No Solidarity with Peruvian Stalinist Guerrillas!

Jamal Hannah x342446 (
Sun, 29 Dec 1996 13:33:44 -0800 (PST)

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On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Aaron wrote: > I am writing this while I am tired and should be asleep, since I think that
> this matter is too urgent to delay. I apologize for any careless
> formulations.
> By now, you all know that the Peruvian guerrilla group MRTA (Movimiento
> Revolucionario Tupac Amaru) has occupied the mansion of the Japanese
> ambassador in Lima and is holding several hundred prisoners. Unless you are
> in an unusual part of the world, you also have seen how the bourgeois media
> are discussing the matter as a problem of how to deal with 'terrorists.'
> For the working people and all the oppressed and exploited of the world,
> and for socialists, communists, and anarchists, the seizure of the
> ambassador's residence along with about 400 bourgeois dinner guests is a
> great accomplishment. It is a blow against the terrorism of the Peruvian
> state and its imperialist patrons! Those captured in the raid include many

Come on, Aaron.. whats with the Triumphalist lingo anyway? I really dont think this sort of thing is appropriate on a-infos , a-infos-d, or anarchy-list... and forcing anarchists into a "group" of imaginary support for Stalinist guerrilas isnt cool either. I dont think terrorist acts accomplish ANYTHING useful. The state doesnt give in one inch to these kinds of actions.

> Whatever differences the groups have, and these are very serious, we
> must keep in mind that the Peruvian state and its imperialist backers (in
> Washington, Tokyo, London, Bonn, etc.) are the main enemy. All political
> prisoners must be released, whether of MRTA, the PCP (Shining Path) or
> neither.

The Shining Path would just as soon murder everyone on the a-infos and anarchy-list, for purely ideological reasons... not to mention fiddling with mind-control techniques and torture... they really look up to Mao, you know. Again, I think this sort of thing is completely innapropriate for the anarchy lists.

I dont object to the info being posted.. but dont assume that anarchists will uphold every cause out there... especialy that of Marxist or Stalinist groups.

The whole point of the libertarian (anarchist) left is to offer a libertarian alternative to the _authoritarian_ left. Call them dreamers, call them unrealistic.. call them vile names and insults if you like.. but SOMEONE must hold libertarian principles, and a belief in better methods of accomplishing goals than brutal force and oppression. Please do not ask the anarchists to join in on authoritarian adventures.

I think that some people get restless and wish to see action.. so they leap on things like this hostage situation as if it represented something viable. They dont have enough faith in themselves and their own capabilities, or those of the peopkle around them, and so when someone commits some rash action like this, it's trumped-up as some kind of progress.. Well, I disagree.

I DO think that groups like the PLO and IRA are in a different position.. but that is because: 1) they do not have a specificaly authoritarian, statist program of the Stalinist.. but rather a basic nationalistic one. 2) they have the support of their social base. It is highly questionable as to wheather the MRTA has support from the rural or urban population of Peru... certainly, the PCP doesn not. Groups like the EZLN, FMLN and FSLN on the otherhand DID have the support of the population, and did not follow some sort of statist program or attempt to establish a regeme like Cuba, or the USSR, or People's Republic of China.

But lastly.. I think it IS important to make moral judgements of groups in other countries. To say "yes" is a moral judgement.. so saying "no" is one as well. There are fundimental differences between different groups... what does it say if anarchists support MRTA? That Terrorism is OK? Kidnapping? Come on... it's not like there isnt a lot can be done, organising wise, that hasnt been tried... long before considering such adventures, there are thousands of people that could be reached in the inner cities and such. Rather than spreading propaganda about terrorists, anarchists could be spreading propaganda about a more libertarian and democratic society.

Finaly.. I think this whole thing kind of reveals a problem in among anarchists.. there are some, perticularly situated in the group "Love and Rage", who have no problems with lumping "anarchism" in with groups like the Kurdish PKK or the Peruvian RCP or MRTA... so long as they are "revolutionaries", they dont seem to care. I get the impression such people have never even read the works of Kropotkin, or Errico Malatesta, or Mikhail Bakunin. I sugges tthey take the time to do so, before lumping anarchists in with "socialists and communists" in such a rash manner.

- JH

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