Concerning the message by the USI Rome

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18 Dec 96 18:58:00 +0100

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Dear friends and comrades,

I visited the XXth. congress of the revolutionary syndicalist and/or =20
anarcho-syndicalist AIT-IWA (International Workers Association) that took=
place in Madrid from the 6th to the 8th of December as an observer. Thoug=
h =20
I have criticism with the congress, its working-structure and its =20
decisions myself, I have to oppose the claims of the USI Rome published o=
n =20
the lists a-infos and a-infos-d.

The USI Rome claims that the decision to expell the Parisian section of =20
the french CNT from the IWA was taken in contradiction to the AIT-IWA =20
statutes. This is not true. The paragraphs they point to concern the =20
mechanisms by which new sections are taken up and not by which existing =20
sections are expelled. Furthermore, according to the statutes, abstention=
s =20
are neither valued as contrary votes nor as favourable votes. It is also =
not true, that the decision was made without any contrary votes. The =20
german FAU voted against the expulsion of the parisian section of the =20
french CNT, while the norwegian NSF, the spanish CNT and the italian USI =
was in favour of an expulsion. All the other sections present at the =20
congress abstained from a vote. The AIT-IWA secretariat did not take part=
in the decision since it does not have a sovereign vote itself - it is an=
organ of the whole AIT-IWA. Neither did it manipulate the discussion as =20
the USI-Rome article suggests.

Personally, I was unhappy with the way this decision was taken and think =
that the work-structure of the IWA-AIT does not fully correspond with =20
libertarian/anarchist principles and shuld be rethought. Still, the =20
decision was taken in accordance with the statutes. It also seems strange=
to me that it should be the USI Rome who criticises these mechanisms, =20
since they themselves tried to impose a vertical structure to the italian=
USI and participated in an association of unions that also included =20

It is very sad that there haven=B4t been any other articles dealing with =
the =20
IWA congress on this list yet which might give a more truthful account of=
what happened. I think we should be devoted to at least pass in reports =20
about the big international anarchist events like this was. There might b=
e =20
a report by the german A-Infos group but this is still unsure. Otherwise,=
we will try to translate some reports from german anarchist media into =20
english and hope that others will do so too.

Anarchist greetings
(from the A-Infos Group in germoney)

P.S.: I am sending this reply not only to the discussion- but also to the=
newslist since it is a correction of USI Romes false claims and not part =
of an ongoing discussion.

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