose Kyiv as a tourist destination for their travels, while the sub agent of the USA, Mario Draghi, led the patrol of pro-Ukrainians, replacing Jhonson, who became a lame duck after his defenestration.

The Pacific chessboard

But Biden is well aware that Europe has a residual place in US concerns: concerns concern the Pacific, an area of ​​development of the world economy on which consumers in China and India insist, which together make up a little less than half of the population. world.
Initially, the US tried to create the void left by their withdrawal from Afghanistan by supporting the Five Eyes (acronym: FVEY) with a surveillance alliance that spies the Pacific area and which includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and United States the Aukus, a strategic-military partnership for security in the Indo-Pacific that provides for close collaboration in areas such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence and the sharing of naval defense technologies. The most important news concerns the fact that the United States and the United Kingdom will provide Australia (replacing France) with the technology necessary to build, a deterrent weapon that until now only the United States, Russia, France, United Kingdom were in possession. China and India. In this way, a strategic-military partnership for "security in the Indo-Pacific" was created, aimed at containing China in the region by allowing the Australian navy to operate in the South China Sea.
The next step was the mobilization of the President of the Senate sent to visit Taiwan, while the administration was playing hide and seek, declaring that it did not share the visit, however, followed by the mission to the country of a congressional delegation, confirming that the United States is ready to flex its muscles in the confrontation
competitive with China and a hypothetical attack on Taiwan.

Russian and Chinese foreign policy

The outbreak of the Ukrainian war, which should have produced Russia's economic, political and diplomatic isolation, has seen Russian diplomacy very active and it has become clear that this is by no means isolated and isolable. For its oil and gas exports, Russia has shifted its market east to China, India and the rest
of the world. So he did for the export of cereals. It avoided financial default, showing - having amassed large foreign exchange reserves - that it had carefully prepared the brawling economy for the effects of the invasion of Ukraine, certainly better than it prepared military action.
It is taking advantage of the situation to reset relations and relations with Africa and Latin America; it has come to organize joint military maneuvers with China and India on Russian territory, taking advantage of the fact that China has welcomed unconditional support for its claims on Taiwan. If the goal of US policy was to isolate Russia, the result obtained goes in the exact opposite direction.

The return of Trump

Trump is taking advantage of all this, who more than a populist turns out to be a Peronist, capable of getting in tune with the deep belly of the country, of grasping its moods, managing to translate them into a political program. The inhabitants of the United States are historically an omnivorous population, ready to cannibalize the country's resources now and immediately.
They exterminated indigenous peoples without restraint and cynically, robbing them of everything, killing them in a programmed manner with disease, first of all with smallpox. They got their hands on mineral and agricultural resources, exploiting them without restraint, polluting, devastating, desertifying. With Trump they deny the climate crisis.
He promises the miners in Virginia that the mines will remain open and coal will continue to be used, the oilmen and workers in the sector who will be able to continue to crush shales and devastate the territory by resuming the construction of what crosses the pristine territories of Alaska; to farmers who will be able to safely use transgenic seeds and that if Ukrainian wheat remains in silos, the American one becomes more competitive. Reminds those in the automotive industry that the conversion of the car market to electric can wait, he reiterates and whatever you want that it is the right of Americans to arm themselves to defend themselves and that carrying weapons is for real Americans, and
thus proceeding he collects consensus, as shown by the primaries that have seen the candidates supported by him, prevail.
Against this rising tide the Democrats are floundering, trying to cultivate the liberal electorate who would like to support their line of defense of the attacked country, the defense of human rights - little more than a fig leaf that hides the imperialist policy of the United States.
That said, it is absolutely not worth it to tear up your clothes to defend the political choices of the Democrats from the return of the Peronist Trump.

[1]Enrico Verga, Ukraine, it's a question of money and the war is already underway in Washington, "il sole 24 ore", February 15, 2022

G. L.

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