IMPORTANT: A fellow member with important information needs us.

Francisco Lopez (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 20:26:52 -0500 (EST)

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 17:54:45 -0600 (CST)
From: Dragonbane <>
Subject: Information regarding Greys and cult activities.

Hello everyone...

The semester is nearly over for me, and I've things to take care
of this winter break. Unfortunately, I cannot say with absolute certainty
whether or not I will return for the spring. Important information has
come to me lately by an anonymous source that I need to check out. This
information deals with possible operations of human sympathizers with

From what my contact has said, certain cults are in the middle of
operations to collect specimens for later use. The cults are know to me,
but I withhold their names to prevent "unfortunately" incidents. THey know
who whey are (grin). These specimens seem to be mostly sperm samples, with
tissue taken from some individuals for later culturing. They are being
stored for later transfer. That is about the jist of my information. There
is of course more, but I'll keep this ace up my sleeve for now.

As for speculation as to whether or not US Government sources are
aware of this is beyond the data I received, and my contact does not know.
Perhaps this will tip them off enough to take care of that problem. In
that case, it should be an interesting race. My suggestion to them:
Destroy everything. No specimens can be allowed to survive.

Additional groups had also been informed of this development,
including several who have been told to post the data in case I cannot.
So, either way, look for it coming out sometime in January.

Here is my warning to those watching the news carefully: Look for
instances of hospitals, medical companies, clinics, blood and sperm banks,
places that deal in medical products and "wastes" which have "unexplained"
instances at their buildings. Cover-ups, possible court cases, the works.
I'm not saying to go paranoid over the smallest thing: that would be as
foolish as possible. Instead, look for the trends. Also, don't look
constantly for outside problems and incidents. Such problems may never
arrive. Instead, tend to the wolves within your fences. The raging pack
outside may not even exist.

While this a rather public forum, this information must get out. I
have left out enough details to prevent too much of a breech of security.
Besides, the information should get out. Assuming I can get the
information, I'll pass it on sometime in January.

Additional: If anything should occur, I'd like someone to grab a
copy of my Web page and mirror it if possible. I've currently gathered
about 56 megs of files, all sorted and orginized according to subject. The
most extensive topics are Area 51, Conspiracy Theories, Greys, Movies and
Audio. It's taken me about 6 months total to get all of the information
together, so it is worth the time it takes to download. All of the files
are listed on the Files page (I think...), and the links are quite
extensive. The HTML code is easy to read and the directory structure is
simple to figure out. Nothing is hidden, so it should be easy to get. The
URL for the UFO page is:
If you are interested in mirroring my site, please email me at either

BTW: Selena - Set the date for this summer. Vani deserves it, and Gwenn
needs a father, preferable a live one (grin). Just make sure that you keep
your end of the bargain.