Take Back the Flats for the Homeless

Jane Scharf (dn701@freenet.carleton.ca)
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 00:41:41 -0500

Take Back the Flats for the Homeless>>>>>>Communique 5

Direct Action-TENT CITY

Based on the Free Trade Agreement and the North American Free Trade Agreement the governments in the Americas are dismantling social programs and reallocating the funds to the corpracy. For example the government here in Canada is throwing hundreds and thousands of men, women and children out on the street including disabled and elderly. It will mean certain death for many and desperate suffering for the rest. This same things is happening in every corner of the world. Those who will continue to receive government income assistance must furnish industry with free labour (workfare).

It is now time for the members of the resistance movements world wide to unit in direct action in defence of the most vulnerable.

I invite radicals and homeless persons from all over the world to Take Back Libertine Flats in Ottawa capital city of Canada for the homeless.

Why Lebreton Flats?

1) It is a unoccupied, very large, centrally located overlooking our parliament buildings, waterfront, good bus access and sufficiently treed.

2) It has a well know history of how the poor were mistreated here by the absent landlords and the government and has become a focal point for poverty protests.

3) Only poor people have ever occupied this land.

4) It is the most valuable unoccupied land in Canada-prime real estate.

5) The government stole the land in 1962 and lied about what it intended to do with it. The people of Ottawa have never forgotten and they have refused to let successive governments do anything with this land in 40 years. Affordable housing for the poor was promised in 1962 and the public has not forgotten.

6) Ottawa is a prime place for an action of this magnitude because the government and police here are ill equipped to suppress such and action.

7) The people of Canada will not tolerate the use of force against protesters at this point.

8) And people cannot be legitimately arrested on this land because no laws apply to it. The only exception is violent crime in progress. Such an arrest can take place anywhere in Canada by anyone.

I want to see delegates from every resistance movement in the world at this action. And I want this action to bring down the one world government and end tyranny for good.

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the proposed the Take Back the Flats for the Homeless thus far and I am expecting support will continue to build.

So the action will not become coopted no endorsements are being sought or accepted. And no money is being accepted from any organization or individual. There are also no leaders or committee to take over. This action now has a life of its own.

If your are interested in receiving any of the previous communiques please email a request. These previous communiques give more history on Libertine Flats including a successful tent city in 1989 and more details of the the direct action commencing August 25, 1997.

Not everyone need be committed to camping out and risking arrest. Your support at the opening potlauch ceremony Aug 25 would be appreciated and help getting communiques out before and after the action begins would also help us succeed.

If you know of anyone that might be interested in this action please send this communique on to them.

Protest, Actively Resist, and Surpass, Jane Scharf