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(en) Argentina, Position on the national context - "DO NOT LEAVE THE STREET, FACING ELECTORAL DISPERSION" (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Sun, 19 Mar 2023 07:58:08 +0200

"We do not believe that the essential issue is ultimately to vote or not to vote. What matters is what is done and not what is voted for. What defines it is not the attitude on an isolated Sunday at the end of November, each one putting pieces of paper in a hole inside a secret room... What defines is what is done, and how it is done and why it is done , all the days that precede and all those that follow that folkloric Sunday... Only through direct action can a strong people be forged. ---- Like the social conquests, the individual, trade union and political liberties that exist in our country must be defended inch by inch. How they were conquered Through the direct action of the workers and the advanced sectors... This has nothing to do with "defending democracy", with defending the regime. It is necessary to defend the freedoms and conquests of the people, deepen them, broaden them, give them full social meaning. If the people back down, they will be undermined and violated, no matter how much of a "progressive" and "enlightened" Parliament there is.
...Resisting reaction in all fields: this is how a strong people is forged... Organizing their power, exercising it from the urban and rural unions, from the neighborhood leagues, from the popular nuclei, from the forces of the left. Exerting direct action, the people, the people, stars in the political life of the country. And joins.
...This is how the class struggle acquires shape and dimension. This is how the conditions are created for radical change for the essential revolutionary transformation."
Gerardo Gatti
We come from a stage of brutal deepening of the post-COVID19 social and economic crisis. Already at the end of the government of Alberto and Cristina Fernández we find as a general framework the agreement with the IMF that keeps the government under the command of the international organization, and along with this the acceleration of the inflationary process in the country, which has been going on for at least ten years, although never on scales similar to the current level. Meanwhile, the government is going through an institutional and political crisis that keeps the Frente de Todos fragmented and without the capacity to establish strong public policies regarding the economic direction. This is a very hostile situation and serious attacks on the living conditions of those below, where our income is strongly affected to cover basic needs such as food, health, housing, etc.
- The economic crisis is deepening, year-on-year inflation of over 100%, falling wages, an increase in basic basket products and services. Loss of purchasing power for the salaried sectors and even worse for the most precarious. This exponentially increases the cost of living in poor neighborhoods across the country.
- The government is absolutely subordinated to the IMF for the external debt contracted. The entire ruling class agrees to follow that program, what falls outside of those guidelines are mere nuances of style. Being a clear manifestation of the presence of Yankee imperialism in our country.
- The extractivist model is also advancing as a farce of a solution, with continental projects such as the IIRSA plan (Integration of the South American Regional Infrastructure) that accentuates and enlarges the sacrifice zones, clearing, monocultures, mining exploitation, lithium extraction, fracking, overcrowded farms, pesticides, manipulation of river beds, expansion of cities eliminating wetlands, among many other destructive atrocities of nature and ecosystems. All this even without generating significant jobs or much less reactivating the industry.
- It was also possible to observe the increase in foreign exchange benefits for financial sectors and agro-exporters, all currency flighters and large speculators.
- In this scenario, the large supermarket chains, price remarkers, hold the families of our country hostage.
- We were also able to see a brutal adjustment in the public areas and social support policies. Proof of this is the cut in health, the attacks on public education or the drop in social plans for the sectors hardest hit by the crisis.
- The political persecution of social fighters persists and deepens, especially evidenced in the arrest of Mapuche militants in Patagonia such as Facundo Jones Huala, the repression of environmentalists in Santa Fe, or the attempts to discipline unions, with threats of removals of legal representation, discounts for days of unemployment or even with arrests and imprisonment as were the cases of the Rosario dock workers.

This 2023 is the year of elections in Argentina and the entire political arc of those above tries to impose the discussion of the electoral thread on the media agenda. We find an open scenario, of crisis of the coalitions and electoral fronts. On the one hand, a fragmented Frente de Todos that evidences the speculations among the most Albertist and Christian sectors, although the figure of Massa also seeks his political gain after having established himself in the Ministry of Economy. The government front has demonstrated its complete inability to resolve the economic issue with unstoppable inflation, in an obvious failure before its electorate. In this framework, the internal disputes have more to do with getting rid of said failure and maintaining a certain quota of votes in order to continue keeping their apparatus alive, than for reasons of ideological political content. On the other hand, the Cambiemos coalition, which is more concerned with resolving its internship than with solving the social problems that they themselves helped to generate in their government. Until now, the one who took the first step was the Head of Government of the capital, the political center of this front, otherwise known as a adjuster and neoliberal. On the other hand, we view with concern the rise of reactionary and ultra-liberal sectors such as Milei's who seek to channel popular discontent towards the traditional politics that has impoverished our people in recent years. While those at the top discuss candidacies, the outlook seems to be getting worse every moment.
The stage is open, and popular organizations are far from seeing a way out or progress through elections, in a context where precariousness, violence from drug trafficking in neighborhoods, hunger, without a life project for our kids.
Among the hostility of the context, despite the advance of individualism and fragmentation, some processes of struggles continue and can deepen, if there is a commitment to unity in the street. This is the case of struggles for wages and working conditions, such as the imposing tire strike, bank strikes, public health, among others. Or the progress in conquests of feminist struggles against patriarchal violence or like the great mobilizations that forced the approval of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy. For all this, we understand that in Argentina there is a need to bring to workplaces, places of study, neighborhoods, discussion about our living conditions as popular sectors, to counteract the smokescreen that those above want to impose with the electoral circus. , strengthen mobilization and combat the fragmentation of sectoral claims to defend the needs of the popular sectors.
There is no way out through elections or parliament to resolve the terrible situation in which the popular sectors are sunk. Returning to those concepts of comrade Gatti, we reaffirm that only the organization and the struggle in the street, regardless of class, are the tools that we have as a people to defend what is ours and move towards better living conditions. We have plenty of experience to understand that governments pass and hunger, misery and repression remain. We call on all the comrades who, being part of the popular and worker sectors, still harbor some hope in the electoral process, not to abandon the fight in the streets. To continue deepening the organization from below in the places of work, study, in our neighborhoods and continue the fight from class independence whoever governs, whoever wins at the polls wins.

Anarchist Organization of Córdoba - OAC
Rosario Anarchist Federation - FAR
Anarchist Organization of Santa Cruz - OASC
Anarchist Organization of Tucumán - OAT

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