Imminent Nuclear Waste Shipment
15 Dec 1996 18:19:52 EDT

We here in the Caribbean (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands) are joining with
people from all over the world protesting the imminent shipment of vitrified
high-level waste from France to Japan.

The route of choice is through the Caribbean to the Panama Canal and then
across the Pacific to Japan. This is the second shipment of this type of
waste, the first was late January 1995 and due to protesting in the Caribbean
the ship, the Pacific Pintail" was sent around South America.

Our purpose it to stop the shipment at least until safety issues are
addressed. We do not want it to be sent along another route. We all have
the same safety concerns whether it comes through the Caribbean, or goes
around South America or South Africa.

The high-level waste is the result of the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel
- the irradiated fuel is chemically dissolved and plutonium is removed from
the other radioactive waste products formally contained in the fuel. During
the process, the radioactivity is liberated and everything is contaminated,
chemicals, equipment, materials, and much of this radioactivity is discharges
into the air, ground and sea surrounding the reprocessing plants.

The shipments of spent nuclear fuel have been going from Japan, through the
Panama Canal through the Caribbean to the Mona Passage on to France for more
than three years. There have been at least twenty shipments. Many of these
shipments have gone through the Mona Passage, fearfully treacherous waters,
during hurricane season.

Once this fuel is reprocessed, according to treaties, it must be sent back to
Japan. It goes back on the boat and once again they try to send it through
the Caribbean. The Suez Canal is actually the fastest, cheapest route but
the Egyptian government has firmly stated that they will never allow a
shipment through the canal.

The companies responsible, British Nuclear Fuels Limited, COGEMA (France) and
Japan Nuclear Fuel Services have never: 1) prepared environmental assessment
reports for the enroute countries, 2) warned or even notified enroute
countries prior to shipments or 3) addressed the concerns of the integrity
of the shipping casks enumerated in an independent technical study prepared
by Dr. Edwin S. Lyman, a physicist at Princeton University's Center for
Energy and Environmental Studies.

We are asking that everyone get involved. Write, fax or call (sorry I don't
have email addresses) the leaders of all countries involved and also Bill
Clinton. The US is the only country with the clout to put an end to this.

The shipment will be leaving Cherbourg, France any day now. We need your

Liz Goggins
St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA)
Issues Committee

President Bill Clinton
The White House
Washington, DC 20500
Phone: (202)456-1111 follow instructions to 'comment line'

Vice President Al Gore
The White House
Washington, DC 20501 (note the different zip code for the VP)

President Jacques Chirac
Palais de L'ysee
55-57 rue du Faubourg
Saint-Honore, 75008
Paris, France
Phone 011 33 1 42 60 12 96
Fax #ís 011 33 1 42 92 82 99, 011 33 1 47 42 24 65
011 33 1 42 92 81 88

Ambassador Takakazu Kuriyama
Embassy of Japan
2520 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20008
Phone (202) 939-6700 Fax (202) 265-9482

Prime Minister Alain Juppe (France)
Fax 011 33 1 45 44 15 72

Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali
United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY, 10017
Phone (212) 963-1234 Fax (202) 963-4879

Ambassador Jacques Andreani
French Embassy
4101 Reservoir Road NW
Washington, DC, 20007
Phone (202) 944-6000 Fax (202) 944-6166

Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama
1-6-1 Naga a-cho
Toyko, Japan 100
Phone 011-81-3-35812361

Secretary General Edwin Kerrington
Phone 011-5922-69281 Fax 011-5922-67881

Sir Robin Renwick
British Embassy
3100 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC, 20008
Phone (202) 462-1340 Fax (202)898-4255

Prime Minister John Major
#10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
Phone 011 44 171 270-3000 Fax 011 44 171 930-1419

For more information ;
Greenpeace International World Wide Web Home Page

Nuclear Control Institute

Tom Clements or Damon Moglen
Phone (202)319-2506 (202) 319-2513
Greenpeace International Plutonium Campaign
1436 U Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

SEA - St. Croix Environmental Association
Phone (809)773-1989

EAST - Environmental Association of St. Thomas - St. John Phone

Liz Goggins
Phone (809)692-9223, (809)771-4420, (809)774-4853