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Spanish/English Text:
Para difundir / Urgente
To distribute

Closing Words of the EZLN at the Intercontinental Encounter=20

Words of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation in the closing act of t=
First Intercontinental Encounter for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism [re=
ad by
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos].=20

Through my voice speaks the voice of the Zapatista Army of National Liberat=
La Realidad (Reality), Planet Earth. August 3rd, 1996.=20

Brothers and sisters of the whole world: Brothers and sisters of Africa,
America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania: Brothers and sisters attending the First
Intercontinental Encounter for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism: Welcome =
the Zapatista R/reality. Welcome to this territory in struggle for humanity.
Welcome to this territory in rebellion against neoliberalism.=20
The Zapatistas greet all who attended this encounter. Here, in the
mountains of the Mexican Southeast, when a collectivity greets whoever comes
with good words, it is applauded. We ask that everyone greet each other and=
everyone greet the delegations from: Italy, Brazil, Great Britain, Paraguay,
Chile, Filippines, Germany, Peru, Argentina, Austria, Uruguay, Guatemala,
Belgium, Venezuela, Iran, Denmark, Nicaragua, Zaire, France, Haiti, Ecuador,
Greece, Japan, Kurdistan, Ireland, Costa Rica, Cuba, Sweden, The Netherland=
South Africa, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, The United States, The Basque
Country, Turkey, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Australia, Mauritania, Mexico
["Norway!" and "Colombia!" were called out from the crowd].=20
Welcome, all men, women, children, and elders from the five continents
who have responded to the invitation of the Zapatista indigenous to search =
hope for humanity, against neoliberalism.=20
Brothers and sisters:=20
When this dream that today awakens in R/reality began to be dreamed by
us, we thought it would be a failure. We thought that, maybe, we could gath=
here a few dozen persons from several countries. We were wrong. As always we
were wrong. It wasn't a few dozen, but thousands of human beings, those who=
from the five continents to find themselves in R/reality at the close of the
twentieth century.=20
The word born within these mountains, these Zapatista mountains, found
ears that gave it cover, that cared for and launched it anew, so that it mi=
arrive far away and circle the world. The crazy insanity of a convocation o=
f the
five continents to reflect critically on our past, our present, and our fut=
found that it wasn't alone in its delirium, and soon insanities from the wh=
planet began to work on bringing the dream to rest in Reality, to bathe it =
the mud, grow it under the rain, moisten it under the sun, speak it with the
other, go drawing it, giving it form and body.=20
As to what happened in these days, much will be written later. Today we
can say that we are certain of at least one thing. A dream dreamed in the f=
continents can come to make itself real in R/reality. Who now will be able =
tell us that dreaming is lovely but futile? Who now will be able to argue t=
dreams, however many the dreamers, cannot become a reality?=20
How is joy dreamed in Africa? What marvels walk in the European dream?
How many tomorrows does the dream enclose in Asia? To what music does the
American dream dance? How does the heart speak that dreams in Oceania?=20
To whom does it matter how and what we dream here or in any part of the
world? Who are they who dare to convene with their dream all the dreams of =
world? What's happening in the mountains of the Mexican Southeast that finds
echo and mirror in the streets of Europe, suburbs of Asia, rural areas of
America, townships of Africa, and houses of Oceania? What's happening with =
peoples of these five continents that, so we are all told, only encountered=
other to make war or compete? Wasn't this turn of the century synonymous wi=
despair, bitterness, and cynicism? From where and how did all these dreams
arrive at R/reality?=20
May Europe speak and recount the long bridge of its gaze that crossed the
Atlantic and history in order to rediscover itself in R/reality.=20
May Asia speak and explain the gigantic leap of its heart to arrive and
beat in R/reality. May Africa speak and describe the lengthy sailing of its
restless image to come to reflect upon itself in R/reality. May Oceania spe=
and tell of the multiple flight of its thought to go rebounding away until =
rested in R/reality. May America speak and remember the increased feeling o=
f its
hope to arrive, remembering, to the point of renewing itself in R/reality.=
May the five continents speak and everyone listen. May humanity suspend
for a moment its silence of shame and anguish. May humanity speak. May huma=
In the world of those who live in the Power and kill for the Power, the
human being doesn't fit, there is no space for hope, no place for tomorrow.
Slavery or death is the alternative that their world offers all worlds. The
world of money, their world, governs from the stock exchanges. Speculation =
today the principal source of enrichment and, at the same time, the best
demonstration of the atrophy of the human being's capacity to work. Work is=
longer necessary in order to produce wealth; now all that's needed is
Crimes and wars are carried out so that the global stock exchanges may be
pillaged by one or another.=20
Meanwhile, millions of women, millions of youths, millions of indigenous,
millions of homosexuals, millions of human beings of all races and colors o=
participate in the financial markets as a devalued currency worth always le=
and less, the currency of their blood making profits.=20
The globalization of markets is erasing borders for specula-tion and
crime and multiplying them for human beings. Countries are obligated to era=
their national borders when it comes to the circulation of money but to mul=
their internal borders.=20
Neoliberalism doesn't turn countries into only one country, it turns each
one of them into many countries.=20
The lie of unipolarity and internationalization turns itself into a
nightmare of war, a fragmented war, again and again, so many times that nat=
are pulverized. In this world that the Power is globalizing in order to get
around the obstacles to its war of conquest, national governments are turned
into the military underlings of a new world war against humanity.=20
From the stupid career of nuclear armament, destined to annihilate
humanity in one blow with nuclear weapons, it has gone to the absurd
militarization of all aspects of the life of national societies, a
militarization destined to annihilate humanity in many blows, in many place=
and in many ways. What were formerly known as "national armies" are turning=
simple units of a greater army, the one that neoliberalism arms and leads
against humanity. The end of the so-called Cold War didn't stop the arming =
the world, it only changed the model of this mortal merchandizing: weapons =
all sizes and for all kinds of criminal tastes. More and more, not only are=
so-called "institutional" armies armed, but also the armies that drug
trafficking builds up to assure its empire. More or less rapidly, national
societies are being militarized and the armies suposedly created to protect
their borders from foreign enemies are turning their cannons and rifles aro=
and aiming them inward.=20
It is not possible for neoliberalism to become the world's reality
without the argument of death served up by institutional and private armies,
without the gag served up by prisons, without the blows and assassinations
served up by the military and police. National repression is the necessary
premise for the globalization that neoliberalism imposes.=20
The more neoliberalism advances as a global system, the more numerous
grow the weapons and the ranks of the armies and national police. The numbe=
rs of
the imprisoned, the disappeared, and the assassinated in different countries
also grows.=20
A world war: the most brutal, the most complete, the most universal, the
most effective.=20
Each country, each city, each rural area, each house, each person,
everything is a large or small battleground. On the one side is neoliberali=
with all its repressive power and all its machinery of death; on the other =
is the human being.=20
There are those who resign themselves to being one more number in the
huge bolsa--pouch/purse/exchange--of Power. There are those who resign
themselves to being slaves. He who is also master to other slaves cynically
walks the slave's horizontal ladder. In exchange for the bad life and the c=
that Power hands out, there are those who sell themselves, resign themselve=
surrender themselves. In any part of the world, there are slaves who say th=
are happy being slaves. In any part of the world there are men and women who
stop being human and take their place in the gigantic market that trades in
But there are those who do not resign themselves, there are those who
decide to be uncomfortable, there are those who do not sell themselves, the=
are those who do not surrender themselves. There are, around the world, tho=
who resist being annihilated in this war. There are those who decide to fig=
In any place in the world, anytime, any man or woman rebels to the point
of tearing off the clothes that resignation has woven for them and that cyn=
has dyed grey. Any man, any woman, of whatever color in whatever tongue, sa=
and says to himself, to herself, "Enough already"--Ya Basta!=20
Enough already of lies. Enough already of crime. Enough already of death.
"Enough already of war," any man, any woman, says and says to himself, to
In whatever part of any of the five continents any man, any woman,
eagerly resists the Power and constructs his own, her own, road that doesn't
imply the loss of dignity and hope.=20
Any man or any woman decides to live and struggle for his part, her part,
in history. No longer does the Power dictate his steps, her steps; no longer
does the Power administer life and decide death.=20
Any man or any woman responds to death with life. And responds to the
nightmare by dreaming and struggling against war, against neoliberalism, for
For struggling for a better world all of us are fenced in, threatened
with death. The fence is reproduced globally. In every continent, every cit=
every rural area, every house, the Power's fence of war closes in on the re=
whom humanity always thanks.=20
But fences are broken. In every house, in every rural area, in every
city, in every state, in every country, on every continent the rebels, that=
history of humanity repeats along its entire course to assure itself of hop=
struggle and the fence shakes.=20
The rebels search each other out. They walk towards one another. They
find each other and together break other fences. In the rural areas and cit=
in the states, in the nations, on the continents, the rebels begin to recog=
themselves, to know themselves to be equal and different. They continue on =
fatiguing walk, walking as it is now necessary to walk, that is to say,
A R/reality spoke to them then. Rebels from the five continents heard it
and set off walking.=20
To arrive at the intercontinental R/reality, each one has had to make his
own, her own, road. From the five arms of the star of the world, the step o=
f men
and women, whose dignified word searched for the place to be spoken and hea=
has arrived at R/reality, the place of the encounter.=20
It was necessary to break through many fences to arrive to break through
the fence around R/reality. There are different fences. In ours, one must g=
past the police, customs officials, tanks, cannons, trenches, planes,
helicopters, rain, mud, insects. Each one of the rebels from the five conti=
has his own, her own, fence, own struggle, and a broken fence to add to the
memory of other rebels.=20
So it was that this intercontinental encounter began. It was initiated on
all the continents, in all the countries, in all the places where any man or
woman began to say and say to themselves, "Enough already!"=20
Who can say in what precise locale, and at what exact hour and date this
intercontinental encounter for humanity and against neoliberalism began? We
don't know. But we do know who initiated it. All the rebels around the world
started it. Here, we are only a small part of those rebels, it's true. But =
all the diverse fences that all the rebels of the world break every day, you
have added one more rupture, that of the fence around the Zapatista R/reali=
In order to achieve that, you had to struggle against your respective
governments and then confront the "fence" of papers and procedures with whi=
the Mexican government thought to detain you. You are all fighters, men and
women who break through fences of all kinds. That's why you made it to
R/reality. Maybe you can't yet see the greatness of your achievement, but w=
e do
see it.=20
That is why we want to ask your forgiveness for the stupidity of the
Mexican government that, by means of its immigration agents, has done every=
possible to impede your arrival at these Zapatista lands. These agents of
idiocy-made-government believe that passports and permits are still necessa=
ry in
order to speak and listen to dignity. We are sure that all of you will know=
to comprehend why this imbecility believes that nationality divides human
beings. We ask that you pardon them. After all, we have to thank the Mexican
government that has reminded us that we are all different, even though it h=
done so with this poor exhibition. But we also have to thank the indigenous
communities who received us these days, they who have reminded us that we a=
all equal.=20
That is why we, the Zapatistas, have proposed to struggle for a better
government here in Mexico. We are struggling to have a government that is e=
ven a
little intelligent and that understands that dignity doesn't know about
passports, visas, and other absurdities. This is what we are about now, and=
will surely achieve it.=20
But while this is going on, we ask in the name of the indigenous
communities, when you pass the immigration checkpoints on your way out that=
do us the favor of congratulating the Mexican government on the success it
achieved with the fence put up against an indigenous rebel movement that, i=
t is
plainly evident, only has any influence in four municipalities of the
southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas.=20
Some of the best rebels from the five continents arrived in the mountains
of the Mexican Southeast. All of them brought their ideas, their hearts, th=
worlds. To find themselves among other ideas, other reasons, other worlds, =
that they arrived at R/reality.=20
A world made of many worlds found itself these days in the mountains of
the Mexican Southeast. A world made of many worlds opened a space and
established its right to be possible, raised the banner of being necessary,
fastened to the middle of the earth's R/reality to announce a better future=
. A
world of all the worlds that rebel and resist the Power, a world of all the
worlds that inhabit this world opposing cynicism, a world that struggles for
humanity and against neoliberalism. This was the world that we lived these =
this is the world that we found here....=20
This encounter doesn't end in R/reality. It just so happens that now it
must search for a place to continue on.=20
But what next?=20
A new number in the useless enumeration of the numerous international
A new scheme that calms and alleviates the anguish of a lack of recipes?=20
A global program for world revolution?=20
A theorization of Utopia so that it can continue to maintain a prudent
distance from the reality that anguishes us?=20
An "organigram" that assures all of us a position, a task, a title, and
no work?=20
The echo continues, the reflected image of the possible and forgotten:
the possibility and necessity of speaking and listening.=20
Not the echo that peters out or the force that decreases after its
highest apex.=20
Yes, the echo that breaks barriers and continues.=20
The echo of small distinction, the local and particular, reverberating in
the echo of great distinction, the intercontinental and galactic.=20
The echo that recognizes the existence of the other and does not
overpower or attempt to silence the other.=20
The echo that takes its place and speaks its own voice and speaks the
voice of the other.=20
The echo that reproduces its own sound and opens itself to the sound of
the other.=20
The echo of this rebel voice transforming itself and renewing itself in
other voices.=20
An echo that turns itself into many voices, into a network of voices
that, before the deafness of the Power, opts to speak to itself, knowing it=
to be one and many, acknowledging itself to be equal in its desire to liste=
n and
be listened to, recognizing itself as different in the tonalities and level=
s of
voices forming it.=20
A network of voices that resist the war that the Power wages on them.=20
A network of voices that not only speak, but also struggle and resist for
humanity and agianst neoliberalism.=20
A network of voices that are born resisting, reproducing their resistance
in other even quieter or lonelier voices.=20
A network that covers the five continents and helps to resist the death
that the Power promises us.=20
The great pocket of voices, sounds that search for their place, fitting
with others continues.=20
The great torn pocket, that keeps the best of itself and opens itself for
what's better to be born and to grow continues.=20
The mirror-pocket of voices, the world in which sounds may be listened to
separately, recognizing their specificity, the world in which sounds may in=
themselves in one great sound continues.=20
The reproduction of resistances, the "I am not resigned," the "I am a
rebel" continues.=20
The world with the many worlds that the world needs continues.=20
Humanity, recognizing itself to be plural, different, inclusive, tolerant
of itself, with hope continues.=20
The human and rebel voice, consulted on the five continents in order to
become a network of voices and of resistances continues.=20
The voice of all the people we are, the voice that speaks this...

Second Declaration of Reality for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism conti=


Brothers and sisters of Africa, Asia, America, Europe, and Oceania:=20
Considering that we are:=20
Against the international order of death, against the
globalization of war and armaments.=20
Against dictatorships, against authoritarianism, against
Against the politics of economic liberalization, against hunger, against
poverty, against robbery, against corruption.=20
Against patriarchy, against xenophobia, against discrimina-tion, against
racism, against crime, against the destruction of the environment, against
Against stupidity, against lies, against ignorance.=20
Against slavery, against intolerance, against injustice, against
marginalization, against forgetfulness.=20
Against neoliberalism.=20
Considering that we are:=20
For the international order of hope, for a new, just, and dignified
For a new politics, for democracy, for political liberties.=20
For justice, for life, and dignified work.=20
For civil society, for full rights for women in every aspect, for the
respect of elders, youth, and children, for the defense and protection of t=
For intelligence, for culture, for education, for truth.=20
For liberty, for tolerance, for inclusion, for having memory.=20
For humanity.=20
We declare:=20
First. That we will make a collective network of all our particular
struggles and resistances. An intercontinental network of resistance against
neoliberalism, an intercontinental network of resistance for humanity.=20
This intercontinental network of resistance, recognizing differences and
acknowledging similarities, will search to find itself with other resistanc=
around the world. This interconti-nental network of resistance will be the
medium in which distinct resistances may support one another. This
intercontinental network of resistance is not an organizing structure; it
doesn't have a central head or decision maker; it has no central command or
hierarchies. We are the network, all of us who resist.=20
Second. That we will make a network of communication among all our
struggles and resistances. An intercontinental network of alternative
communication against neoliberalism, an intercontinen-tal network of altern=
communication for humanity.=20
This intercontinental network of alternative communication will search to
weave the channels so that words may travel all the roads that resist. This
intercontinental network of alternative communication will be the medium by
which distinct resistances communicate with one another.=20
This intercontinental network of alternative communication is not an
organizing structure, nor has a central head or decision maker, nor does it=
a central command or hierarchies. We are the network, all of us who speak a=
This we declare:=20
To speak and to listen for humanity and against neoliberalism. To resist
and struggle for humanity and against neoliberalism.=20
For the whole world: Democracy! Liberty! Justice! From whatever reality
of whichever continent!=20
Brothers and sisters:=20
We do not propose that those of us who are present here sign this
declaration and that this encounter end today.=20
We propose that the intercontinental encounter for humanity and against
neoliberalism continue on every continent, in every country, in each rural =
and city, in each house, school or workplace where human beings live who wa=
nt a
better world.=20
The indigenous communities have taught us that to resolve a problem, no
matter how great it may be, it is always good to consult all of the people =
are. That is why we propose that this declaration be distributed around the
world and that a consultation be carried out, at least in all the countries=
attendance, on the following question:=20
Do you agree to subscribe to the Second Declaration of Reality for
Humanity and Against Neoliberalism?=20


YES o NO o



Please send your answer to: Esquiv@ndo Radio LoRa 104,5 MHZ, Militarstr.85A,
8004 Zurich-Switzerland
Fax: (++41 1) 241 35 80, Email: 100530.3056@compuserve.com
or to: Autogestion Latin@ (Kasama), Klingenstr.23, 8005 Zurich-Switzerland =
(++41 1) 271 90 12

We propose that this "Intercontinental Consultation for Humanity and
Against Neoliberalism" be realized on the five continents during the first =
weeks of December, 1996.=20
We propose that we organize this consultation in the same way that this
encounter was organized, that all of us who attended and those who couldn't
attend but who accompanied us from afar in this encounter, organize and car=
out the consultation. We propose that we make use of all the possible and
impossible media in order to consult with the greatest number of human bein=
gs on
the five continents. The intercontinental consultation is part of the resis=
we are organizing and one way of making contacts and encounters with other
resistances. Part of a new way of doing political work in the world, that is
what the intercontinental consultation wants to be.=20
Not only that. We also propose that we aleady call people to the Second
Intercontinental Encounter for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism.=20
We propose that it be carried out in the second half of 1997 and that it
be in the European continent. We propose that the exact date and place of t=
encuentro be defined by the brothers and sisters of Europe in a meeting they
hold after this first encounter.=20
We all hope that there will be this second intercontinental encounter and
that it be held, of course, on another continent. When this second encounte=
r is
held, we want to make it clear from this moment on that we will find the wa=
y to
participate directly, wherever it is held.=20
Brothers and sisters:=20
We continue to be uncomfortable. What the theorists of neoliberalism tell
us is false: that everything is under control, including everything that is=
under control.=20
We are not the escape valve for the rebellion that could destabilize
neoliberalism. It is false that our rebel existence legitimates the Power.=
The Power fears us. That is why it pursues us and fences us in. That is
why it jails and kills us.=20
In R/reality, we are the possibility that it can be defeated and made to
Maybe there are not so many of us, but we are men and women who struggle
for humanity, who struggle against neoliberalism.=20
We are men and women who struggle around the world.=20
We are men and women who want for the five continents:=20


From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.=20
The Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee--General Command of
the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.=20

La Realidad (Reality), planet Earth, August, 1996.=20

* [Text published in La Jornada (8/4/96:10-11) and translated by Chiapas Ur=
Call for the NCDM. Throughout, wordplay on the community's name, La Realida=
and the concept of 'reality' has been written: "R/reality." All text in squ=
brackets was added by translator.]