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Date Thu, 5 Aug 2021 10:13:40 +0300

Gazeta Wyborcza joins the choir calling for people to be thrown out of their homes. ZKZL plans to evict nearly 200 people. "Is the politics of the times of Grobelny and Puck coming back?" - asks Jaroslaw Urbanski, trade union activist and member of the Wielkopolska Association of Tenants. Below we publish his text, which was sent to Gazeta Wyborcza in response to two articles by Maria Bielicka. ---- Keywords Stop evictions ZKZL Gazeta Wyborcza The city of Poznan WSL ---- The internet portal gazeta.pl has published two twin articles by Maria Bielicka (from June 18 and July 23 this year) concerning the binding regulations prohibiting eviction from residential premises. Apart from the fact that they contain factual inaccuracies, above all, they are very simple. We are not dealing here with a fair presentation of the problem, but with the usual lobbying by property owners demanding the reinstatement of eviction. The whole argumentation - as it often happened in similar texts - is based on individual examples and loud assurances that it is a mass phenomenon. The mantra returns that tenants are in a privileged position in relation to their owners. The journalist did not find it right, however, to draw the opinion of the other party, e.g.

Therefore, we are dealing with material defending the "right to eviction", and in the role of the main expert the Board of Communal Resources for Housing in the person of Konrad Giezek. He claims that: "In the opinion of the City of Poznan and ZKZL sp. Z oo, the above-mentioned regulation should be completely eliminated from the legal system, or its possible application should be limited only and exclusively to enforcement titles, the direct cause of issuance of which was the debt arising from in the time of a pandemic and as a result of it ". Thus, the Management Board and the City of Poznan appear in the articles as the main authority in favor of evicting tenants. Giezek claims that ZKZL himself should execute them 194. If this happened, it would bring us back to the period of Jaroslaw Pucka's policy (in 2013, the infamous record of 183 evictions from municipal resources was broken).

ZKZL and the city demands that the possibility of eviction be restored. And whether the Board and the city fulfill its obligations under Art 75 of the Constitution and Art. 4 of the act on the protection of the rights of tenants ... about creating conditions to meet the housing needs of the local government community? Not! At this point, I will answer Maria Bielicka with another example from a few days ago. Well, in one of the tenement houses in Jezyce, tenants (several families) received a letter from the owner that he would soon disconnect the media because he could not afford to pay for them. Among the residents there are two people with eviction sentences with the right to a social flat. One of the tenants, waiting for an allocation of about a year and a half, called the ZKZL to find out what to do. He heard that there are still more than 600 families in front of him with sentences, so he has to wait.

In Bielicka's material, calculations are made on how much ZKZL is lossable due to unsuccessful evictions. Let's calculate how much in total those who are waiting (like a tenant from Jezyce) for a social flat (granted by a court judgment) and have to pay or accumulate a debt due to the so-called penalty rent (compensation for non-contractual use of the premises), several times higher than the social rent. It comes out, very carefully estimating, about three times more than the losses of ZKZL - over 330 thousand. PLN per month. Anyway, ZKZL, which Konrad Giezek does not mention, relocated tenants to a workers' hostel during the pandemic, although - it seems - not violating the law, but also not worrying about epidemic threats.

Of course, in Poznan, social housing awaits not only people with evictions, but also those who submitted applications. There are at least another several hundred of them (probably around 1000) that meet the income criterion. Some of them, although not yet issued with eviction orders, have lost, for example, the right to lease (their contracts have been terminated). At the same time, during the rule of Jacek Jaskowiak - announcing changes in the social and housing policy - the number of points to be included in the list of people receiving a social housing in a given year increased from 8 to as much as 20! In other words, the prospect of receiving an assignment becomes more and more distant. The simple reserves that the city and ZKZL have used so far have just ended and the situation in this respect is becoming more and more dramatic month by month. Let us mention,

We will ask: what about President Jaskowiak's 2014 election promises to build 4,000 new council housing? They were put into service in 2015-2020, a total of 462 (according to the Central Statistical Office). Nearly 89% of electoral promises were not fulfilled. On a national scale - we should remember - the situation is even more dramatic. In 2020, the smallest number of municipal flats in 30 years was completed, slightly over 1000 (0.4 flats per commune!).

In such circumstances, it is not surprising that HRM and city officials are starting to revert to previous methods. If, moreover, the city's policy to date has not yet caused an increase in tensions and tenant conflicts, it is rather because in recent years we have dealt with a relatively good economic situation (e.g. low unemployment, increase in real wages) and an increase in income of many households pensions or the 500 plus program) and the stagnation of real estate prices. And the law suspending evictions because of an epidemic. Recently, the situation is starting to slowly change and worsen. Real estate and rental prices are starting to rise again and real incomes for many groups are falling.

Of course, in individual cases of renting a flat, the issue may be different. However, when looking at the issue as a whole, the bigger problem is that ZKZL and the city - which is so loud in Bielicka's material - fail to fulfill its basic obligation to provide social housing, which fuels hundreds of conflicts in Poznan between tenants and owners. It is also the cause of a lot of drama. Nor should it be under the impression that eviction is the only tool in enforcing rents. This is a fairly primitive approach - as if to say that the penalty for theft should be cutting off your arm. Unfortunately, with the social standards in force in Poland and Poznan, calls to throw people out of their homes are on the agenda. Has Gazeta Wyborcza just joined this choir?

I am not dealing here with the strictly sanitary issue, which was the main motive for introducing the ban on eviction on March 31, 2020. In view of the imminent fourth wave of COVID-19 infections, calling for the suspension of emissions is also irresponsible from this point of view. So far, the fight against the pandemic has not yet been won. Conditions in the places of evictions' destinations favor the spread of the virus. In temporary rooms, shelters, workers' lodgings, etc., the crowds are high and it is difficult to maintain adequate hygiene and distance. For Maria Bielicka, however, the right to benefit from property

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