Toronto shuts down McDonald's

David Fingrut (
Sun, 22 Dec 1996 21:47:31 -0500 (EST)

In the neighbourhood where I live in downtown Toronto a McDonald's is set to
open in the former location of a small deli/cafe at the north-west corner of
Queen St. & Spadina Ave. I have spoken to several local activists about
organizing an action to attempt to prevent this from happening. In early
January we are going to get together a coalition of neighbourhood tenants,
small business, environmental, labour, food security, vegetarian, animal
rights, and media activists to plan things out. So far, there has been
commitment from the local Food Not Bombs and Earth First groups, but we
would like to broaden our scope to include a broad range of participants
(ie: not just young white eco-anarchists).

If anyone could send me some information resources on McDonald's it would be
extremely helpful in creating a pamphlet for this coalition. Particularly
useful would be information that focuses on McDonald's operations from a
Canadian perspective and it's anti-labour stance. Also, I have heard that
the actor who played the original Ronald McDonald clown is now a vegetarian
and does anti-McDonald's talks; does anyone know of any way to get in touch
with him?

In Solidarity,