Letter from S. Dapergolas

Thu, 26 Dec 1996 14:57:46 GMT

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Spyros Dapergolas was arrested on June 21st 1995, during an unsuccessful bank robbery. He is still in prison without a trial, even though the maximum period for temporary imprisonment in Greece is 18 months. Spyros started on November 9 1996 a hunger strike, in order to oppose the actions of oppression mechanisms. He has already lost 20 kilos and his health is in danger.

Following is a letter from prison written by Spyros on December 22.

Solidarity Committee for Spyros Dapergolas 25/12/96 Athens, Greece ------------------------------------

I am on a hunger strike for 44 days. Only a few days before the completion of an 18th months period in jail. An 18th month period full of "constitutional rights", laws, arguments and above all justice. And the day after these 18 months pass, I'll still be in prison and no matter how much I try, I can't laugh with my situation.

My health is already in a bad condition and I don't really see any reason for not getting worse. There should be no doubt for my commitment to fight till the end. I choose to behave this way, if not to avoid my certain extinction, at least to reserve my dignity, not to sit quietly accepting the brutality and the prosecution of oppression mechanisms. Anyway, since I' m an anarchist, I couldn't act differently and I' m not surprised about the way things went. Even the best minded inmates quickly realise the special power of laws, which supposedly protect human rights.

I' m not even the first and I' m afraid that there would be a lot more, whose "temporary" imprisonment would last years. Perhaps the only positive thing, is to be able to recognise in the facts, that the ideas for which you are fighting where true and correct. Even when all these are stumped on you.

The authorities and mechanisms seem to want to puss things to the edge. Perhaps they believe that I will not be able to keep on going. That I will bury myself in silence and isolation. As for the first, I can promise them that there expectations will not materialise. As for the second, they will be disappointed once again. Regardless all the problems, there are people and groups in the society, who keep the flag of freedom and solidarity high, who don't let themselves carried away, who laugh at the face of repression. These people stand by me and to say the truth these are the people that I want to have with me... Against these series of bad surprises that they prepared and will keep preparing for me, I' m determine to fight with every mean I have. Spyros Dapergolas.

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