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ANARCHO-STALINISTS?! - THE FAU/AP (Freie Arbeiter Union / Anarchistische Partei)

HISTORY: AT the end of the 70s four groups splintered out of the anarchist organization known as the I-FAU (former organisation of the FAU/IAA), they called themselves FAU/R (R_tekommunisten), for the most part their members had a history of having been "communist anti-imperialists and guerrilla-fans" (quote of a statement from an FAU/IAA-member). Two years later The FAU/R as such no longer existed, with the exception of what became the FAU/HD (HD for Heidelberg), a group who had joined the FAU/R after the off splintering from I-FAU. In the mid of the 80s the FAU/R, now just the FAU/HD (an "anarchist" organization that had never been organized with the FAU/IAA yet had never been a member of the IWW) changed its name to the FAU/AP.

For as long as we can remember, they have been in alliance with various Stalinist groups ( i.e., BWK = Bund Westdeutscher Kommunisten, KPD/ML) they are know for having nothing but praise for the great comrade Stalin wherever they have been able to make public statements and in their occasional publications. One media-intensive action for which they received a great deal of coverage was in 1992 when they made an symbolic rebuilding of the Berlin wall in conjunction with other groups like the RIM (Stalinists and Maoists, Supporters of Shining Path in Peru), NkfDDR (National Committee for a free GDR) the KPD and others. In the television coverage of this action, it was reported that the action was the work of the German FAU, the main anarchist union of Germany, and, conveniently, it was not mentioned there that this FAU/AP are nothing other than a small splinter-group with utterly nothing in common with the FAU/IAA, nor in fact, affiliated with them on any level. As a result the libelous reportage associated German anarchism ion general with this Marxist/Leninists/Stalinist group.

The main base of the FAU/AP is in Heidelberg where their "great chairman" lives. It seems pointless to mention that they are totally out of touch with today's (or yesterday's) autonomous/anarchist scene. Additionally, they can not use our centres and facilities for their crap. They do have some members in other cities, but even with all their associated organizations they are probably not more than 20-30 people. THEIR "ORGANIZATIONS" AND "PUBLICATIONS": besides their avant garde organization "Anarchistische Partei" they have the "Schwarze Garde - Massenorganisation der FAU/AP" (Black Guard - mass-organization of...) Some quote: "the mass-organization (...) can take spontaneously more members, than the cadre troops of the FAU/AP with its necessary iron party-discipline."

They publish about 10 different papers, journals, flyers most of them at irregular intervals. the main paper "FANAL - Zentralorgan der FAU/AP" is named after the anarchist monthly FANAL that Erich Mnhsam edited from 1926 - 1931. those who visit his grave could hear our comrade (murdered by the fascists in 1936) rotating there in anger... some quotes out of the FAU/APs FANAL and the SchwarzeGardeMagazin (SGM):

FANAL Jg. 12, 1994: "115. birthday of Stalin. The remembrance of the positive acts of Stalin brings the class-enemy to unqualified rage and anger, especially those things that Stalin has created and protected, like dictatorship of the proletariat, leading role of the party and socialism in one country (...) It is the duty of all progressive and revolutionary forces to protect him against the lies of the bourgeois reactionaries."

SGM, May 1995: "In anarchism there are various streams, unpolitical nature-freaks, radical chaotics, pacifist idiots, syndicalists AND WE, the revolutionary anarchists, we see ourselves as socialists (...) on the basis of scientific socialism and dialectic materialism (...) we want the dictatorship of the proletarian, for one reason to suppress the counter-revolution and on the other hand for the socialist transformation of society to a free anarchist society. The only real revolutionary subject is the working class, the avant-garde-troupes of these are we, the revolutionary anarchists, organized in the Anarchist Party the avant-gardist organization of the working class (the mass proletarians)."

SGM, 4/95: (about all their political enemies): "the aim of the party is to wipe all these pigs out by means of collective terror in class war (...) we want the power - and we will get the power!"

In their pamphlet "Triple Oppression - a Splitting and Wrong Theory" they write about "bourgeois SLUTS" who "had no problems in financing their abortions". in FANAL 12/95 they give another example for their sexism: "a chauvinist can be a good revolutionary comrade, if he has the right political aims (...) one who goes to bangkok as a sex-tourist, is not naturally our enemy here. He could be someone, who can have objective revolutionary interests (as a worker for example), or even be active in class struggle here, and by this he is fighting for circumstances that abolish prostitution and sex-tourism. Not having gone there (Bangkok) would not have changed the things there..."

they got no problem in praising Stalin and Bakunin on the same page of their magazines; in their shopping list they got crap like "The Tradition of the Tscheka" by GDR secret-police-chief Erich Mielke, "The Dschutsche Ideologie" of north-Korean dictator Kim Il Sung, but also good anarchist stuff like "Die Gottespest" by Johann Most.

i could go on with quotes like that for pages, but i think it is enough to show their insanity. If someone would like the whole german texts, seven pages, send me a mail (if you could, please send me a little money for copies and postage after receiving) - but, you can also find the texts in UNFASSBAR No. 18 and No. 19 (2 envelopes: inner one: nothing; extern one: POSTBUS 85306 - NL-3508 AH UTRECHT - NETHERLANDS).

HOW TO HANDLE: on their congress 1995 the FAU/IAA decided to stop publishing anything about the FAU/AP. they argue, that they do not want to help give this little group of idiots publicity. I understand that it gets on their nerves to have to point out again and again that these morons have nothing to do with the FAU/IAA, but I think it is necessary sometimes, to avoid being seen as being on the same level with them and their strange ideas.



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