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Japanese Retaliate Against the United States

by Henry Williams

Associated Press

Tokyo (AP) -- The Japanese government has taken a step to retaliate
against the U. S. decision of Tuesday to bar 16 Japanese citizens from the
United States for alleged war crimes committed during the Second World

In Tokyo, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hiroshi Hashimoto announced that 10
Americans will be barred from Japan for their "war crimes, crimes against
humanity, and violations of human rights." The Americans listed are:

George Bush, for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent
civilians, including many thousands of children, in attacks upon Iraq and

Colin Powell, for his prominent role in the attacks on Iraq and Panama.

General Norman Schwarzkopf, for his military leadership of the Iraqi

Ronald Reagan, for the death and destruction inflicted upon the people of
El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Grenada by his military and
political policies.

Elliott Abrams, for his key participation in Reagan's interventionist

Oliver North, for being a prime mover behind the contras, whose
atrocities are legendary, and his role in the invasion of Grenada, which
took the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians.

Henry Kissinger, for his bloody roles in Angola, Chile and Indochina.

Gerald Ford, for giving his approval to Indonesia to use American arms to
brutally suppress the people of East Timor.

Robert McNamara, for his responsibility in the slaughters in Indochina
and the suppression of popular movements in Peru.

John Deutch, for his callous coverups of Gulf War Syndrome at the Defense
Department and drug complicity at the CIA.

Mr. Hashimoto indicated that more names may be added to the list if the
United States does not retract its own list.

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