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(en) Mexico, FAM-IFA - Regeneración #10: Anarchy is Evolution (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Tue, 14 Mar 2023 08:11:43 +0200

It seems that life is full of contradictions, some of a natural nature and some others imposed by society, in this last group of contradictions we find an accumulation of words and ideas. I want to refer specifically to two words that contain in them two great ideas, ideas that, in my point of view, are key to the healthy development of human societies and that, by mistake or treachery, a campaign has been launched to make them appear contradictory and opposite in meaning from each other. I refer to the words Evolution and Anarchy. Which I will try to explain shortly. ---- According to the dictionary, evolution means a universal process that consists of the gradual change of living beings and other objects in the natural world towards constant improvement. If humanity by natural predisposition, like all living beings that inhabit the Earth, is an evolutionary being, and if Evolution is "modifying to eliminate defects seeking constant improvement", then the human being, being an evolutionary being, from the social and political point of view, advances directly towards the abolition of the social errors that today suffers; such as: war, envy, exploitation, etc. And at the same time, it creates the pillars of a harmonious social order based on: peace, love, equity and freedom.

Anarchy comes from the Greek language, it means: state of a people and, even more precisely, of a social environment without government. (Sebastian Faure). The word Anarchy, which should be spelled correctly An-arquia, and having the prefix An, which is a privative, clearly explains that it is the opposite of disorder, since an Anti will be made clear in its translation; that is, if our opponents mean disorder, they actually say Archy, and not An-archy, which would be anti-disorder. Once this has been explained, it will be perfectly understood that, while society constantly evolves towards its improvement, purging everything that is detrimental to healthy development and that becomes an evolutionary obstacle, it is getting closer to an anarchic social environment; that is, to a social organization based on mutual agreements, without coercion or violence of any kind for the organization of social life.

If evolution means a constant path towards the perfection of the social and living being, and of the entire environment that surrounds it and with which it cohabits, and if Anarchy is nothing more than a social environment of mutual and constant relations between living beings of the most harmonious and free form that could have been established, Evolution and Anarchy are two constants that advance, one in search of the other, in the consummation of social improvement.

We will be told that we are in error, that Anarchy means the complete opposite of what we have just stated, that Anarchy means chaos and disorder. It is logical that we think that way, our brains have been bombarded for entire generations with this lie, premeditated by all governments. They, aware of the etymology, that is, the origin and real meaning of the words, omit the true meaning of this word and, in the most scoundrel way possible, distort it so that the people feel a rejection towards the ideas that emanate from it. she. It is logical that after centuries of dividing human society into social classes that are simplified between the exploited and the exploiters, the latter resort to any pretext, even disguised as a scientific one, so as not to lose any of their privileges.

First Kings and priests spoke of God's designs and the need to see them tyrannizing the people under the threat of hell, because that was the will of the Almighty. Although little by little the boroughs were created that subtracted power from the counts and made the peasants stop being slaves, the farce of the divine right of the King lasted many more years, this historical period being known as feudalism. It was not until 1789, with the French Revolution, which culminated in the guillotined French kings, that the world gradually passed from feudalism to so-called democratic States, with an economic organization that was structured in what we now know as capitalism. This last economic model has also had a gradual development in these 200 years, having to cede rights and freedoms to the peoples, thanks to their struggles and organization against exploitation and inequalities that are direct products of the capitalist system.

We want something to be clarified, so as to avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings, as we have pointed out, in the history of human societies, as well as in other societies of living beings on Earth, there is a continuous development towards social perfection, In other words, a constant evolutionary process. But if one thing should be clear, it is that the evolutionary processes that life as a whole undergoes are not produced by spontaneous generation, but rather that between societies there is always an entity or factor that promotes this evolutionary reaction.

In human societies there has always been a confrontation between the two forces that compose it; On the one hand, there are the ruling classes (Kings, magistrates, politicians, judges, bourgeoisie, big businessmen, bankers, etc.) who resist in their position, putting all kinds of obstacles, such as laws and divine decrees, to maintain themselves as exploiters of society. . On the other are the exploited classes (workers, peasants, small owners, the entire working class as a whole) that only at the cost of a tenacious and often heroic social struggle, in all its nuances, are the ones that represent the factor that it makes possible the evolution of the social environment, since if it were not for the constant pressure and resistance to the oppression of the ruling classes, the working classes would not have conquered any of the freedoms that we currently enjoy. Without these struggles and organization of the popular classes, the social organization would continue in a state of semi-slavery or even in slavery.

Humanity, if its free evolution and natural development were allowed, would advance towards Anarchy, that is, towards a natural order based on mutual support, solidarity and freedom. But of course, the social class that governs the world will not allow social evolution to march harmoniously towards that improvement. Accustomed to laziness and parasitism, they create corrupt forms of coexistence with the aim of dispersing any attempt to improve the living conditions of the working classes, promoting lack of solidarity and selfishness marked by a lack of empathy towards those who suffer the most. , trying to undermine our natural instinct for mutual aid and solidarity.

If something could be clear, it is that, although nature inevitably advances towards the improvement of the societies of all living beings that inhabit the planet, including the human species, the latter or more precisely, a handful of humans who control their societies by Through oppression and a pyramidal structure that is maintained through power relations and violence, they slow down the evolutionary process. We will only reach the last rung of social evolution if we continue the fight that our ancestors started; just as the slaves shed their blood to put an end to their masters and slavery, as the vassals of feudalism cut off the heads of kings in the guillotine and opened the way to horizons of more political freedom, as the first working class fought tirelessly against the exploitation that was carried out on it, achieving great salary and labor improvements, it is up to us to follow that evolutionary and revolutionary current. Perhaps we cannot march by leaps and bounds towards an anarchist society, towards a social improvement where social contradictions such as the class difference are abolished, but we can ensure that progress does not stop for a long time, pressing, organizing and fighting against the institutions that delay social harmony. If we want a society where there is neither hunger, nor exploitation, nor hatred and all the evil that exists today, we must fight in every possible way against the capitalist system, against all forms of domination, wherever it comes from, against the state and capital. for An-archy!
Francisco Castañeda Mtz.
Melchor Ocampo, State of Mex.
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