Re: Solidarity with Peruvian Guerrilla!

Chris Rapier (
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 13:57:32 -0500 (EST)

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On Sat, 28 Dec 1996, Charles J. Reid wrote:

> -- Like what, Chris? You wanna set up Death Camps? Actually, the system
> you're defending is already a global death camp. Among the things missing

Ummmm... everybody dies. Anyway, I think a strictly enforced control on live births would be just as effective. Yes, its very draconian. Yes its very nasty but what do you think this world is going to be like with 10 billion people on it? THose 2.5 billion poor people you mentioned are going to swell to 4 billion miminimum. Even if we gallantly redistribute the wealth there still ain't gonna be all that much for everyone.

Thought experiment for you: How did the Plague help bring about the Renaissance?

> in your education seems to be Systems Theory, the Feedback principle
> (e.g., what goes around comes around), and the Scientific Method (to

Lets see... graduated witha degree in applied history (a cros between decision sciences, history and polic analysis) with a focus in strategic arm negotiation. I spent three semesters as a physics major. Until I dropped out I was a poli sci grad student with a focus in public policy.

> are most destructive to the resources we all depend on are those few rich
> folks who control the unfettered "market place" you're defending.

nope, hate the unfettered market place. libertarians give me a rash. But the rich generally don't keep goats (natures version of slash and burn ya know).

> Finally, your life's-tough-and-we-can't-do-anything-about-it attitude is

You didn't actually read my last post did you?

> am happy to report, if my analysis of History is correct, that attitudes
> like yours never triumph in the long run.

That would explain the ne'er ending joy and happiness of Dr. Pangloss now wouldn't it?

> So we can end our exchange on a
> positive thought!

Awwwww... I was just starting to have fun.

however, I shall bow to the pressure (of all the other free thinkers out there who don't want to hear it) and say good night gracie.

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