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(en) Czech, PRAGUE: Congress and action week - "Together against capitalist wars and capitalist peace" - PRAGUE, 20 - 26 May 2024 (ca, de, fr, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Sun, 3 Mar 2024 07:55:44 +0200

https://actionweek.noblogs.org ---- Each weekday during this week will see a different event. There will be presentations, discussions, fundraisers, protests and various types of direct action. Then the end of the week will be devoted to a bookfair and an internationalist conference, where we will try to shift from theoretical matters towards the coordination of concrete anti-war activities. ---- The overarching theme of the days of action was not chosen at random. It is a topic of global importance. The inter-state wars that have escalated in the last few years are bringing humanity closer to the possibility of another world war breaking out. Millions of people are already being sacrificed in wars and the situation will get worse if there is no adequate response. Therefore, in the spirit of proletarian internationalism and revolutionary defeatism, we seek to give individuals and groups from different parts of the world the opportunity to meet, to associate and to coordinate their joint efforts.

The bourgeoisie and its allies talk about war so that they can turn us into cannon fodder or into those whose life energy keep the wheels of war production spinning.

For our part, let's talk about how to sabotage the war, how to prevent the proletarians from being sent to the slaughter, how to block the supply and transport of weapons, how to organize desertions, mutinies and fraternization among the proletarians in uniform on both sides of the front line, how to turn our guns against the organizers of the massacre, i.e. against "our own" bourgeoisie and its lackeys...

Let's talk about how to turn the imperialist war into a revolutionary war for the abolition of the class society of capital based on misery.

Our only answer to the capitalist war is revolutionary defeatism, that we organize ourselves and work for the overthrow of "our own bourgeoisie" and therefore of the world bourgeoisie and capital as a whole.

Let's discuss and share this call, let's get organized.

To anyone in the world who is struggling against the attacks of capital, against all wars and against all bourgeois states with the aim of destroying capital and all social relations resulting from it, as well as all forms of exploitation.
To all those who are aware that there is no such thing as a just war or a defensive war. There is no camp that represents barbarism while the other represents civilization, there is no camp that is more aggressive than the other, and there is no democratic camp against a dictatorial or fascist camp. All wars are capitalist wars, where different bourgeois factions are pitted against each other. Every war is a war of the bourgeoisie against the proletariat!
To those who do not support either faction of the bourgeoisie against the other, but fight against each of them. Those who do not defend or participate in inter-class fronts.
To those individuals, and groups, who fight against the policy of "defense of the national economy", and "sacrifice in favor of the war economy", to those who do not accept the expansionist tactics of their own bourgeoisie, even if it faces an economic, political or military attack.
To all those who do not consider themselves pacifists but revolutionaries. To all those who do not aspire to a bourgeois peace where the exploitation of our labor force can continue in slightly different conditions.
To all those who want to turn the inter-bourgeois war into a revolutionary war, the war between states into a struggle for the destruction of all states.
To all those who recognize in their practice that the proletariat has no fatherland to defend. Our enemy is not the proletarians driven into the trenches on the other side of the front, but the bourgeoisie - in practice, above all, the bourgeoisie "in our own country", "our own" bourgeoisie, the one that directly organizes our exploitation.
And finally, to those who, according to their strength and situation, fight against the bourgeoisie by promoting the development of the proletariat as a revolutionary class and contributing to the building and development of proletarian internationalism.
(UPDATE: 7.2.2024)
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