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"...On November the 7th, the court of appeals of Athens decided to
extend our custody for more than 18 months on account of additional
robberies, despite the clear statement of the new bill. I.e. we are going
to remain in custody for 23 months. What do they expect from me? Beg them
to respect their legitimacy? Ask them not to behave as imposed by the very
essence of their existence? To limit themselves? What I'm about to start is
what the end of the illusions, my dignity as an anarchist, inflicts on me.
On the 9th of November I'm starting a hunger strike, demanding my


Spyros, member of the anarchist newspaper Alfa, was arrested, along
with Marios Chrysostomou, on the 21st of June 1995, after an -unsuccessful-
attempt to rob a bank, in Athens. Overcoming the -inevitable- thrashing at
the police station, the usual pressure to reveal non-existent accomplices
and dealing with humour with the bloodsuckers of mass media, Spyros had to
face an unimaginable Odyssey.
One robbery was not enough. With the "evidence" of a miserable
bloke, named Aggelides -the necessary rewards- Spyros was accused for a
second robbery along with Marios and Kostas Kalaremas. The arrest of
anarchist K.Kalaremas and the following hunger -and later on thirst-
strike, leading to his release, followed the testimony of Aggelides. On
this occasion the intrigue collapsed.
On the 10th of November, new warrants of arrest were issued for
Spyros and Marios -i.e. one more year in custody. These warrants were
renewed this November for 6 more months. And brought about the hunger
strike. According to the Greek law, custody can be extended up to 18
months. If there is no trial after 18 months the prisoner must be released.
Two years ago, another anarchist, Georgios Balafas, started a hunger
strike after 19 months in custody and managed to get released.
In the case of (the first) robbery, which Spyros and Marios are
accused of, a woman was injured, while Marios was being chased. All
evidence indicates that the woman was shot by a cop. Usually the results of
the ballistic examination come out soon. In this case, the procedure has
deliberately been delayed. Although the 2nd warrant was based on Aggelides
confession, after having used him up, they still keep him in prison. Later
on he retracted his confession. Apart from his testimony there is no other
proof to support the charge. Besides, according to the law, the two
accusations should be incorporated into one, because they are considered as
sustained crimes. State can break its own laws.
Spyro's case isn't the first. Similar mechanisms against anarchists
are common place in Greece. Their apparent goal is to suppress those who
insist on resisting. Spyros had to face this dilemma: compromise or get
exterminated. And the way Spyros chose isn't that of compromise...
On the 20th of December the first warrant will expire. According to
the state laws, Spyros should be released.The opposite will prove once
more the basic law of the state: all rules exist for its own benefit.
Spyros is determined to continue the hunger strike until his release.
There is no date set for his trial, which means that nobody knows when
it'll start.

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