(eng) queensland police attack aboriginal funeral

root (root@anarki.net)
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 22:52:30 +1000 (EST)

Queensland Police Attack Aboriginal Funeral

On Monday the 9th of December a group of people picketted police
headquarters in Brisbane, the capital of the australian state of
Queensland, in protest at a police attack on the funeral of an aboriginal
elder the week before. The funeral, which took place the previous Tuesday
at Woorabinda, an aboriginal community in central Queensland, was
disrupted when about thirty police moved in to arrest over three hundred
people who had outstanding warrants.

As usual, the Queensland police force demonstrated their heavy-handedness
and total lack of respect for human rights by disrupting a funeral in this
way. Most of the warrants they were arresting people on were for breaches
of community by-laws and other minor offences which could in no way
justify this sort of action. They succeeded in arresting less than a
hundred people during a two-day operation, mainly for non-payment of

Woorabinda is one of many aboriginal communities around Australia that
were originally set up as concentration camps in an effort by the colonial
powers to wipe out the indigenous population of the continent. These
concentration camps are euphemistically known as "missions" - due to the
fact that the process of cultural and actual genocide was conducted by
so-called "christians".

Naturally, these communities have more than their fair share of problems
partly as a result of their history, partly because of their isolation and
partly because Australia's unofficial apartheid system makes damn sure
they live in crushing poverty. This sort of unprovoked attack on such a
community by the Queensland police - who are known throughout Australia
for their closed-minded, totalitarian brutality - is just another event in
the long saga of colonization and genocide.