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(en) Germany, Karlsruhe ANIKA: Actions on the anniversary of the invasion of Russia in Karlsruhe (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Fri, 17 Mar 2023 13:20:09 +0200

On February 24th, the anniversary of Russia's comprehensive war of aggression against Ukraine, we received pictures of a solidarity campaign against the war. Activists have hung up banners throughout the city of Karlsruhe. With these they show their solidarity with the people in Ukraine and the anti-authoritarian activists who are also actively opposed to this war in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In addition, on the same day, people from the AniKa network took part in the two rallies in the city in a critical and partly solidarity manner in order to express their perspective there as well. ---- The banners that were hung on various bridges showed slogans such as: "No power, no state, no war", "Fight for people not for power", "Sabotage war", "Desert instead of marching", "War after war ', 'Russian Army out of Ukraine' and 'Putin fuck off'. An activist commented on the action: "With the banners we want to draw attention to the deaths in Ukraine that have been going on for a year, for which Putin's regime alone is responsible. That's why we demand the immediate withdrawal of the Russian army with an accompanying ceasefire! Only the Russian government can end this war today!".

In addition to this action, people from the AniKa network took part in the rallies on the market square and the Schlossplatz to express their solidarity and to critically accompany the rallies. Among other things, flyers were distributed there that pointed out the complexity of the war and the problematic attitude of parts of the so-called German peace movement in this conflict. An activist said: "It was important for us to bring an anti-authoritarian perspective to the events and to express our clear stance against Putin's imperialism and his deadly nationalist great power fantasies."

Another activist involved summarized the situation as follows: "We are not in the mood for war, but we stand in solidarity with all those who oppose the military attacks. With all those who sabotage the war machine and refuse to serve in arms. And we stand by all those who lose their belongings and those around them, as well as those who choose or cannot choose to flee".

People from the AniKa network published the war situation, Putin's goals and the problems of the local so-called peace movement in a text on their website: anika.noblogs.org/2023/02/23/russian-invasion/

On the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the Russian government launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.

The justifications for this war on the part of the Russian government are constantly changing. Ukraine must be liberated from Nazis, the oppressed population of the Donbas must be liberated, NATO's expansion of its sphere of influence is to blame, traditional values must be protected from the bad influence of the West, to the point of fantasies of a Greater Russian Empire becoming one day oriented towards the borders of the former Soviet Union, sometimes goes far beyond that. From nationalism to racism, homophobia to imperialist and fascist ideas, almost all inhuman attitudes are served.

Russian military interventions in Ukraine began several years earlier. In 2014, Igor Girkin aka Igor Strelkov coordinated military clashes between pro-Russian militias in cooperation with regular Russian armed forces and the Ukrainian army. In the course of this, Crimea was annexed and the so-called People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

The Russian government under Vladimir Putin propagated the "reconquest" of areas in south-eastern Ukraine under the title Novorussia. Novorossiya refers to an administrative area during the Russian Empire.

The military interventions in Ukraine should not be viewed in isolation. The areas of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria, for example, have been occupied with similar actions since the 1990s.

The war and the transverse front

Communist's, Russian and Novorussia's flags
Above all, the fight against Nazis and nationalism have emerged as acceptable justifications for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With historical references to the fight against German fascism, Putin's regime appears to be building bridges to the political left and parts of the peace movement.

In addition, there is a transfigured image of an alleged anti-capitalist East facing the evil capitalist West, primarily in the form of the USA and NATO.

Logo Rusich
Russian neo-Nazis were already clearly involved in the alleged liberation of Crimea and the so-called People's Republics in 2014. Since the expansion of the Russian attack in 2022, a wide variety of military groups related to historical National Socialism have also been involved.

All other propagandistic features should at least offend all those who are interested in emancipation and human rights.

Above all, these are the ideas of the new-right pioneer Alexander Dugin, who describes himself as a National Bolshevik. His ideas of the Great Russian Empire, which stretches from Dublin to Vladivostok, are peppered with lots of racism, culturalism, homophobia and transphobia.
His relation to the New Right and the Conservative Revolution is not only reflected in his theories. He is the one making the practical connections to right-wing parties and structures across Europe.

Dugin next to the flag of the national-bolshevik party he founded, which has since been banned
There is neither a justification nor a trivialization for this inhumane campaign. For years people opposed to fascism and authority have been arrested and abused in Russia. Apart from appropriated symbols, the Russian government has no connection to anti-capitalist, anti-fascist or emancipatory political approaches. However, it shows how tricky cross-front strategies are.

The glorified starting point of the transverse front, which feeds on a false anti-capitalist understanding and accompanying anti-Americanism, also means that a large part of the so-called peace movement neither clearly emphasizes Russia's aggression nor supports those affected in Russia and Ukraine.

The condemnation of the Russian attack only takes place in subordinate clauses and as quickly as possible to assign at least a partial blame to the West and to place all those who show their solidarity with the defenders in a nationalistic corner or as supporters of NATO. Or to put it in the words of the EZLN: "With the multinational invasion of Iraq, there were anti-war mobilizations all over the world. No one in their right mind would think that to oppose the invasion was to side with Saddam Hussein. Now the situation appears to be similar, if not the same."

So it is not surprising that these peace movements did not show themselves on the streets when thousands in Russia protested against the war and later against the big mobilization and were arrested for it.

Bad times for opponents of the war

These are bad times for opponents of the war and above all for the political left. The Russian invasion shows the political complexity. There is no good and bad side. However, there is an aggression that must be clearly identified and combated.

Every war ends with diplomatic negotiations and peace talks. The attempt to sabotage self-defense for the sake of a dictated peace is to be rejected.

With the Budapest Memorandum and the Treaty of Friendship with Russia, Ukraine surrendered its nuclear weapons within the meaning of security agreements, and Russia recognized the explicit unconditional recognition of the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine's borders. With the occupation of Crimea, this treaty was broken. Now should a same one ensure long-term peace under the cession of territory?

We are not in the mood for war, but we stand in solidarity with all those who oppose the military attacks. With all those who sabotage the war machine and refuse to serve in arms. And we stand by those who lose their belongings and those around them, as well as those who choose or cannot choose to flee.

We demand the immediate withdrawal of the Russian army with an accompanying ceasefire! Only the Russian government can end this war today!

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