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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL Decembre - Thirty years ago, December 1986: The coordination of strikers open a new era (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 7 Jan 2017 18:59:34 +0200

After general anesthesia in 1981, the social movement wakes. Right, back to business in March, launched liberal attacks on all fronts. Four powerful movements are the back: Youth in the fall of 1986, the railway in December 1986, instits the spring of 1987, nurses in the fall of 1988. A new cycle of struggles is coming, marked by the advent innovative practices of self-organization. This is the time of "coordination". ---- The first half of the 1980s is that of union decline. low profile under the government PS-PCF, wait and face the provocations of Prime Minister Chirac, credit unions erodes, and the track is no exception. Stuck in the joint institutions blocked union federations multiply actions 24 hours without a future and spread their divisions.

The years 1985 and 1986 have nevertheless seen popping local strikes more or less spontaneous, hard, often declared illegal. So in September 1985, against the hardening of the "knowledge test", driving agents (ADC), Chambéry deposit "laid the bag"[1]without notice. In two days, the strike affects over 75% of agents and bends the direction, demonstrating, and it's not nothing, it is possible to fight and win without waiting for a hypothetical trade union unity.

The national day of action on 21 October 1986 was also a success. But it's mid-November that everything changes when the CEO of the SNCF has a salary scale project that showcases the "merit" that is to say arbitrary. Meanwhile, police violence against student protests hostile to the project tend Devaquet the atmosphere.

The stage is set, the curtain can rise on what will be the longest railway workers strikes.

Birth of the "coordination ADC"

"Fighting! "(January 1987). Click to access the full PDF.
Rich contents for this special issue of the periodical UTCL: coordination of strikers at the SNCF, the youth movement against Devaquet, UTCL Symposium on revolutionary syndicalism, Alain Bihr book, "The Quiet Farce". ..
While booking agents begin December 8 strike against the removal of a premium of 300 francs, the ADC of Paris-Nord deposit develop a leaflet calling all ADC to action for the 18 and asking "support" the unions. The leaflet, printed in fifty copies only runs on machines, hand to hand. Photocopies enter deposits and households. Lu commented, he met a great response.

Union side, only the CFDT "sniffed" the phenomenon. Militant UTCL[2]Michel Desmars is then responsible ADC CFDT. December 12 is present at the general meeting of ADC Paris-Nord. Leaving this AG, he filed illico a five-day strike notice from 18 to 5 short days to be sprayed!

December 18, 1986, ADC therefore go on strike at Paris-Nord. In two days the movement spread to all deposits, one in particular that will give a new impetus: Sotteville-lès-Rouen.

The Rouen area are indeed, since the 1970s, a current of ideas, let's call it "unitary," which advocates unity in struggle, and direct democracy. This current, whose audience is important, will find there the opportunity to finally lead a strike by its views[3]. on December 19, the AG ADC filing Sotteville, the absence of the CGT and the autonomous General Federation of operation staff (corporatist union), facilitates the establishment of a strike committee.

The newspaper Antenna 2, 7 January 1987 mass movement, worker sabotage on lines, policing ...
20 and 21, the roles become clearer between shareholders, strike committee and trade unions. Basically, only the AG has decision-making power, the strike committee and the various commissions are only the executive; the strike committee is composed of elected representatives every day comrades. A seat is also attributed to law unions that wish. Their role players - but not managers - the fight is recognized.

26, on the initiative of the AG Sotteville, a first National Coordination brings together hundreds of delegates at Paris-Nord. The discussions are difficult. It is feared political manipulation, and OL practices not arrange anything as we will see later. The discussions focus on strengthening the movement and calling for a national demonstration. Finally, the ADC Coordination set up a telephone network whose backbone consists of 55 deposits. The information is centralized and sent to each AG which can then be determined by knowingly.

DC blog Hasarddelaviehasarddesrencontres.com

cc Fight! (January 1987)
union cautiousness

The press, present from the first National Coordination, made even more hype around this new phenomenon that sees an opportunity to conclude the obsolescence of unionism. Fortunately Coordination does not fall into the trap and refuses any union busting, while not prohibiting not to criticize the practice.

Compared to this unprecedented situation, what will be the attitude of the union leaders? The CGT, FO and FGAAC live painfully the existence of the National Coordination which in fact undermine their leadership. So when a delegation of the Coordination visits to the seats of four federations, only two agree to receive us! At the CGT, Pascal Lopez explains - very sympathetically incidentally - that the CGT can join in our initiatives. For its part the CFDT - which are present comrades of UTCL as Henri Celie and Christian Mahieux - confirms its support for the Coordination. In fact only the CFDT is in line with this innovative way to lead the fight. But there is a CFDT federation did not deny the spirit of May 68, in which the extreme left is influential. Its activists are involved in AG-es and coordination.

A manifestation of coordination "between-"
2nd from left: Serge Torrano ; center: Daniel Vitry. DC blog Hasarddelaviehasarddesrencontres.com
Polemics on intercatégoriel

The strike of ADC contaminates gradually the other trades of the SNCF. Chugging along the strike spread, but it will take eight days to make it comprehensive.

Some areas are far-es of LO activists, including Daniel Vitry, a member of the federal office of the CFDT-Cheminots, then launched the idea of a "national coordination cross-category". Symptomatically, press the baptize ... "Daniel Vitry coordination." Indeed the hosts of this coordination are activists and LO activists who promote their "creature" without regard to reality, ignoring the absence of prior work, neglecting the heterogeneity of the various services and, ultimately, harming a real inter enlargement. Many delegations are questionable, without any mandate from their AG: handling LO is omnipresent.

It is interesting to note the position of the revolutionary organizations in the conflict. The ideological determinations, in daily practice, shattered. On the one hand those (typically the UTCL and LCR) who want to articulate union membership and the base unit. On the other those who are fighting for hegemony in their respective chapels. LO promotes "cross-category" Coordination she pulls the strings, and it is followed by the monthly of the Communist Organization libertarian, AC, no doubt lured by the term "cross-category". Trotskyists Lambertists are, halfway through the zealous defenders of "trade union unity" and show their distrust face coordinations. Articles appearing in the FA of the weekly, Le Monde Libertaire, often in the same vein.

Read also: "Serge Torrano will grow more rants" , March 2015.
A starting point

Despite its divisions, the movement remains strong and has a real international impact. We then receive messages of support, but also the visit of Polish railway Solidarnosc, English, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, and especially Italian friends of the magazine Encor in marcia .

Meanwhile, Matignon worries. It is out of question, after yielding on Devaquet, suffering a second snub. Divided on how to proceed, the government button pointing boot December 26 a "mediator". As clashes between strikers and police are increasing, the convoluted formulations mediator leave after a few days point to a withdrawal of the wage scale and timetable of negotiations on working conditions.

On January 9, a narrow majority, the deposit of Chambéry vote to return to work, causing deposits in the East. The next Coordination, for the sake of avoiding a return to work piecemeal, called the AG to decide to resume.

The salary scale will be removed after three weeks of fighting, but the strike will still continue until January 14, and many other claims will be met. What will remain in the imaginary railroad, more than the idea of victory is the conviction of a newfound pride: we have, over time, equaled and exceeded our ancestors of the great strike of 1920. We knew against the government and direction, despite some trade union federations, build a fighting tool managed from the bottom up. This model will be resumed at the struggles of school teachers in 1987, and the nurses in 1988.

Twenty years later, the unions (some) evolved, the general assemblies have become essential. Provided the revolutionary syndicalists still have to fight for maximum autonomy and initiative at the base. They still have to promote the need for a permanent organization (it's called a union) managed from the bottom up. They still have to struggle for self-management of struggles, "gymnastics" prior to the takeover of the work tool, a prelude to self-management of the whole society!

Jean-Michel Dauvel (AL Rouen)


Mid-November: First walkouts in the universities against the liberal reform Devaquet University project.

November 22, 1986 : Election of National Student Coordination.

November 23: 200,000 protesters in Paris.

November 27: 600,000 demonstrators across France. Call the occupation of facs.

December 5: The student Malik Oussekine is murdered by the police. The next day Devaquet resigned and the project is removed.

December 8: General meetings of cashiers and tellers of Paris-Saint-Lazare and Paris-Gare de Lyon, led by the CFDT, began a strike illegal. The computer system is paralyzed.

December 12: At Paris-Nord AG stands a pipe agents (ADC), following which the CFDT file a strike notice against the grid on merit.

December 18: The movement of the tellers is extinguished. The same day, the Paris-Nord ADC go on strike.

December 20: The strike affects 83 of 94 deposits.

December 23: All businesses are affected, the strike is now general to SNCF.

December 26: First convening of the National Coordination ADC.

January 5, 1987: 90 deposits of 94 are on strike.

January 6: The government announced the withdrawal of the project, but 90% of ADC and 70% of sedentary continue the strike until January 9.

January 9: The AG Chambery vote to return to work.

January 10: The Coordination ADC in turn calls for the resumption of work.

January 14: The last strikers homes are extinguished.

The full PDF of the special issue of Fight! (January 1987)

Fight! No. 18 (January 1987) published by Alternative-libertarian

[1]bag containing documents, tackle, food, toiletries, towel bag ... Place the bag means to strike.

[2]Union of Anarchist Communists workers, born in 1976, which will blend in Alternative Libertaire in 1991.

[3]At the time, the UTCL does not yet exist on Rouen. The Local will be formed after the strikes, by activists of the "unitary" sensitivity.

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