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(en) Indonesia, anarkis.org: Houses Stars: Sowing Autonomy in Central City [machine translation]

Date Sat, 24 Dec 2016 12:14:08 +0200

That is, we have a kind of grip in the activity this community. The spirit of independence, autonomy and collective management and attitudes so the basic value. ---- R ome Star, or often called Rubin, is a collective / community which is unique in skena Bandung. They are basically an alternative learning home for children in central Bandung area, Nangkasuni exact. But in practice, they do more than just study house. Rubin involved in many positive things that are often forgotten or even abandoned by many community-based either music or culture, or even reverse movement organization that merely rests on political issues. ----They, not stuck in the philanthropic movement is also not a rigid political organization. They are involved in many lines of social life besides being a collective focus on alternative learning space was of course. From the start of the solidarity of natural disasters, such community empowerment productive workshops to mobilize action of protest against evictions in the poor city of Bandung. Rubin diaspora to this day not only at some point other Bandung city but also in the outer regions of Bandung, even involved in the activation of the home study in the area of land conflicts in Moro-Moro, Lampung.

When and where Home Star started activity?

January 2004, in the densely populated residential area Wastukencana Area (Gang Nangkasuni) Bandung.

What about the idea initially?

More coincidence, although the initial dream of the initiator of an alternative education space already exists. The purpose of a coincidence, because the room was a beginning of a hang some friends in a terrace house happened to be in the top of the house there are rooms that are not used (warehouse). The idea of collecting children's books to make reading room only and a joint flow of friends that used for the initial needs (cleaning rooms, ngecat, put up lights). After that yes, ngalir activism and space apart in wearing a read, so where children play at the time.

How forms of activity that had been done?

Star home focus on alternative education of children. Although on some occasions we do activities outside the education and children. As a form of Home Star relate to anyone, as long as the activity does not interfere with internal activity berelasinya and change the basic value of the house is the star itself.

Why children and education?

The house itself actually comes from the reality star, this Indonesia, who would not want us always faced with many issues in the community. Why children? Yes we see it as an expectation, when reality itself today is difficult to move towards better, we see the future a hope that where children are now going to be an actor at the time. And education itself becomes a tool to make a change in that direction. Something built through knowledge, live educational models such as what to try built.

What makes the Home Star claimed to alternative education space?

Because the models and methods of education that we try to make a different to most institutions of formal education, like most schools. As we know the general education model implemented in school are more likely in a pattern or uniformity of the system, both physically and values are built. We try to make some sort of anti-thesis of the system to use in the schools. For us education should be a means to humanize humans, not humans make candidates' robot or machine "that will live not for the desire or choice of man himself.

We had some sort of guidance in the process of education or assistance to children, first with Multiple Intelligent . That is, we believe and try to prove that man must have been born with innate intelligence or potential for diverse, with eight intelligences (logical-mathematical, kinesthetic, personal, personal INTAR, musical, visual-spatial, natural, linguistics). And again, logic, ethics, language. Because humans as individuals that are related to the environment and the people we think are important have those three things. But that does not mean we as guardians of moral or ethical children, we just finished a facilitator that provides an overview of how to build a sense of empathy, tolerance and other things to do with the crowd. Derivatives with other classes or study groups are so daily activity now with a variety of delivery methods are more fun and not stuffy.

Target of education itself?

This is just an effort of a process that we ourselves would like every child that we accompanied to live by passion it without ruling out that as humans, we understand how to interact with anyone, anywhere. Moreover, could have the value and benefits in other respects. Because we are aware of the conditions today, not out of the education system as well. The orientation of education today does not give a choice of every individual in his life, the point of education is now one part of a service provider that will meet the needs of the market, in this cheap labor.

Had mentioned earlier about the basic value of Star House. Meaning?

That is, we have a kind of grip in the activity this community. The spirit of independence, autonomy and collective management and attitudes so the basic value. Although very open in our activities related to many parties, be it individuals or other communities. Due to the Star House engaged in the scope of the essence of education should be open to anyone, as long as the basic value is not compromised. Moreover with friends who have the same spirit.

Form of management's own star house like?

It's simple to manage but it takes tremendous energy to be able to maintain this activity. Joint venture ideas, energy to matter the most simple way of running the Home Star. There are three categories of volunteers in Home Star, although from the outset there was no intention to classify, only a single process that eventually formed. First, the volunteer who had classroom learning or mentor. Second, the friends who took care of the operational, activity coordinator rich, finance, create letters / secretary, external care of the household and the care of the same was not much.

One again this immense circles, which allows a lot of people involved, such as Home Star for either internal or external agenda rich responded to certain issues in the form of campaign or events where a lot of friends who could be involved. From the start of my friends who had a production of the shirt or some kind of fulfillment logistics or media campaign agenda until the performers can anyone be involved.

Not to mention the contribution of my friends in the work portion of the other, a lot. In this region we are talking about how to manage the goodwill of anyone who wants to contribute. But there are things from the past so dreams, how the Star House in terms of satisfying its needs completely self-contained, do not have to venture continues. Wing economics had always been so characteristic, once we stick with for a grocery shop, making and selling ice, vegetable gardening to create the work of the results of the auction of children. But the way it was during this time not a long term temporary nature. Of all the ways that have been tried, now we start to make economic activity through community empowerment, coffee, from the garden to the process of selling coffee, although this business is still at the stage start. What is clear through any how we will continue to nyoba do so independently. Back again is the principle of management is now open and based on the agreement of all volunteer , both of abilities or needs.

During the house itself berkegiatan Star Bandung and certainly never in touch with other communities, usually the pattern of relationship like?

We had been open to relate to anyone, not just in circles among the education community but could relate to other communities. Live viewing only purpose related / berjejaringnya what rich. If not troubled by the habits and the way we work so hayu (let-ed), but if the intention of strange Punten we do not follow.

That is weird?

Diajakin we ever go into an agency as a campaign tool, because they see we have the capacity for ngejalanin their program. Yes obviously we refused, although diiming lure of material and facilities.

Star of eye glass house itself sees the function of the community in a city like?

Community for us a vehicle at the forefront in responding to the issues that exist in the city, in accordance with the characteristics of their communities. Communities need to talk as a means of balancing the city / region. Community social capital must be very great to do something in response to anything that happens in an area, rather than an instrument that is used for the purposes that are basically not for the good of the community / people. Punten , many communities that eventually become a tool for an interest and even damage. In terms of beneficiaries and not the community itself or those who feel, but instead the institution or specific companies.

And in Bandung herself? What Home Star view of Bandung?

In the context of education in general, we try to create a sort of anti-thesis of the education system to try to create a version of the means and methods of education that we consider more humane. It was actually a message of how we speak that there is something wrong with education in this country, especially in Bandung. On behalf of many development programs of the city government that is detrimental to society and it adversely. Education should be a means of illumination for the public in seeing the policies of city government, it could be a tool to unite people as well it should. Spaces chat or coffee could be a kind of educational media as well as to citizens or communities actually.

In terms of balancing the city, houses Bintang efforts like what?

In community we always establish communication with friends other communities, not just the education community wrote, but other communities as well. Networking within many forms of activities, whether it was a tactical / strategic. Mutual learning and strengthen the management of the community to a long-term, try to be a facilitator for many communities meet to practice advocacy in some areas victims of natural disasters or humanitarian such as displacement and invite other friends add our voices.

This article was published in the CD booklet Organize: Benefit Compilation for Community Empowerment released by Grimloc Records.
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