Update On Anarchists In Italy

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Update On Anarchists In Italy

December 16, 1996

On June 1, 1996, four anarchists in Trient, Christos Stratigopulos, Antonio Budini, Carlos Tesseri, and Jean Weir, were sentenced to 5 years (Carlos) or 3 years and 4 months (the others) in prison for a bank robbery. But it seems that this verdict was not enough for the State. So two more bank robbery charges were filed against the four. On November 16, 1995, there were police raids all across Italy (including on the islands of Sardinia and Sicily) and the homes of 60 anarchists were searched. Despite not finding anything, charges were filed, including "forming a subversive organization", "armed organization", "possession of weapons and explosives", and so on. Even one "accomplice to murder" charge was filed! On January 16, 1996, state witness Mojdeh Namsetchi, Carlos' ex-girlfriend, stated that she had taken part in the two bank robberies along with the other four anarchists. Despite contradictions in her testimony, the judge on January 31, 1996 sentenced Carlos to 7 and a half years in prison and the other three to 6 and a half years. On September 16/17, 1996, there was another massive wave of repression: 60 house raids, 70 investigations, 20 warrants issued, including 9 more charges filed against the already imprisoned anarchists: Jean Weir, Antonio Budini, Carlos Tesseri, and Christos Stratigopulos, Marco Camenisch, and others. Among those arrested in the raids were Alfredo Bonanno (Jean's husband), Guiseppina Ricobuoni (Antonio's partner), Stefano Moreale, Tiziano Andreozzi, Salvatore Gugliara, and Antonio Gizzo. These comrades are presently being held in isolation in Rebibbia prison. The remaining wanted comrades were able to elude the police during the raids. The State's imaginary conspiracy - "kidnaping, bombings against police cars and army barracks, bombings of the supermarket chain Standa, car bombings, and to top it all off, several counts of attempted murder" - is based on statements from Namsetchi. State's witness Namsetchi was "sick" and couldn't attend the first hearing on November 7, and she was several hours late for the trial on December 13, 1996. When she finally was brought into the court, all supporters of the defendants were removed from the courtroom - to "protect" the witness. After giving lots of contradictory testimony [she had said 6 people drove in a small van from the train station to the bank; now she said 5 people walked - many miles! - to the bank, and fled from the bank in a car] , she finally broke down at the end in tears. [...] The cop who "convinced" Namsetchi to rat on her friends was also supposed to testify, but he did not appear. [...] After a 2-3 hour pause, the court reconvened at 11:00 pm and the guilty verdict against the anarchists was given, despite the obviously contradictory testimony from the state's witness. Because the deed was a repeat offense, the court "only" sentenced them to 2 years in prison (unlike the 6 years in the first trial). Supporters jeered the court after the verdict was read, and the cops then forced people out.


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