This is really great! (fwd)
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 17:23:25 -0700

>> >>The Houghton-Miffin publishing co. is giving books to children's=
>> >>how many books they give depends on how many emails they receive from
>> >>around the world. For every 25 emails they receive, they give one book.=
>> >>seems like a great way to help out a good cause!
>> >>
>> >>All you have to do is email
>> >>
>> >>Hope you can spare the seconds... and let your friends know. So far=
>> only
>> >>have 3,400 messages... last year they reached 23,000.
>> >>
>> >>Hope you guys can find the time to do this! I know it will help some=
>> >>out!
>> >>
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" la humanidad corre demasiado rapido,
a la busqueda de un mundo que parece mucho mejor.
sin embargo la tierra guarda su ritmo, ella tambien tiene corazon.
=BFporque no escucharlo, en vez de ahogarlo...?
envez de correr detras de los muertos...
paremonos un instante...."
...chk k,k chk k...