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Subject: CC#65 Hemp Nation & Hi Times Busted!


Two hemp stores in London, Ontario, were simultaneously raided by RCMP and
London police on Friday December 6.

Hemp Nation and Hi Times were both emptied of their stocks of seeds, pipes,
bongs, scales, and other such items, and both owners (Chris Clay and Mike
Jain respectovely) spent the weekend in jail. Chris was released on $10,000
bail, while Mike was released on his own recognizance.

The RCMP apparently bought seeds from the stores in June, but waited the
maximum allowable time of 6 months before deciding to make the raids. The
timing indicates a financial attack, as both stores had stocked up for the
Christmas and would have been relying on Christmas sales to pay off their
orders. They now face huge debts and have no merchandise to sell to pay
their bills. Both stores are now in serious financial danger.

RCMP also raided both their homes.

I spoke to Mike Jain by phone. He explained to me that he had called London
police one year ago, before he began selling seeds, to ask about their
legality. Jain claimed that they told him that if there was no THC in the
seed then they were legal. He had been openly selling seeds for a whole
year with no police interference or warnings prior to the destructive
police raid.

Jain told me that 15 RCMP officers went to his home, used his keys to enter
his house and woke his sleeping wife in her bedroom. They took all the
money they could find in his home as well as his wife's jewellery, claiming
it was "drug money". He's no totally broke, and can't even get back into
his own store (as of Monday) as police haven't yet found the time to return
his keys to him.

Jain's wife was planning a trip to her native India over Christmas, but
police seized her passport and tickets.

At Chris Clay's home they found a small quantity of marijuana, for which he
has been charged.

Hemp Nation also had 3 computers and some files confiscated. One employee
was arrested.
If you ordered seeds from Hemp Nation recently there might be cause for
concern, as some recent records are in the hands of the cops.

It's also odd that the RCMP were involved in the raid and seed analysis, as
this kind of matter is usually dealt with by local police.

We'll post more info as we get it. Check the what's new section of our
website at Also check the Hemp Nation website at

Hemp Nation was previously raided on May 17, 1995 for selling cannabis
plant clones, and Chris Clay launched a constitutional challenge against
the charges, which is still in progress.

Contact Chris Clay of Hemp Nation at (519) 433-5267, or email

Contact Hi Times at (519) 858-1533.

Here's the email addresses of some papers that it is worth writing a letter
to about this situation. It only takes a few minutes and it's an easy way
to be an effective armchair activist.

London Free Press
Globe and Mail
Toronto Star
Toronto Sun
Windsor Star

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