Re: Solidarity with Peruvian Guerrilla!

Charles J. Reid (
Sat, 21 Dec 1996 20:55:13 -0800 (PST)

Well, Chris, I have to admit that your answers a good one...except that
the rules of warfare have chnaged. (Remember how the American
Revolutionaries were called cowards, because they did not engage the
British enemy according the traditional orders of battle? While the
British marched in formation, the colonial guerrillas fought from the
trees, and won! This was considered immoral at the time.)

The American Civil War (and Sherman's destructive march to the sea)
changed the rules of war, ending with the US dropping a nuclear bomb on
innocent civilians, or engaging in an undeclared war in Vietnam that
killed over 3 million people.

Where does your morality come from? We clearly see an immoral world
order, and we see people in power who kill innocent people to preserve
their privileges, while children the world over go hungry.

We cannot judge the tactics used by people in their own countries in
their own struggle to make their own lives better.

And here, we saw what the state strategy of saving women and children did
at Waco.

Perhaps the best you can hope for, Chris, is that you never have to make
a decision like that made by those who took over the Japanese embassy.
What was the name of that Graham Greene novel about the "principled"
American who caused more harm because of his stupidity? Check it out.

-- Charlie Reid
"Salus populi suprema est lex" (Cicero)
The welfare of the people is the highest law.

On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Chris Rapier wrote:

> On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Charles J. Reid wrote:
> > OK, Chris, let me ask you this, then: In a global system where the
> > wealthy control the means and weapons of force, and where leaders are
> > imprisoned and killed, often via black ops of the kind taught at the
> > "College of the Americas" by our own government, when people can't
> > unionize, can't criticize, can't organize, can't get access to political
> > power to make changes...what do you recommend, with your job and college
> > education, with your wisdom, what do you recommend that they do? What did
> > George Washington, and company do? ... Just asking.
> Simple. You fight and you die. Nothing much more you can do. But you fight
> against those that are oppressing you. You don't go and kill and terrorize
> people that have little to do with your struggle (or are tangentially
> involved). Its called not sinking to their level. You don't do things that
> will harm the people you supposedly care about more. And most importantly,
> you remember that each and every person that you might kill is a human
> being with their own families, dreams and desires. What is the point of
> winning if you become that which you hate?
> But maybe I'm strange... I'd rather lose my head than my principles.
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