NYC Mumia Demo

David Fingrut (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 05:28:35 +0000 (GMT)

Today was a sizable demonstration in the Belly of The Beast - in front of
the New York Stock Exchange - on behalf of Mumia Abu Jamal who has been on
death row for 15 years today. Speakers from MOVE, Friends of Mumia,
radical workers groups, The Nation of Islam, The Latin Kings, Amnesty
International, and many other activist groups spoke up to free this
political prisoner.

Confrontations with the KKKops were minimal - I saw only one person
arrested - and spirits were high. There was a general call for a demo to
take place outside the prison where Mumia is being held near Philedelphia,
and MOVE speaker Pam Africa reiterated Mumia's desire for all political
prisoners to be released. The lawyer defending Mumia Abu Jamal spoke (a
full transcript will be available at a later time), and a passionate
speech was made by a coordinator of Refuse and Resist! - a group that send
representatives from cities across the U.S.

There were 8 of us there from Toronto, and it was mentioned in the
speeches that actions were taking place today at the U.S. Consulate -
where Food Not Bombs was serving free food in solidarity. A large Vermont
contingent from Bread and Puppet Theatre performed the short play 'The
Foot' symbolically spelling out state-capitalist oppression, and the crowd
moved on to another event following the speeches on Wall Street. A
highlight was when I Abdul John from MOVE placed a 'Free Mumia' picket
sign into the hand of George Washington - the giant statue behind which
Lydia Barshango and other speakers had set up a podium.

The people united . . .


(more detailed report to follow soon)