Rebels Disciplined, Freed Hostages Say

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Rebels Disciplined, Freed Hostages Say

The guerrillas of the leftist Tupac Amaru Revolutionary
Movement holding more than 300 hostages in the official
residence of the Japanese ambassador appear well
disciplined and show no sign of fatigue, two released
hostages said Friday.

In an interview at his home with The Yomiuri Shimbun,
Seitoku Sueyoshi, 79, said the hostage-takers appeared to
have received military training, adding that they did not
appear to be tired by the prolonged confrontation.

The guerrillas set up barricades of furniture at the front
entrance of the residence and by the windows of each room,
according to Sueyoshi, who is an adviser to the
Japanese-Peruvian Association. The hostages were
prepared for a long captivity, he said.

Sueyoshi, Juan Shimabukuro, 78, Fidel Seizo Arai, 69, and
Carlos Chiappori, 72, were freed Thursday.
Sueyoshi said he was among 42 people confined in the
seven-meter-square guest dining room on the ground floor.
By his estimation there were 14 or 15 male and three female
terrorists, all of whom were armed with rifles and handguns.
They wore military insignia on their shoulders and black head
scarves. Some covered their noses and mouths with

(Source: The Yomiuri Shimbun,

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