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(en) asr anarshism: Written by New Zealand Anarchists: What does the Union of Iranian and Afghan Anarchists say?

Date Sat, 25 Jan 2020 10:44:02 +0200

We have previously written about the assassination of Qassim Suleimani by the US government from the positions of the anarchist[Afghan and Iranian]League and some Marxists who opposed not only US imperialism but also the Iranian government. ---- While opposition to American imperialism is lacking in thought, such a question may arise among some: "How could[the Marxists and anarchists]oppose the Iranian government? Isn't that progressive and anti-imperialist? "In fact, this was not the case. ---- The current Iranian government is the result of the Iranian revolution of the year 6, where workers and subordinates rose up and overthrew the oppressive monarchy under the leadership of the Shah. Because it failed to manage the economic crisis of the 1980s and the new colonial rule of the West, it did so through its alliance with the United States of America and Israel. And it was particularly the anger of the masses that the Iranian prime minister, Mohammad Mossadegh, was overthrown by the nationalization of the oil industry by a solar-power coup.

Within the revolutionary movement, there were various political tendencies, including liberals, leftists, Islamists, or a mixture of these. During the revolution, these tendencies cooperated and competed according to the circumstances. Islamists under the leadership of Ruhollah Khomeini became the dominant role in the revolutionary government. Khomeini backed a Republican government and, along with other clerics, claimed that they would not seek government but would act as a recommendation.

After two referendums in the year 9, the people voted in favor of the Islamic Republic, thus pro-Khomeini Islamists seized power and became a constitutional landmark which turned into another tyranny. When Khomeini came to power, his government suppressed all of its opponents by imprisoning, torturing and executing leftists, liberals, feminists, Kurds, Arabs, Baluchis, and other pro-independence movements and the labor movement. The workers' councils / movement of the council that had emerged during the Iranian revolution as a new wave in the twentieth century, and the invasion of the Iraqi government into Iran in the year 9 that led to the Iran-Iraq war, disintegrated.. Thus, until the end of the war, the movements were put on hold until the end of the war, and an Iranian-style regime was established there. The opposition has since begun underground, and as a result of the lack of opposition, the new ruling class in Iran has been allowed to begin the path of transition to neoliberal capitalism that has continued until now.

Since then, autocratic, patriarchal, homosexual, heterosexual, colonial, and neoliberal governments in Iran have been working to suppress the above-mentioned movements and other dissidents through imprisonment, torture and execution. This has continued, including the suppression of the recent uprising in Iran in May by workers and subordinates due to a combination of the economic crisis caused by mismanagement of government and US sanctions. Accordingly, according to the geopolitical maneuvers shown by the Iranian government, there is nothing progressive in it and no anti-imperialist character can be found there.

Since the revolution, the Iranian government has sought to extract wealth and expand its influence in Lebanon by uniting with Hezbollah and the Houthis to overthrow the Yemeni government, as well as trying to maintain the dictatorial and neo-liberal power of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. To end militias and maintain influence in parties within the Iraqi government, end its rival regional hegemony in Saudi Arabia and American colonial presence.

Located in the Middle East / West Asia in order to become regional hegemony in alliance with the Russian government. The Iranian government does not act according to the Islamic nature or claims of Islamophobia, but as anarchists such as Peter Kropotkin, Kotoku Shu Sui[and others]point out, in an effort to gain profits and power that Inherent is the global capitalist system, which in turn will lead governments to compete with each other to achieve geopolitical and economic superiority over their competitors. Therefore, the Iranian government did not seek to overthrow imperialist capitalism but to compete with others to achieve its hegemony.

One of the key figures associated with these domestic and international repressions is Qassim Suleimani as commander of the holy force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Thus, when he was assassinated by the US government, no tears were poured out on the eyes of anarchists, Marxists, and others in Iran and across Western Asia who were suffering because of his leadership.

Because of all this, the Iranian anarchists and Marxists that we wrote about in the previous two articles are opposed to the governments of the United States and Iran and the war between them, and instead propose the necessity of creating a revolutionary movement between They propose the international as it happened in the founding of the First International in the year 9, so that we could abolish the world capitalist system and establish a post-capitalist social system instead.

In order to make such a proposal a reality, it is important that all radical forces, wherever they are, discuss what actions to take instead of supporting one or the other in the conflicts and conflicts between capitalist governments. It must be done to create this international counter-power. If we do not do so, the global capitalist system will continue to exist, and millions upon millions of people will perish because of the wars, global poverty and the climate crisis that they create. As one anarchist Marie-Louise Bernier once said, "Neither the East nor the West!" Towards Global Anarchy!

Source: New Zealand Anarchists Facebook Page

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