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(en) Spaine, CNT: 8M 2023. United in action, we break the borders (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Mon, 13 Mar 2023 07:56:20 +0200

United in action, we take to the streets to claim that we want real equality now. Experience teaches us that together we can. We learn from labor strikes, protests, and every union victory. Capitalism wants us isolated, silenced and obedient, therefore, the union must cover the private as well as the public sphere: in care and in paid work. We demand the express recognition of women's rights, on equal terms, whether in the world of work or in all areas of life. ---- Working women, those of us who do not inherit and who have to fight to guarantee our survival and that of our environment, face precarious and impoverished work on a daily basis, in addition to suffering objectification and alienation in our jobs. This is only made worse if we are born in the Global South and migrate North in search of alternatives. One of the greatest exponents of this perversion is found in the conditions of domestic work, where situations of authentic slavery are hidden, a reflection of the macho, racist and classist system that sustains it and keeps these workers outside the general statutory framework.

The workers, and even more so if you are a migrant, are turned into objects or made invisible in order to squeeze us to the last consequences. Being the class border a limit that conditions the life of all working women; And if you are a migrant, that border is even tougher, higher and more violent.

And if our body rebels and our physical and mental health suffers from so much injustice, we are medicalized, ignoring the causes that determine the disease. Our being is broken under class oppression, under the racism and machismo that we endure, but our problems are individualized and we are stigmatized as crazy, as fragile,...

Let not a day go by without claiming our alliance with women of different origins, expressing our subversive awareness of the different inequalities they suffer due to the mere fact that, in this small world, there are borders to cross in search of a dignified life.

The situation of working migrant women is one of the worst experienced in the working class: extreme violence on their journeys, economic and sexual exploitation, in many cases. Once they get access to the world of work, overcoming all barriers, they are again discriminated against in their demands, assuming the worst jobs because the employers abuse this situation since it is easier to exploit a migrant woman than a local one.

In this sense, we reach out to the comrades who fight for their rights from their own associations and who rarely feel comfortable in the unions, because the exceptional victory with the signing of ILO 189 was only an incomplete step that follows them. leaving them out of the Workers' Statute, as if they were second-rate workers and the fight has to continue. The large percentage of women migrated in this sector reveals the urgency of the fight, since their isolation, their precariousness and often the interim regime leave these women at the mercy of not only labor exploitation, but also sexual harassment. .

And it does not stop there, the Immigration Law favored the creation of CIEs (Foreigners Internment Centers), authentic racist prisons, in which the previous limitation of human rights is taken to another level, taking away even the awareness of being human beings and equal in rights and before the law. Deprived of liberty, they are forced to carry out activities determined by gender roles, suffer an increase in medicalization, labor exploitation and the risk of sexual harassment while in prison. The migrants are insecure in the CIEs, deprived of liberty, without receiving the protection they need, both they and their children, in many cases, taken away. These working women must thus assume the institutional violence that, through a simple administrative irregularity, leads them to these selective prisons.

The prison system makes women invisible, makes us more vulnerable to convictions and stigmatizes us at a social level in a crueler way than men. The practice of combative and supportive trade unionism by our colleagues from CNT Xixón, faces them with sentences of three and a half years in prison and compensation of 150,428 euros for a conflict marked mainly by gender. Because unionism is not a crime, nor is support for working women who suffer workplace harassment, we once again shout loud and clear ACQUITTION FOR THE COLLEAGUES IN THE 'LA SUIZA' CASE.

We denounce that there are many sectors and jobs in which only women are hired, and they do so as a claim to sell more: they impose on us how to wear makeup or dress to develop certain professions. Hostesses, chambermaids, spa therapists, ... we wage a battle to be treated equally: as workers and not as an object for sale. The compañeras must not compromise with these demands by the companies, nor allow this problem to remain camouflaged within the gears of the bosses, uncovering this silent harassment.

Aware that violence against working women is transversal and inherited from an outdated heteropatriarchal system, we cannot forget the situation of repression and abuse that trans compañeras suffer. The violence of the patriarchy is already visible in childhood, where the binary division leaves behind all those people who do not feel identified with their gender. If paternalistic social and state repression is applied to all female workers, for trans women it materializes in pure vexation.

Those people who decide to transition go through an ordeal that begins with the classification as "gender dysphoria." Once transitioned, if we decide to do so; we receive a stigmatization leading to job insecurity garnished with excuses such as not knowing how to deal administratively with our legal identity situation.

For the partners who practice prostitution, the risk of suffering cruel and degrading treatment, not only from "clients", but from the "security forces" themselves, translates the consideration of a mere body against which to attack with impunity, since there is not even updated official data.

While the educated media drool over the "philanthropic" actions of the Ortega family, Inditex -which registers record profits this year of 8,000 million, 41% more than the previous one- cannot find small change to pay its "girls" decently, as it calls the company itself to the store workers. With what the main shareholders earn in one day, they would have to pay for the rise of their 165,000 global workers. In their strikes and protests they ask for a rise of 500 euros a month, which would only mean 250 million a year for the company, even if it were applied to the 46,000 employees in Spain. Instead, the "model" businessman does not distribute dividends with the workers who are generating that wealth. The dependent colleagues, whose salary gives them a bad life for 15 days, are also denied the aid that the rest of the staff receives. The brutal wage gap at Inditex, emblematic of the feminized sectors, also fails to comply with wage equality in the same category outside of A Coruña, where they won the conflict.

Having the most progressive government in history:

One in two working women in our country earn only the minimum wage.
The right to a public pension is taken away from us through a combination of the Escrivá Law with pseudo-collective bargaining.
Money is taken from our increase by agreement for private pension plans.
We are not guaranteed the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy in our public center of reference.
While the profits of the companies and their dividends grow, the wages of the workers recede.
Every time we have to dedicate more of our salary to pharmacy, health, housing, education, food and energy.
When our right to freedom of association and defense against harassment is violated, the executive branch looks the other way and the judicial branch punishes us.

In the face of their violence, Union and Action.
Get organized in CNT, class and combative feminism.

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