French Mumia demonstration
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 22:52:58 +0000

The Paris event assembled between 80 and a 150 people (I'm really no good
at evaluating crowds with any precision).
We stood in the bitter cold and listened to speakers which included members
of the French 'Save Mumia' group, respected scholars and veteran activists.
I was a little disappointed at the turnout. It is my opinion that some of
the groups that participated have proven they can mobilize much more
support when they really try, and it seems to me they did not try too hard.
Also, I regret the exagerated calm of the event and wish we had made more
NOISE, but the average age at the demo was in the fourties, and the general
tone that many influent members of the group seem to prefer is that of
symbolism and academia rather than a more demonstrative stance.
Still, the spirit was warm, and I thank the creator for moving those people
who did come.
It warms my heart to read of the different events that occurred
internationally last Monday. As I understand it Macdonalds events took
place in several cities, one here in France, one in San Francisco, and
other places i have not heard from yet. A big hug to all those who
demonstrated on Dec 9th! I hear the March on Wall Street was perceived as
a success! On'a move! Mumia had a reason to feel good that day, I reckon.
I think the only way he can accept his suffering is if it is a factor that
pushes people to action, not only for his freedom, but for our collective
freedom. It is the only way to turn his curse into a blessing. And he
WILL be freed.

Just want to ask everyone to keep their engines revving. If a new death
warrant is signed, we're gonna have to get out there in greater numbers and
make some NOISE! Meanwhile, please, let us all support the boycott of
Pennsylvania products, businesses and tourism!

NB In France, we are thinking of adopting the front of Macdonald's as a
petition signing location where we can get the word out about Mumia and
about Macdonald's at the same time. I love the Food not Bombs idea of
distributing free food, and we will probably do that too.

On'a Move!

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