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** Written 1:35 PM Dec 8, 1996 by nattyreb@ix.netcom.com
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! ! ! F R E E A L L P O L I T I C A L
P R I S O N E R S / P O W ' S ! ! !



Written by Jalil A. Muntaquin

Dear Comrades and Friends:

Today, there exist in U.S. prisons hundreds of political
prisoners, some of whom can directly link their imprisonment to
the illegal activities of FBI Counter Intelligence Program
(Cointelpro). Due to government failure to establish remedies
for victims of Cointelpro, these political prisoners has been
incarcerated over 20 years.

On February 13, 1996, representatives of the New Afrikan
Liberation Front, and the NYC Coalition to Free Mumia Abu Jamal,
met with several staff representatives of Congressional Black
Caucus (CBC). They discussed the impact of Cointelpro on the
existence of political prisoners and political exiles, and the
means and method to convene hearings on Cointelpro. CBC staff
representatives suggested that an effort should be made to call
for an Update of the Church Senate Committee On Cointelpro -- 20
Years Later. It was also suggested that a national letter-
writing/fax/phone call campaign be organized addressing the
entire congressional body to support the hearings.

It is hereby requested that all progressive supporters of
political prisoners and political exiles participate in this
national campaign. We are asking everyone to contact their
congressional representative to urge them to convene these
hearings, as they did for the Ruby Ridge incident, to Update the
Church Senate Committee on Cointelpro -- 20 Years Later.

Please send a copy of all letters and fax to:

Ad. Unit
P.O. Box 340084
Jamaica, NY 11434
or fax: 718-949-3937

Write NALF for more information on the campaign or NALF




Abdul Majid and Bashir Hameed, like most Black political
prisoners in the U.S., were once members of the Black Panther
Party (BPP), a Black political organization active in the 1960s
and early 1970s which was committed to the self-determination of
the African-American community. The BPP, like other Black
organizations was engaged in struggle for the political
empowerment of the African-American community. Panther programs
focused on community control of education and the police,
adequate health care, ending the genocidal proliferation of drugs
and police brutality. The U.S. government's response to these
programs was one of brutal repression, criminalization, political
frame-ups and assassinations.

In 1967, the Federal Bureau of Investigation expanded its
racist covert program, known by the acronym COINTELPRO, to
include local state law enforcement agencies. By 1968 the BPP
and its leadership had become the major FBI target for
destruction: a full 80% of government COINTELPRO efforts directed
at the Black movement were aimed at the Black Panthers. This
counterintelligence program was according to government
documents, designed to "neutralize" the Black liberation movement
by any means necessary.

Repression and criminalization of the Black Liberation
Movement and Black people has occurred since slavery and
continues today in various forms. Historically, the federal
state and local governments of the United States have used overt
and covert means to repress the struggles of Black people for
human rights and self-determination. The best known example of
the U.S. government's war against Black revolutionaries is the
Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO). One of the
COINTELPRO's racist goals stated:

The Negro youth and moderates must be made to understand
that if they succumb to revolutionary teaching, they will be
dead revolutionaries.


ABDUL MAJID (Anthony LaBorde) was born in Queens, NY.
Growing up in New York, Abdul became exposed to the teachings of
El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) and the liberation struggles
in Africa at a relatively early age. During the 1960s Abdul
worked in the Grass Roots Advisory Council, an anti-poverty
program and by the late 1960s had joined the Black Panther Party

Abdul was involved in most of the community based programs
of the Black Panther Party in New York: The free health clinic,
free breakfast for children program, efforts to decentralize the
schools and the police department and the defense of political
prisoners. As all members of the BPP, Abdul was affected by the
FBI's counterintelligence efforts to destroy the Party and saw
many of his comrades "neutralized" through murders,
assassinations and frame-ups.

During the 1970s Abdul worked as a paralegal at Bronx Legal
Services. In 1981, he learned through the media that he and
Bashir Hameed had been targeted for the murder of two police
officers which had occurred in Queens in April, 1981. Having
experienced the "investigative" efforts of law enforcement as a
member of the Black Panther Party, Abdul chose to live
clandestinely. He was arrested in Philadelphia in January, 1982
and was brutally beaten by police after his arrest. After three
trials, Abdul was convicted in the Queens 2 case and given a
prison sentence of 33 1/2 years to life.

BASHIR HAMEED (James York) was born and raised in New
Jersey. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Bashir attended
college on an athletic scholarship and for the first time
traveled to other parts of the United States. When he went to
the South he observed the Jim Crow system which greatly affected
him and his ideas concerning U.S. society. In 1968, Bashir
joined the Black Panther Party while residing in Oakland, CA.
Bashir returned home to New Jersey and quickly rose to the rank
of Deputy Chairman of the New Jersey branch of the Black Panther

FBI documents obtained during the 1970s reveal that during
this time Bashir became a COINTELPRO target. Among other
operations, the Newark FBI office sent a spurious letter to
Bashir's brother concerning an arrest. By 1971, COINTELPRO
operations succeeded in dividing the Black Panther Party and
effectively destroying its ability to perform community-based
public work.

After the demise of the Black Panther Party, Bashir
continued to do political work as a union and community organizer
in the rural south. Bashir remains a steadfast advocate of Black
people's right to self-determination and self-defense.


As a direct result of their BPP membership and progressive
political views, Bashir and Abdul were hunted, captured, framed
and convicted of the 1981 murder and attempted murder of two
police officers in St. Albans, Queens.

A few days after the shooting, police began circulating a
folder of "suspects" which consisted exclusively of former
members of the Black Panther Party and their associates. Bashir
and Abdul (James York and Anthony LaBorde) were identified in the
media as chief suspects and targets of a "shoot to kill" manhunt.
Bashir was arrested in August, 1981 in South Carolina. Over a
five year period, Bashir and Abdul were tried three times for
this incident, the main witness being a man who was hypnotized by
the police. The first trial resulted in Abdul and Bashir being
convicted of attempted murder. The jury in the second trial was
deadlocked at 8-4 for acquittal when the Judge declared a
mistrial. The third trial was presided over by Judge Gallagher
(son and brother of a cop). Throughout the trial, cops harrassed
Abdul and Bashir's family members and supporters. A racially
stacked jury in the third trial returned a guilty verdict and
sentenced Abdul and Bashir to 33 1/3 years to life.


For the past fifteen years, although Abdul and Bashir have
been forced to live behind bars, as political prisoners they have
continued to challenge injustice. Their case is currently
scheduled for its final appeal on May 2, 1996 before the Court of
Appeals in Albany, New York. On May 2nd, one point Abdul and
Bashir's lawyers will argue is that the District Attorneys, in
violation of the law, systematically excluded Blacks from the
jury. This assertion by the defense team was clearly borne out
by District Attorney Gregory Lasak. During a 1992 evidentiary
hearing, D.A. Lasak attempted to justify to the Court why Blacks
had been excluded by stating that

These cop-killing revolutionaries had gotten away in two
previous trials and this was probably our last chance to get
them. We couldn't take the chance of those religious people
serving as jurors in this trial.

May 2nd represents the final opportunity Abdul and Bashir will
have to ask for a new trial. Therefore it is imperative that
people come out and support these brothers.


* DEMAND an investigation of FBI CounterIntelligence Program
(COINTELPRO). This program has created the majority of the
hundreds of Black political prisoners that America refuses
to recognize. Write to: Larry Seabrooks, Chairman, Black &
Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus, Legislative Office Bldg.,
Room 442A, Albany, NY 11248.


Every liberation movement honors their political prisoners,
their freedom fighters, because they make sacrifices for the
people most of us never will. When Nelson Mandela was still
a political prisoner, there was not any ANC demand that was
not tied to the freedom of South African political
prisoners. We knew of Mandela because his people would not
let the world forget him or the other freedom fighters. Yet
Black political prisoners in the U.S. are generally unknown
and unsupported. Only we can change this.

The Campaign to Free Black Political Prisoners in the U.S.
(P.O. Box 339, Bronx, NY 10463-0339) is a Black group
committed to building public awareness about the U.S.
government's repression of the Black Liberation movement
which led to the existence of Black political prisoners.
They also advocate for their release.



The sentence of death was passed on Mumia Abu-Jamal long
before he ever appeared in a courtroom. From the moment Mumia
joined the Black Panther Party at the age of 14, he became one of
the chief targets of Hoover's notorious "Counter-Intelligence
Program" (COINTELPRO). Over 700 pages of FBI files were obtained
after almost three years of fighting for them, which illustrate
wide-ranging collusion between the FBI and the Philadelphia
Police Department -- particularly its Civil Disobedience Unit
(CDU) and Intelligence Division "red squads" -- extending to at
least four other security agencies, including the Naval
Investigative Service Office, Military Intelligence, Office of
Special Investigation and the Secret Service. The files prove
that years before Mumia was framed in the death of a Philadelphia
cop, the feds repeatedly tried to set him up on serious felony
charges -- including murder -- without any basis. This was S.O.P.
(standard operating procedure) in the government's COINTELPRO war
on black militants. The lies range from the absurd -- the photo
appended to the files is not of Mumia -- to the outlandishly
sinister. When the governor of Bermuda was assassinated in 1973,
the feds tried to link the killing to Jamal, who had never been
anywhere near Bermuda. They also falsely sought to paint him as
an "urban guerrilla" associated with the Black Liberation Army,
marking him to be assassinated by the cops the way BLA leader
Zayd Shakur was.

The files repeatedly noted that Mumia was an effective and
articulate spokesman and writer for the Black Panther newspaper,
who "made the BPP look good because his approach was very
positive." Indeed, not one among the steady stream of reports to
FBI headquarters on Jamal's Panther activities, which were
compiled at the rate of virtually one a week, indicated that he
was ever engaged in anything other than public speaking and
writing. Yet despite the FBI's acknowledgement that Jamal "has
not displayed a propensity for violence" and was not once found
with a gun throughout this period of intense surveillance, the
files regularly labeled him "Armed and Dangerous" -- a license
for the cops and G-men to shoot first and ask questions later.

And they finally did shoot him, on the night of 9 December
1981. To send Jamal to death row, prosecutor Joseph McGill told
the nearly all-white jury that Jamal's Panther past showed that
he had been planning to kill a cop "all the way back then." The
FBI files are replete with references to Jamal's denunciations in
speeches and articles of the notoriously racist Philly cops and
then-Mayor Rizzo in particular. Jamal incurred their wrath yet
again in 1978, when as a prominent black radio journalist he came
to the defense of the MOVE organization after a mammoth police
siege of their Powelton Village home, in which one of the cops
ended up being killed by a bullet from another cop's gun. At a
press conference, Rizzo ominously looked at Jamal as he blamed
the officer's death on the "new breed of journalism," warning:

They believe what you write, what you say. And it's got to
stop. And one day, and I hope it's in my career, that you're
going to have to be held responsible and accountable for
what you do.

Thousands of people dedicated to truth and righteousness
recognize that Mumia was framed based on the bogus compilation of
"facts" that have been the mainstay of mainstream media and
mainstream media-fed "independent" journalists. Meanwhile a
Black man who has and continues to sacrifice much on our
collective behalfs fights for his life, with the Supreme Kkkourt
January 1997 deadline of determining whether or not Mumia is
granted a new trial which will decide if a new death warrant will
be signed fast approaches! The struggle continues.


Compiled by Sis. Kiilu Nyasha


Mumia Abu-Jamal, AM 8335, 1040 E. Roy Furman Hwy,
Waynesburg, Pa. 95370-8090
Marshall E. Conway, 116469, Box 534, Jessup, MD 10794

Ruchell Cinque Magee, A92051, A5-232, Box 7500, Crescent
City, Ca. 95531-7500
Hugo L.A. Pinell, A88401, SHU D8-214, " "
Abdul D.Shakur (J. Harvey), C48884 SHU D2-213, " "
Luis Rodriguez, C33000 " "

Mutulu Shakur (Dr.), 83205-012, 601 McDonough Blvd, SE,
Atlanta, Ga. 30315

Oscar Lopez Rivera, 87651-012, U.S.P. Florence ADX, Box
8500, Florence, Co. 81226
Tom Manning, 10373-016, " " "
Ray Luc Levasseur, 10376-016, " " "
Yu Kikumura, 09008-050, " " "
Kojo Bomani Sababu (G. Brown) 39384-046 " "

Richard Mafundi Lake, 079972, 3700 Holman Unit 4-10T,
Atmore, Al 36503-3700
Kwabla Mthawabu (J. Williams) 92097-HOPE C-1, 1630 Prism
Rd., Cottonport, La 71327
Fred Hampton, Jr. aka, Alfred Johnson, B42954, Box 7711,
Centralia, Ill. 62801
Zolo Agona Azania (Rufus Averhart) 4969, Box 41, Michigan
City, In. 46360
Abdul Majid (Anthony LaBorde), 83A 0483, Box AG, Fallsburg,
NY 12733-0116
Bashir Hameed (James York) 82A 6313, Box 149, Attica, NY
Ojore N. Lutalo CN 861-59860, Box CN-861, Trenton, NJ 08625

Teddy (Jah) Heath, 75A 0139, Box 700, Wallkill, NY 12589
Mohaman Koti, 80A 808, " "

Rickke Greeen, 84244, Box 97, McAlester, OK 74502-0097
Tafawa T. Balagoon 77297, 168 Frontage Rd., Newark, NJ 07114


Anythony Jalil Bottom, 77A-4283, Box 338, Napanoch, N.Y.
Herman Bell, 79C-0262, Box 51, Great Meadows CF, Comstock,
NY 12821
Nuh Washington, 77A-1528, Box 2001, Clinton CF, Dannemora,
NY 12929

Geronimo ji Jaga (Pratt),C11-225L, Box 40900, Ione, Ca. 95640
Warren Wells, B23864, A3-218, " "

Sundiata Acoli (Squire), 39794-066, Box 1000, Unit 3, USP
Allenwood, White Deer, Pa. 17887

Sekou Odinga, 05228-054, U.S.P. Lompoc, 3901 Klein Blvd,
Lompoc, Ca. 93436
Raphael Kwesi Joseph, 96558-131, " "
Richard Williams, 10377-016, " "

Leonard Peltier, 89637-132, Box 1000, Leavenworth, Ks 66048
Jaan Laaman, 10372-016, " " "
Bill Dunne, 10916-086, " " "
Abdul Aziz (Warren Ballentine), 96521-130, " "

Romaine Fitzgerald, B27527, CSP Sac C1209, Box 290066, Represa,
Ca. 95671-0066
Shaka Nantambu (Marvin Walker, Jr) C20900, San Quentin, Ca.
94974 (Death Row)
Ndume Olatushani (Erskine Johnson), 11964 Unit 2-103A, RMSI
7475 Cockrill Bend Ind. Rd., Nashville, Tn 37209-1010 (Death

Gene E. Williams, Jr., C92034, 4B-IL-4, Box 3481, Corcoran,
Ca. 93212-3476
Robert Anthony Malon, C49132 SHU 4B-L-3L, " " 8310

Marilyn Buck, (temporarily moved to Tex. medical facility for
treatment to her leg from old injury), 00482-285, Box 27137, Rio
Grande, Fort Worth, Tx. 76127

Dylcia Pagan, 88971-024, Camp Parks, 5701 8th St., Dublin, Ca.
Linda Evans, 19973-054, " " "
Laura Whitehorn, 22432-037, " " "
Donna Willmott, 38772-079 " " "
Lucy Rodriguez, 88973-024 " " "
Carmen Valentin, 88974-024, " " "
Alicia Rodriguez, N07157, " " "
Norma Jean Croy, 14293, Box 1501, Chowchilla, Ca. 93610

Silvia Baraldini, 05125-054, Penmore Station, Danbury, Ct 06811
Susan Rosenberg, 03684-016, " " "
Alejandrina Torres, 92142-024 " " "

Kathy Boudin, 84-G-171, Box 1000, Bedford Hills, NY 10501
Judy Clark, 83-G-313, " "


Debbi Sims Africa, 006307, 451 Fullerton Ave., Cambridge
Springs, Pa 15403-1238
Janine Phillips Africa, 006309 " "
Merle Austin Africa, 006306 " "
Janet Holloway Africa, 006308 " "
Charles Sims Africa, AM 4975, Box 244, Graterford, Pa
Michael Davis Africa AM 4973 " "
Edward Goodman Africa Am 4974, Box 200 Camp Hill, Pa
William Phillips Africa Am 4984, Drawer K, Dallas, Pa. 18612
Delbert Orr Africa AM 4985, " " "

Hanif Shabazz Bey, 96521-132, 5880 State Hwy, 67S, Florence,
Co. 81226


compiled by:
Sis. Marpessa Kupendua


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