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(en) Russia, avtonom: Suffering as a National Idea: Trends in Order and Chaos Episode 69 (August 28) (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Wed, 7 Sep 2022 07:32:46 +0300

Hi all! Today is Sunday, August 28 and we continue our podcast "Trends of Order and Chaos". This is episode 69. Here are the highlights of the week's agenda. ---- Listen on SoundCloud ---- The war has been going on for half a year now ---- This week marks half a year of the "special operation", or rather the official stage of the war against Ukraine, when the Russian government sent troops into its territory openly, not hiding behind "ihtamnets". ---- The Ukrainian side speaks about the death of more than 13 thousand people, but this figure may turn out to be more in reality, since the calculation complicates the occupation of part of the territories and military operations. Of these, among civilians 5587 confirmed and identified dead (7890 injured) according to a source from the UN. The number of military dead is given by all sides differently, and it is not yet possible to find out exactly during the war. There are missing persons both among the military and among non-combatants. We must also remember that when we talk about the military, we are talking not only about regular troops, but also about volunteers, some of whom would prefer never to take up arms, but were forced to protect themselves from fascism, which brings with it the Russian an occupation.

The resistance that the inhabitants of Ukraine put up to the Russian army came as a big surprise to Putin. Like any dictator, he is used to believing that all issues are decided by the authorities, and the people are some kind of little people who only have to bow and serve the masters, these little people have neither self-esteem, nor will, nor thirst for freedom.

All the more is the rage of the dictator who has lost his shores towards those who do not want to obey him in Ukraine, or on the territory of the Russian Federation. The Russian authorities endlessly lie, claiming that all the victims are the fault of the "Ukrainian Nazis", while prohibiting not just any criticism of the actions of the Russian troops, but even the mention of the word war, although what else to call what is happening. As they say, Kafka and Orwell scratch their turnips in the next world and argue that they didn't seem to write instructions.

"And what are we for?"
There is a lot of discussion and resentment on the Russian-speaking Internet now for the fact that the principle of collective responsibility is applied to its inhabitants based on the principle of nationality or passport. They also discuss the problems that arise for those who have left for other countries where they do not want to open accounts or rent out housing. But when you try to say that many people, shall we say, of non-European appearance, and even more so migrants live like that (and this is certainly unfair), you meet with complete misunderstanding and even indignation, instead of sympathy for those with whom you find yourself in a similar situation. So, all prejudice against people based on their appearance, nationality, country of origin, and so on is an evil that anarchists are well aware of and fight against it, but for some this problem seemed to be something that would never touch him. Well, a lot of things that seemed impossible to us have already happened.

Suffering as a national idea
Usually the rulers promise the people to lead them to happiness and prosperity. Putin's propaganda at one time was based on stability (as it turned out, this is a stable crisis), but the more this propaganda became militarized, the more it sounded calls to overcome, if not die at all. ) will just die "(c) - Putin. "Russians know how to suffer like no one else" - Shoigu.

Calling for sacrifice and suffering, neither Putin nor his entourage, including the ideologists of Russian fascism, of course, had themselves in mind.

The murder of Daria Platonova (Dugina) happened at the end of last week, but this week it was most discussed, acquiring more and more new versions. It is certainly difficult to believe in the official version from the FSB, they would have shown Yarosh's "business card". Despite the fact that Daria Platonova was a staunch fascist, an active follower and distributor of her father's ideas, it quickly formed the impression that this murder was most likely the result of internal squabbles, and that Dugin himself was the main target. For the Ukrainian sabotage, both of them are figures, frankly speaking, they are nothing, and they can in no way influence military operations by their death.

Speaking specifically about the deceased Daria Platonova, not in the words of her father, about the altar and the sacrifice (here, excuse me, in the mythological consciousness of the peoples of the world, it is an innocent girl who is sacrificed on the altar), but from the point of view of feminism, then she is not the first servant of the patriarchy, who, in theory, was supposed to personify the correct patriarchal woman, sit at home, look at the floor and give birth in borscht, but she herself did not act like that. And she is not the first servant of the patriarchy who denied the rights of women and the problem of femicide, and she herself died from femicide. Yes, this case can be considered political femicide, no matter how disgusting the beliefs of the deceased. What is to be regretted here is that a young active woman gave her life in the service of patriarchal ideas.

So, for now, all that the Russian government can do is bring death and suffering, and this suffering is, in fact, the national idea that has been instilled in the people all these years. Of course, all this smacks of some crazy stubborn sectarianism, but on the other hand, if we consider everything that the Russian government does from the point of view of sectarianism, a lot becomes clear. This whole story once again shows that the state and power are not something created for the benefit of people, but only a means of causing suffering. At the same time, it tries to convince us that this suffering is good.

Well, that's all for today! We remind you that in "Trends of Order and Chaos" the participants of "Autonomous Action" give anarchist assessments of current events. Listen to us on Youtube, SoundCloud and other platforms, visit our website avtonom.org, subscribe to the e-mail newsletter!

Issue #69 was prepared by Nina T.

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