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(en) asr anarshism: Anarchism as soon as possible! - Drawing an anarchist alternative to the Islamic Republic if the government falls tomorrow: [machine translation]

Date Tue, 4 May 2021 10:53:13 +0300

Governmentalists propagate that there is no other way but to become a slave to the state; That is, they either blame the government for order or say in a liberal guise that an evil government is necessary, but if the people know that this is not the case and the collective power of 82 million people to manage and lead society is greater than any government in the hands of a minority, then They do not feel the need for any kind of government, right or left, and they do not give in to opportunists and ambitious statesmen. ---- The very existence of the government is the cause of the problem! ---- First, those who run the various branches of government (ie, politicians, government employees, judges, law enforcement officers, etc.) together form the ruling class, which seeks its own interests and exploits the rest of society, especially the working class.

Second, insofar as the government strives (read if it strives) to serve the public and social interests, the means at its disposal - rules and guidelines issued from the center and enforced - are not sufficient and effective to achieve such a goal. According to anarchists, societies are extremely complex beings and their organization must be turned upside down and the various needs of individuals and regions must be fully considered.

Third, in revolutions, those who steal the revolution and ride on the revolution need capital to implement their goals, and capital is in the hands of the so-called class, so naturally every government is subject to the demands of the capitalists for its survival and to legislate to ensure The interests of this class are being served (debt between capital and power), which is naturally one of the concerns of the capitalists to protect their interests, which was created by the police to address this concern.

History has shown us that the government, due to the concentration of power and monopoly, the lack of information of the people about various conditions affecting their economic situation (monopoly), lack of government oversight, loss of competition, improper growth of power bases, and finally the transformation of the economy into a rent system. It was not a good alternative.

Anarchist society is the most democratic and popular form possible; Because community self-management involves the active social participation of all residents of a geographical area. After the elimination of the hierarchical whip, voluntary public participation in various forms will depend on the interests and commonalities. Therefore, the people of each region can feel a collective responsibility for their future and destiny, animals and the environment. Poverty alleviation and ending deprivation in deprived areas will undoubtedly be a collective priority, and those who do not have the basic necessities of life will be significantly improved by the collective efforts of all the people of the geography in question.

Specifically, poor provinces such as Sistan and Baluchestan, Kerman and South Khorasan and other deprived areas with a high unemployment rate will be given collective priority and special attention and urgency, and poverty and reconstruction will be quickly and the basic necessities of life. It will be provided by all the people living in Iran and all the provinces will enjoy the collective facilities of Iran and will have the same level of welfare. Undoubtedly, collective happiness and well-being is the guarantor of individual happiness and well-being.

According to statistics and information dated 11/15/2017: "The poorest areas of the country (areas with the highest poverty rate) are rural areas of Mehrestan (Zaboli), Chabahar, Konarak, Zahedan and Nikshahr of Sistan and Baluchestan province.

The rural areas of these cities have a poverty census rate of more than 4%. The next ranks belong to the rural areas of Khash and Sarbaz cities of Sistan and Baluchestan province, urban areas of Indika city of Khuzestan province, rural areas of Delgan city and rural and urban areas of Helmand city and then urban areas of Sarbaz and Mehrestan cities of Sistan and Baluchestan province. Is.

The poverty census rate for Mehrestan city in Sistan and Baluchestan province is estimated at 4.90 percent.

In general, Sistan and Baluchestan province has the most cities with the highest poverty rate. After that, urban and rural areas of Kerman and South Khorasan provinces have high poverty census rates.

On the other hand, the largest number of poor households are present in urban areas of densely populated cities. Urban areas of Tehran with nearly one hundred and seventy thousand poor households, 7.5 percent of the total poor households in the country. The next ranks belong to the urban areas of Mashhad city (one hundred and twenty thousand poor families) and Tabriz city (seventy nine thousand poor families).

All households in urban and rural areas of cities with a poverty rate of more than 50% (rural areas ?? city and urban areas ?? county) that number of these households is about 426 thousand households (about 2.5% of the total households in the country, which now after More than 3 years have definitely increased)

Focus on the poor

The cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Zahedan, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Qom, Baharestan, Shiraz and Kerman have been introduced as the first 8 poorest cities in the country. "Accordingly, Tehran with 4, Mashhad with 3 and Tabriz with 4,000 poor families have the highest concentration of the poor."

Which provinces of Iran have 60% of their people unemployed? October 1, 2017: "According to the results of the 2011 census, twenty cities out of 397 cities in the country have the highest unemployment rate, of the above twenty cities that have the highest unemployment rate, eight cities in Khuzestan province, seven cities in Sistan province And belongs to Balochistan.

The two provinces of Sistan and Baluchestan and Khuzestan in 1390 among the provinces of the country, had the highest unemployment rate; Therefore, the cities of the two provinces that have the highest unemployment rate in 2016 are definitely among the twenty cities with the highest unemployment rate.

"The unemployment rate in the provinces of the country is based on the results of the 2016 census, which is why, most likely, many of the cities with the highest unemployment rates are in the two provinces of Kermanshah and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari."

How will the system change after the overthrow of the government and how will the government vacuum be filled?

In the state, the ruling minority rules the majority of society and makes any decision they want for their lives and public wealth, but in the model of socialism, the people of society decide for their lives collectively and professionally.

As soon as the government is destroyed, like the Revolution of 1957, everyone stays on their jobs, only the army, police, IRGC and Basij, and all government security and military forces are dissolved, so all means of repression, such as prisons, police and government courts, are destroyed. With the destruction of the government, its organs of repression will be destroyed) and the people of the neighborhood will provide their own security, like 57, and immediately town and village councils will be formed with the participation of all people and decisions will be made for all their needs and problems. And they divide the required tasks temporarily and rotatingly and in turn among themselves.

The secret committees of the people of the neighborhoods must be formed from today so that if the Islamic Republic is destroyed, they can immediately educate and coordinate the people.

Councils are also formed immediately in all factories and offices and in all occupations as well as in all specialized sciences (in all specialized fields all those who have studied in that field will become members of that council, for example and all those who are physicists Have studied or are studying, become members of the Council of Physicists) and take over the management of their workplace collectively, and in fact the councils do the work of the government (in relation to their own work) and again in a global form, A congress of councils performs the functions of the government as a whole, and the representatives of the councils are elected temporarily and rotatingly for the general congress, and they carry out the decisions and agreements of their council, and not their own personal decisions.

All decisions of the councils within the framework of respect for the rights of all human beings living in it (living alone is sufficient and all rights will be equal) and in accordance with the rights and interests of human beings, animals and the environment.

People living in each region will speak and study the language of the people of that region, and the choice of language for education will be voluntary, and naturally the priority is with the mother tongue of each region.

Written by: Anarchists of Isfahan and Shahinshahr

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