Re: Solidarity with Peruvian Guerrilla!

Joey Joe (
Sun, 22 Dec 1996 16:58:50 -0400 (GMT-0400)

Right on Brother!!!
no matter the posible death toll that doesnt come even close to the
regime of terror in Peru. The constant interventions, by the military, in
Peru's universities, the kidnaping and torture of student activist doesnt
come even close to a merely hundreds of high class diplomats and all they
represent. When the tyrany is law, revolution is order. So until there is
no justice in Peru there`s always going to exist armed guerrillas as a
legit way for self defense. So until then solidarity to these and many
other activities done by either MATA or shining path or any other armed
group that should rise up as a result of the terror regime in Peru or any
other Latinamerican country.