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LM>CLEAR Unveils New Research Tool on the World Wide Web

LM>December 16, 1996
LM> Dan Barry -- 202-667-6982 -- dan@ewg.org
LM> Mike Shelhamer -- 202-667-6982 -- mike@ewg.org

LM>The Clearinghouse on Environmental Research and Advocacy, a Washington
LM>DC-based non-profit that has monitored and reported on the
LM>anti-environmental movement since 1993, today unveiled the latest version
LM>of its world wide web page on the internet. CLEAR is a project of the
LM>Environmental Working Group, a policy and research organization that has
LM>made ground-breaking use of the internet to provide vital information to
LM>environmental activists and concerned individuals.

LM>The latest upgrade of the CLEAR web page
LM>(http://www.ewg.org/pub/home/clear/clear.html) makes an enormous amount of
LM>information on the anti-environmental "wise use" movement and its allies
LM>available to anyone with access to the world wide web, including
LM>information on "wise use" funding and personnel.

LM>WebGuide, an online e-zine that covers web pages of note, includes a
LM>favorable review of the new version of CLEAR's page in Spotlight section of
LM>their December 16 issue.

LM>"By posting this addition to its already extensive Web site, CLEAR has
LM>taken opposition research and monitoring to a new level," writes Ezra Gale
LM>of NetGuide. Ron Arnold took another view of CLEAR's efforts, saying "All
LM>they're doing is making us famous."

LM>In addition to the searchable databases of "wise use" groups by state,
LM>their staff and board memberships, and funding sources, the CLEAR page
LM>includes all past issues of A CLEAR View, CLEAR's semi-monthly bulletin on
LM>the "wise use" movement. The CLEAR web page also lists numerous other
LM>sources of expert information on the wise use movement.

LM>The critical advancement made by the new version of the CLEAR web page is
LM>the ability to explore the structure of the anti-environmental movement by
LM>following links in the personnel and funding data sets. By presenting this
LM>information in a cross-linked fashion, researchers can explore for
LM>themselves the network of shared personnel and funding that form the basis
LM>of the broad anti-environmental movement.

LM>For instance, by investigating the board listings for the National
LM>Wilderness Institute, a Washington, DC-based group dedicated to the
LM>weakening of the Endangered Species Act, one will discover that NWI Board
LM>Advisor and former Senator Steve Symms serves on the boards of six other
LM>organizations engaged in anti-environmental activities. Users of the CLEAR
LM>web page can use the links provided for all of these organizations to find
LM>out more about them.

LM>Similarly, by following the funding links within the information page on
LM>Communities for A Great Northwest, a Montana-based "wise use" group, one
LM>will see that CGNW receives funding from ASARCO, Inc., a major mining
LM>corporation. ASARCO also funds the American Land Rights Association, the
LM>American Legislative Exchange Council, the Atlantic Legal Foundation, the
LM>Clean Water Industry Coalition, and People for the West!, all organizations
LM>that are active in the effort to weaken or eliminate environmental

LM>The CLEAR database is "designed in a circular fashion so you can keep
LM>following links to corporations and individuals and groups," says Dan
LM>Barry, CLEAR Director. "Many environmental activists have a narrow view of
LM>the anti-environmental movement. This is a much more developed and
LM>complicated movement than what activists believe it to be."

LM>Mike Shelhamer, CLEAR Research Assistant, added "This database, the result
LM>of over a years worth of intensive research and database-building, gives
LM>people access to detailed information on the structure of the
LM>anti-environmental movement."

LM>For more information, contact CLEAR.

LM>Daniel Barry, Director
LM>Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research
LM>1718 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 600
LM>Washington, DC 20009
LM>tel. 202-667-6982 = fax 202-232-2592 = e-mail: clear@ewg.org
LM>CLEAR provides environmental advocates and concerned citizens with
LM>information to understand and counter misinformation about environmental
LM>policy and science and the impacts of environmental law on the economy and
LM>private property.

LM>To subscribe to our periodic bulletin on the "wise use" movement (24 times
LM>per year), send a message to <clear-view@ewg3.ewg.org> with the word
LM>"subscribe" in the _subject_ line.

LM>Visit our WorldWide Web site at http://www.ewg.org

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