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(en) Sicilia Libertaria: covid operators: thanks in advance and goodbye - Heroes are good as long as they are needed. (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Fri, 17 Mar 2023 13:19:43 +0200

The speed with which social facts are forgotten is always astounding, how in this world, so obtusely fluid and frenetic, everything is re-semanticized, and every certainty of stability is lost, and nothing has meaning anymore. But this formless frenzy is even more hateful when it directly affects the destiny and fate of human beings, of workers, who see themselves overwhelmed by this wave of senselessness and often don't even have the weapons to react. Word rewriting is an old trick of power, and its use is certainly never spared. Remember the word "heroes"? Do you remember when, in the collective and general hysteria of the great pandemic, all we did was talk about heroes? These heroes, however, are certainly not the heroes of the great epic of chivalry, nor are they war heroes, these heroes, decidedly more everyday, are workers. Workers who literally made sure that the ship didn't sink in the stormy sea, crammed into vaccination hubs even for ten, twelve, eighteen hours a day, sometimes without even a lunch break. Workers who have been exploited in every way, without any protection, without any regard. Because there weren't just the "angels in white coats" to carry the burden of the disaster, we were there too. The technicians, the administrative staff, without whom the vaccination hubs could not function, without whom it was not even possible to record the data (impressive, in retrospect) of the vaccination campaign, without whom the "angels in white coats" would not even have been able to work . With the end of the pandemic, the Health Trusts (especially calling a Company an institution that should deal only with the health of the citizen, but that's it...) have relocated all these people within their administrative structures, effectively going to cover unforgivable shortcomings and disservices, and I am not afraid to say that, after almost a year, our work has become indispensable. Yet let's look at the facts: we have been classified in the most hateful of ways, with the VAT number, as freelancers (which, obviously, does not correspond to the reality of our way of working), or with ridiculous Co.co.co contracts. We are therefore deprived of all the protections of employee work: we have no right to sickness (and obviously all, or almost all, have fallen ill with COVID, and absurdly none of us - who were "in the trenches against the virus" (sic!) - was paid on the days in which he was forced to stay at home), we have no right to holidays and rest (and we worked like this for two years, without even a day off, if not a few days of unpaid rest) and, since now we are no longer heroes but we have become a burden and attempts are being made in every way to throw us out, we don't even have the right to social protection and safety nets. In other words, we've seen each other, and forget about unemployment. The political class did nothing but make fun of us (and were there any doubts?), like good sophist charmers they did nothing but weave word after word, even forgetting to vote on the laws that would have allowed us to continue working, laws that they themselves had proposed and assured us would be voted on. And so we go on with extensions and extensions, with a progressive reduction in working hours. And in certain provinces, personnel have already begun to leave the door, with communications arriving during New Year's Eve or, recently, with simple resolutions. Politicians continue to repeat that it is the fault of our contractual framework, of our selection method (we were selected with a click day), the fault of the fact that there is no money, always the fault of something else. But who is it that allowed this framing? Who allowed this selection method? Who, if not them, is the author of this havoc? We workers are only passively watching the destruction of our dignity. Because it is not possible that when we were needed, in the midst of the pandemic, we were contacted even in the middle of the night, at any hour, in order to fight the virus, which is another way of saying that we have been the pillars of a malfunctioning and unsteady healthcare system. torn apart and destroyed by years of cuts and reductions in funds and personnel, where the money is never there except for those who have to eat it, where scandals and corruption are countless. This money, however, is not there for the workers. Workers who are now waiting for yet another mockery, waiting for a contract that will expire, once again, on February 28. Workers that politicians (of every color and alignment) have done nothing but cajole and delude with their usual false promises, to keep us quiet, to keep us from taking to the streets. And if this story should teach us something, it is never to trust the political class, those in power who are incapable of addressing others unless they are considered as an electoral mass, never trusting those who, from situations like this, only have to gain, but instead to trust only ourselves and our abilities and to organise, prepare, plan actions of struggle and claim without being afraid of what the politicians might "say", because their job is to make fun of us (and to exercise it they are paid handsomely), ours, on the other hand, they have to let us do it. And if they won't let us then we should start thinking about it ourselves.

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