Radikal: police raid in the Netherlands

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From: tank <tank@xs4all.nl>
Subject: radikal: raid in the netherlands
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 15:36:12 +0100 (MET)

After the German authorities tried to force their censorship on
people's thoughts and writings worldwide on the Internet, Germany now
tries to prosecute a person who lives in the Netherlands for the
making of the left-wing newspaper Radikal.

In the morning of the 11th of December there was a houseraid in the
village of Vaals (The Netherlands). In the raid ten local
police-officers, a high officer from the Maastricht-court, two LKA
(Landes Kriminal Ambt) German officers and two BKA (Bundes Kriminal
Ambt) German officers took place.

The 16 German and Dutch officers forced themselves into the house with
the help of a lock specialist. The only person at home during the raid
only noticed it after some time when the room next to her was already
being searched. The german and dutch police refuged to explain the
reason for this raid. German autorities refered to the dutch ones for
explanations and the other way around. It was only after insisting
that they explained the search warrant came from the german
authorities in Karlsruhe. During the two hour raid two personal
computers, floppy-discs, foto's, a pamflet and some Radikal stickers
were seized.

During this whole operation it was not clear against who or what this
action was aimed and why this house was searched. It only became clear
after the raid when another person came home from his work and phoned
his mother in Aachen (Germany). At his mothers house there was also a
house raid going on, nothing was taken there.

At this house-raid six LKA officers took part and in a paper they
declaired to have reasons for this raid because of evidence found in
the raid in Vaals. "During the raid at the suspect's house evidence
was found (...) that show the suspect (...) is using the house of his
mother as well". This evidence consisted of his mother's car papers.

The declaration paper alsow showed the purpose of the raid: " The
search for Radikal publications, subscribers lists and financial
information". The suspect is being charged with the making and
distributing of the left wing newspaper Radikal. A newspaper that is
forbidden only in Germany .

The supposed involvement with a political magazine, forbidden in
Germany, apparently is enough for the Dutch authorities to work for
the German juridical apparatus. This means that the German idea of law
and order concerning magazines leads to the joint persecution of a
Spanish citizen living in the Netherlands. Although the magazine is
entirely legal in the Netherlands.

The dimension of the German-Dutch cooperation within the framework of
the new "European Security Policy" is shown here in a very clear way.
It shows that an attempt is made to completely redefine the
persecution, across all borders, of politically unwanted people.

Solidaritygroup Political Prisoners
P/o box 3762
1001 AN Amsterdam
The Nertherlands


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