Some recent activities in Helsinki

Reko Ravela (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 09:52:42 +0000


3.12. There was this far biggest animal rights demonstration in Finland.
About 250 demonstrators all over Finland (and about dozen from Sweden too)
gathered to stop busses going to big fur auction at Fur Center in Vantaa
(suburb area of Helsinki).
Clashes between police and demonstrators made newspapers to shout again that
animal rights activists are violent fanatics etc. In reality it was
mostly police which started violence and used it most. No serious
injuries haoppened in either side anyway. 40 people were arrested,
and released later on same day, but they will probably be accused of
"violently resisting police", which means minimum 3 months in prison
(in practice suspended, as arested are mainly young and first
time-offenders in this kind of crime). Two of the arrested however managed to
escape from police bus through roof-window before identity check.
Anyway demonstration left very good feelings for participants because
of general disobedient attitude.

6.12. is Finnish Independence day and every year there is big upper
class party at Presidential Palace in Helsinki where all members of
political, economical and cultural elite are invited.
This year anarchosyndicalist group Syndicalist Action organised demonstration
against this big party which is paid by state money. Main theme was protest
against new welfare cuts, which were planned for decision in this week and
would cut income from poorest people. So state has money to buy arms,
supprt banks and organise luxury parties for rich, but not to give money
for basic needs of the poor...
Anyway there was about 100 people in demonstration which proceeded
quite peacefully near the palace. Outside palace some people tried
several times to push through police towards which didn't succeed
however. Five people were arrested but released later on same day
after police gave them small fines.
To sum it up: Demo was OK, next year we make it big time !

9.12. Total objector and ecoanarchist Jani Koskinen hold press info
with 16 other total objectors. Jani Koskinen went to prison after press
info for 6,5 months, like all total objectors in Finland. Others who also
participated in press info and common manifest are going to prison
later (depending when is their time to be called to army, how long
court process will take etc.).
Jani would surely be happy to recieve cards, magazines etc. Address
in prison is:
Jani Koskinen
Helsingin tyosiirtola (Helsinki Work Colony)
PO Box 36
01531 Vantaa
and he will be there until 24.5. -97.

10.12. ( International Human Rights Day ) There was small
demonstration outside one
Shell gas station in Helsinki to have publicity for atrocities of
Shell in Nigeria and to advocate Shell-boycott. Demo was organised by
Shell-boycott-campaign, had about 35 participants and got some small
mentions in press.
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