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(en) Russia, avtonom: What Not to Kiss: Trends in Order and Chaos Episode 94 (February 26) (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 18 Mar 2023 08:33:31 +0200

1. Year of the war ---- The main date of the past week is February 24 - the year of the war in Ukraine. This sad anniversary was celebrated in one way or another by the whole world. American President Biden visited Kyiv for the first time. Putin once again threatened the world with nuclear weapons, announcing the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms. The President's initiative, making the world a little closer to nuclear war, was unanimously approved by the State Duma and the Federation Council - everything that is enough to know about the Russian parliament. ---- China has released its proposals to end the Russian-Ukrainian war - thus denoting its readiness to be included in the situation. Another vote was held at the UN, which showed that the opinion of the world community is approximately the same as a year ago: 141 countries supported the Ukrainian resolution on the principles for ending the conflict, 7 opposed it (Russia, Belarus, Eritrea, North Korea, Syria, Mali and Nicaragua), 13 - did not vote. And 23 abstained: India, China, Iran, post-Soviet countries closely connected with the Russian Federation, some Asian, African and Latin American countries.

Behind these diplomatic exercises, we must not forget that the meat grinder in eastern Ukraine takes hundreds and thousands of lives every day on both sides, and there is no rational justification for this.

During the year, up to a million people left Russia, but, nevertheless, the resistance within the country has not been broken. On February 24, in many cities of Russia, people carried flowers to monuments connected in one way or another with Ukraine, some were detained for picketing.

We were pleased to receive a message from Omsk: we had not been given information from this city for a long time, and on the anniversary of the war they sent photos of anti-war leaflets of left-wing activists.

In total, a little less than 20,000 people were detained in Russia during protests against the war in a year, a little less than 500 people were prosecuted for their anti-militarist position, including a little over a hundred for setting fire to military registration and enlistment offices, damaging rails and similar actions.

2 President's Ass
Businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin is increasingly attracting attention. Because his private army is one of the most successful paramilitary groups in the Russian Federation. Being in the spotlight, Prigogine loved to speak out.

There is an interesting point in his comments that is not paid attention to. About why there is a war in Ukraine, Prigozhin replies from time to time: "We didn't invent this war." But if the motherland is already at war, all the peasants must go under the gun.

The only question is, what is homeland? For Prigozhin, the homeland is a system in which his companies have monopolized the market for school meals in many cities. Parents of schoolchildren are often active people in Russia, they made scandals because of the quality of food. And Prigozhin's companies feed hundreds of thousands of security officials who are not used to protesting publicly. And Prigozhin's companies are also gaining access to minerals in African countries where his private army is fighting, apparently under the wing of the Russian special services.

That is, the homeland for Prigogine is the place where the recent criminal got used to cutting money in billions. So that the cash golden cow does not die, Prigogine is ready to lay down hundreds of thousands of lives.

Ramzan Kadyrov, Prigozhin's colleague, who has repeatedly called himself "Putin's infantryman", recently made an interesting statement: they say, the independence of Chechnya would be nice, but unrealistic, because Chechnya is a subsidized region.

In the mid-2010s, the author of this issue came to a strange event in Moscow, hosted by a murky organization connected with Chechen business. The conference was called "Investment attractiveness of Chechnya". They saw her off at a hotel opposite the Kremlin, some Chechen regional minister arrived. I saw how more than 500 entrepreneurs voluntarily came there, who surrounded the Chechen minister, selling their ideas - from cryptocurrency mining to the supply of dairy products. The logic of entrepreneurs: a lot of money is poured into Chechnya, if Ramzan likes it, it will be easy to work.

With such a boom in business, why is Chechnya still subsidized? Maybe everything would be better if the head of the subsidized region did not hang a Louis Vuitton punching bag for tens of thousands of dollars in his office, did not invite the son of UFC champions to the 15th anniversary, did not build one palace for his official wife, and the neighboring palace - for informal?

Yuri Shevchuk, one of the best musicians of Russian rock, was fined for "discrediting the army" for the phrase "the motherland is not the president's ass, which must be kissed all the time." Shevchuk recently talked about his interest in the legacy of Pyotr Kropotkin, and also released a new anti-war song "Motherland, Come Home." I recommend.

3. Old age and work
Recently, a scandal erupted in Japan: one of the economists said that it would be good for older people to make themselves hara-kiri in order to unload the social system. Then he justified himself, saying that he was misunderstood.

This year, Russia will not raise pensions for working pensioners: they explain this by the fact that now the elderly residents of the territories annexed from Ukraine have to be paid, there is not enough money. Since the beginning of the year, France has been rocked by protests over raising the retirement age from 62 to 64.

Life expectancy and overall quality of life are on the rise around the world. And capitalist logic assumes that citizens will try to let go later.

Of course, we support protests against raising the retirement age: at least until the moment when states stop spending billions of dollars on the arms race. As long as there are super-rich people who concentrate huge resources in their hands for extremely dubious merits. As long as the above exists, it cannot be said that society does not have funds to support the elderly.

If work becomes more creative, there will be more self-management and less hierarchy in labor collectives, and the length of the working day will be reduced - obviously, people will be ready to retire later.

4. We invite you to cooperate
We, Autonomous Action, have published instructions on how to cooperate with us. Since in the current conditions we are a media group, we are looking for authors, designers, IT specialists, artists, translators. People who know how to work with video. We are ready to help with the coverage of any libertarian activity: from a cooperative to a lecture hall or anonymous posting of leaflets. We also have our own campaign materials: both paper and available for download from the site.

Well, that's all for today! We remind you that in "Trends of Order and Chaos" the participants of "Autonomous Action" give anarchist assessments of current events. Listen to us on YouTube, SoundCloud and other platforms, visit our website avtonom.org, subscribe to our e-mail newsletter!

Issue No. 94 prepared by Leaves

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