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Charles J. Reid (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 12:57:37 -0800 (PST)

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Hi, Chris!

Thanks for your very thoughtful reponse. Most subjects you raise concern matters most reasonable men can agree to disgree on. Except one, for which there is no excuse, and for which no intelligent man can defend with your argument. See below.

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On Fri, 27 Dec 1996, Chris Rapier wrote:

[Snip..] >
> > We clearly see an immoral world
> > order, and we see people in power who kill innocent people to preserve
> > their privileges, while children the world over go hungry.
> And thats part of life. Do what you can to alleviate the suffering of
> those around you but take care not to become that which you hate in the
> process.

-- This is a part of life we cannot accept, and never accept. Robert Kennedy (quoting GB Shaw, I think) once said, "Some men see things the way they are and ask, 'Why?' I dream things that never were and ask, 'Why not?'" Chris, you see things the way they are and say, 'Tough.' This is immoral. And there's a contradiction in your statement. Can you find it? If it's "part of life" globally, why ought such injustice require action locally? Only because you see it? Any you disregard it otherwise, even though you know it's there? (If the Freedom Riders would have stayed home, think what kind of a conservative congress we'd have today!) We can list an entire set of historical events that required vision and moral courage to make the world better. This is everything from the American Revolution to Freedom Riders fighting for Civil Rights to doctors fighting hemmoragic fevers in tropical jungles.

Olof Palme, Sweden's assassinated Prime Minister, said shortly before he died, "Our dissatisfaction with the present is the driving force of the future." We cannot accept the injustices of our time. This consciousness is what makes it possible for human beings to work toward better worlds. We cannot today accept have a global system that allows 358 people to have more wealth than 2.5 billion people, all who live in poverty, most without the basic necessities. Half of these are children.

All the problems associated with the immoral distribution of wealth in the world are solvable. Of course, it involves strong political will. (By the way, the 1963 Vienna Convention changed the way embassies are regarded in international law. Their invasion certainly do not now constitute a causus belli, especially after Tehran in 1979.)

Policies like full employment, income equalization fiscal policy ('inkomstjaemkningpolitiken,' they call it in Sweden), free education, universal health care, unionization of the work force, and respect for human rights and requiring "law enforcement" accountability: with policies like these, immoral disparities of wealth will disappear. This does not mean we have to get rid of "The Market Place." We must get rid of governments that blindly serve the market place. We must have a market place that serves the community: politics must control the market place in the interests of the General Welfare, and the market place must not be allowed to control politics in the interests of a few wealth owners. In short, Chris, History will never be kind to those who turn their backs on injustice, especially when the injustice is so obvious. ANd your position is morally indefensible.

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