Not in solidarity with Peruvian hostage takers

Harry Robinson (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 16:00:53 +1000

Some people it seems have learned nothing from the past 20 years. The state
capitalist regimes of eastern europe were brought down by societies. Which
rejected the unethical corrupt and extralegal nature of these degenerate
Marxist regimes.
If a bunch of Marxists in Latin America choose to take hostages that's
terrorism. Hostage taking means a willingness to kill to advance a political
agenda. It is an act of terror against the individuals and their families
who are the pawns in this sick game. It doesn't matter who or what they have
done. As an anarchist I reject absolutely the right of anyone, state
functionary, judge, or 'revolutionary guerilla' to decide who shall live and
who shall die.
I hope this incident does not end in bloodshed. As an anarchist I believe
that the end does not justify the means. Instead that the means determine
the end. You cannot make a freer society, one in which everyone, can
determine for themselves their future, from a heap of corpses.
I would have thought the sort of simple minded knee jerk response of right
on the guerrillas belonged on a Marxist mailing list. One posting suggesting;

'We cannot judge the tactics used by people in their own countries in
their own struggle to make their own lives better.'

Why the hell not? If we have no ethical basis for our politics then what do
we have to offer that's different from the opportunism of the left and the
greed and power plays of the state and capital. What is needed is a new kind
of politics that genuinely respects human life and the aspirations of
ordinary people not a rerun of Castroite bullshit

Harry Robinson