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Tue, 24 Dec 1996 13:27:53 GMT


1 January 1997: World Day Against Neoliberalism? -------------------------------------

Following the First Intercontinental Encounter for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism last July 1996 in Chiapas, about thirty individuals and groups responded to the invitation made by the Mexico Solidarity Network in Montreal and created in October 1996, the embryo of the Quebec Network for the Resistance to Neoliberalism. They also decided to launch two actions in the coming weeks: 1) 1 January 1997: Commemorating the 3rd Anniversary of the beginning of the North-American Free Trade (NAFTA) and the Zapatista uprising, we will cover the head of various statues of past colonizers and shady polit with black hoods/balaclavas. We will also denounce in the media (especially alternative media) the on-going repression and human rights violations in Mexico, the coniving silence of the Canadian government, and the neoliberal policies reinforced by NAFTA which are strangling us. If groups abroad also wish to commemorate this day (January 1st), we could coordinate our actions and jointly declare that day, World Day Against Neoliberalism as suggested during the July 1996 Intercontinental Encounter in Chiapas. Please contact us. 2) Consultation on the Second Declaration of Realidad for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism and how neoliberalism affects Quebec and Canada. The Consultation, an initiative of the Movement for the Right to Education (MDE) which is comprised of student associations recently involved in the wave of student mobilizations and strikes, will take place mid-February. The Consultation will also address issues around education. Other militant sectors (unions, popular and community-based-organizations, women's groups, ecological organizations, etc.) are also invited to participate in the organization of the Consultation and suggest other issues to be examined in relation to the impact of neoliberalism in their environments. The Consultation will be preceded by an information campaign and debates on the effects of neoliberalism and the possible forms of resistance that can be developed. For further information, please contact: Email: m205526@er.uqam.ca Fax: (514) 276-6400 Mail: Quebec Resistance against neo-liberalisim network 660 rue Villeray Est, Room 34 Montreal, (Qc) H2R 1J1 Canada