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(en) Greece, APO, Land & Freedom: SYVCHDA announcement on the anti-labor bill Hatzidaki-Vroutsi [machine translation]

Date Tue, 4 May 2021 10:48:08 +0300

Let us not allow the world of work to receive another blow ---- Not in the anti-labor bill Hatzidaki - Vroutsi ---- One year after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the systemic crisis is intensifying, while at the same time authoritarianism and aggressive policies are being sought to be imposed in all areas of political, economic and social life. The government, the state and the employers instrumentalize the management of the pandemic by intensifying our harsh living conditions, endangering, sacrificing human life, health, the freedoms of the people, which gives with a sense of responsibility a hard struggle for survival. Because what else does the provocative political choice of the government that refuses to take protection measures against a society that has daily deaths from coronavirus and provocatively insists on destroying the public health system, not to harm, but to strengthen the interests of the great clinicians, show? ,

To ostentatiously and criminally ignore the origin of the main outbreaks of coronavirus, such as mass workplaces and public transport, without taking any substantial decongestion measures, without testing under the responsibility of the state and the competent health authorities, except an unprecedented five months (!) lockdown.

The government, however, in the midst of a generalized health and economic crisis, declares its readiness through the current Minister K. Hatzidakis to submit a new anti-labor-anti-union bill, prepared by the former Minister of Labor, with the aim of sweeping basic labor costs. .

Even before the onset of the health crisis, the abolition of collective bargaining agreements and the basic principles of collective bargaining, the freezing of the minimum wage increase, the downgrading and weakening of the institutions for the labor issues of SEPE and OMED have preceded. Since then, thousands of workplaces and industries have been involved, including the book industry and the wider trade sector, intensification, extortionate suspensions and the fear of the next day, the implementation of the rotating work system, the teleworking regime, while strengthening their legal arsenal for the release of the Sunday operation of commercial stores,

All of the above, which they introduced in the midst of quarantine as precautionary measures, not only consolidate them, but add others to the bill that they have long wanted to submit. These are, among other things, the following important issues concerning basic labor rights:

Abolition of the 8-hour period, with the employer now having the right to employ the employee for up to 10 hours a day, without additional pay, but with a corresponding reduction of working time to another day or break or additional leave within the same semester. In this context, it is obvious that they seek to force employees into individual employment contracts. This extortionate condition is characterized as a settlement of working hours, when in fact the employees become slaves to the appetites of the bosses.

· Companies will be able to join the category of those who do not have a Sunday holiday with a simple process. In fact, they are intensifying the process of its complete abolition at every opportunity.

· It is directed against the trade union freedoms of the workers, the trade union action is criminalized, the strike and the strike mobilizations and guards become not only "illegal and abusive", as has happened in recent years, but criminally heinous acts.

· Trade unionism is transformed into a digital battle of mechanisms where the real processes of the assembly are canceled with live peer discussion, fermentation and exchange of ideas (political and trade union), while electronic voting is promoted, especially on important decision-making issues such as strike.

· In the matter of dismissals, the employer's right is instituted, in case of warning, to prohibit the employee from coming to his workplace, thus making it difficult to defend the injustice done to him.

In essence, this is a constant class attack on the world of work, its labor and political rights, on the most vulnerable social classes. The government, with its anti-labor policy, has one goal to accomplish: to transform the landscape for the next day in favor of capital and private interests, to pursue its anti-social policy and to remove what is left of the core of labor rights.

For our part, we are called as part of the world of struggle once again in the most difficult conditions not to allow the devaluation of our work and life and to defend our labor interests and rights, our needs, our life and our dignity.

We are well aware that the producers of social wealth are the workers, the people who are increasingly in a precarious work environment, the ones below. In order to return the wealth produced to society, we need to fight against exploitation and those who reap our rewards and profit at our expense. Especially today in the suffocating landscape that is formed on the occasion of the health crisis and the fact that the rulers leave us exposed and unprotected, we need to fight but also to protect those around us and ourselves, since only the people can save the people.

We join forces with all the unions that are fighting in a class struggle direction and we connect our resistance in the workplace against the integration, fatalism, submission and inaction promoted by the employers' unionism of GSEE. Against assignment and mediation, the world of work can rely on its own strengths and organize its struggles from below and effectively.

The anti-union anti-union law Hatzidaki - Vroutsi should not be submitted to the Parliament. Hands off the unions, the right to strike, collective action.

To take back all the anti-labor arrangements under the pretext of the pandemic (shift work, suspensions, regulation of working hours, release of the Sunday operation of commercial stores, gnawing of days of normal leave with special purpose permits, teleworking, etc.).

Salary / wage increases and Collective Bargaining Agreements according to our needs. Against undeclared work and non-payment of accrued expenses

Not in elasticity and fixed-term contracts. Prohibition of redundancies.

Against job insecurity, for permanent and stable work in public and private sector

Radical reduction of working time without reduction of salary. Against the perpetuation of teleworking and distance learning

Prohibit redundancies. Measures to protect the unemployed.

Order of the private health sector now, with immediate priority the ICU beds, without compensation of the clinicians.

That's it! Let us not mourn other victims. Universal, direct and equal access to health care.


any colleague who wants to attend the online meeting, let him send a message to the Association's e-mail to be sent the link

Association of Book - Paper - Digital Media Employees of Attica

Londou 6, Exarchia - Athens 210-3820537 & 6980182255 | sylyp_vivliou@yahoo.gr | bookworker.wordpress.com

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