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(en) Mexico, FAM-IFA - Regeneración #10: Communism and anarchism dysfunctional brothers (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 18 Mar 2023 08:32:19 +0200

Since primitive times, only one system of that time is known, which is called primitive communism, but in reality it was anarchism who wanted to hunt for production, for example, they were given or delivered a payment with food, education was governed by nature, in This system was horizontal and matriarchal, the woman, just like the man, had an important role, the two worked, neither was in charge of the other, all the processes, conflicts and problems were resolved by the entire community, they all agreed, mutually supporting each other.
Here as a fundamental role the difference in education in primitivism or as the authoritarian followers of socialism call it "primitive communism". Education began when the children were a little more than conscious or were not in the maternal stage. The children accompanied their mothers and learned to gather fruit, other times they went with their parents to get married, fish, look for food themselves and also to take care of the village, they let the children learn by themselves and observing also everyone had a belief that the village had which the children were taught the rituals in this early stage of society the people felt safer better than the girls current times.

Our Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist brothers, although we are not from an equal perspective due to differences in our philosophers, had something in common to destroy a capitalist system, but it is known that a well-known philosopher such as Bakunin always agreed with Prudhon and also on a par with Marx, although The philosopher Bakunin carried the red flag in his writings, his discontent with what it is to preserve the state "that the people take power to exterminate the bourgeoisie" is noted, taking the same concept as what they are fighting against, at that time Bakunin I abandon the absurd thought of Marx, some time after the death of Bakunin in letters that Marx writes, he accepts that he was wrong all the time supporting the anarchist idea, what Marxists-Leninists, Stanlinists, Guevarists, Fidelists and terms that screw up forget to collectivism

Well then, for all of us who read the newspaper that we are true anarchists and not Trotskyists or anarchist poosers, we know that in reality THE CLASS STRUGGLE HAS NOT ENDED

Although the neoliberals brand us beautiful terms such as SOCIAL DEMOCRAT, POLITICALLY CORRECT, PROGRESSIVE, we know that it is the same absurd and repressive attitudes and positions that they implant in us, they want to continue dogmatizing us like kicking Ricardo Flores Magón by naming a year with the name of the precursor, revolutionary and ANARCHIST and What does anarchism mean?

First is not KAOS

Second, it is not as marked by the government dictionary

anarchism rather the word anarchy means ORDER WITHOUT AUTHORITY words of Josep prudhon

its symbol cannot be carried by ignoramuses without its minimum meaning being an o which means order the a means authority from this moment on we know that we are not authoritarian or disorder and even less KAOS anarchy is a mindless way of living being oneself without the need for Someone tell you what to do to live with nature, understand if the need for a teacher, a classroom, and at least a book, education, laws, are put by one, we anarchists are disciplined, we respect our dearest and only authority, which is our parents, we are in favor. of any gender, sexuality and minority that has been repressed, rejected and MURDERED, we do not allow that if the hippies all they do is say that they do not want violence and they buy marijuana, mushrooms and all the drugs and stupidities from drug trafficking

an anarchist never has to be an alcoholic or a drug addict that is not revolution it is to be a puppet of the system


Returning to the topic, an anarchist is more than what I just said now let's see that he is a communist

A communist or Marxist-Leninist is a person who thinks that the people are beasts of burden who do not think for themselves, so they need a leader who will amplify them to take power. To what I have just written, do you think that the peasants , workers, teachers or if the working class does not have or cannot think?

Perhaps Ricardo Flores Magón that the Marxist-Leninists want to steal from us, like his Marxist philosopher Ricardo, never spoke of the fact that the working class could not think for itself, but that he was the people and all the people know that they can think, we are all intelligent, we are not sheep for praise a character who freed us from a "FIERCO DICTATORSHIP" and who actually turned into a dictatorship but that if "of the people"

After these texts that history made, let's learn that we are free but how are we free? Being ourselves reading, debating and most importantly FIGHTING

"Anarchism is the free life and creative work of man. It is the destruction of everything that is against these natural and healthy aspirations of man"

(Nestor majno)

Leaving that aside, we must not leave or make a victim of the EZLN, which is a TROSKYSTA movement, since its inception it supported the PRD, even taking photos with the now ruler of the Mexican Republic. The EZLN has also called itself an "anarchist" so, comrades, stop Support a movement that refused to support revolutionary armed movements, which has supported the fascists of Ukraine, take off Commander Marcos's shirt, stop listening to the song Manu bye, enough of these fakers, anarchism is not for sale, it is not breathed, nor is it idealized It is practiced, we must not support Trotskyist movements, it is time to generate fear of the state, not as it does now, ENOUGH, let's not allow this terrorist state to take away our desire, impart fear to us, tame us, we must be the black cats and put an end to The oligarchs say it and I repeat it "THE REVOLUTION HAS NOT FINISHED TODAY WE HAVE TO CONTINUE IT FOR LAND AND FREEDOM"

You have to hit it hard comrades





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