Polish anarchists in Czech prison

Tue, 10 Dec 96 15:32:28 CET

Two Polish anarchists,

Jacek Zbierajski
Tomek Czechowicz

are detained in the "Pankrac" jail in Prague since August
this year, even though a
judge has aquitted them of the charges that were made. (They were accused
of devastating a tram, which didn't take place - whatdid take place, was
they were beaten by Czech police.)

We learned about the situation only a week ago, so it's why nothing has
been done until now, but the Polish A.B.C. is going to work on the case.
On Friday 13 we are making a demo at the foreign affairs ministry and the
Czech embassy.

If you can, please send faxes with protests to your Czech embassies.
I'll do the same thing for Italian anarchists that are to have a trial
on the same day, if I'm not mistaken.

anarchist feder@tion