A New CIA Covert Operation

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Fri, 6 Dec 1996 17:03:47 +0000 (GMT)

Date: Thu, 5 Dec 96 16:54:33 CST
From: Ralph McGehee <rmcgehee@igc.apc.org>
Subject: A New CIA Covert Operation

Justifying the Sudan Paramilitary Operation

A Washington Post editorial argues that the United States'
contribution is to ignore the United Nations and the opinion of
other nations in the area to conduct paramilitary operations against
Sudan. All the while the U.S. remains at a discreet distance from the
action. With five countries involved -- the U.S., Sudan, Uganda,
Eritrea and Uganda (and probably also Israel), how soon before
this CIA paramilitary operation expands and encompasses many
more nations. How long does it take for the Islamic nations to
recognize this "discreet distance" war against a fellow
Islamic State?

The Washington Post editorial states that Sudan is second
only to Iran in international terrorism. The United Nations and
other African countries are incompetent to deal with this rogue
state. It is the United States contribution to have accepted
the implications of the U.N.'s weak stance -- Clinton Administration
is now funneling arms to Sudan's three neighbors, Ethiopia, Eritrea,
Uganda, to help defend themselves and to support the Sudanese opposition
-- if not unseat the regime, then to contain it. By remaining at a
discreet remove from the front-line action, Washington can hope to shield
itself against charges of being anti-Islam and pro-intervention
and yet still make a difference. Washington Post 12/4/96 A24.

Information from CIABASE indicates that there may be a long
history behind this operation as cited below.

uganda, israel, 68-71 from late 60s israelis sponsored secessionist
movement in sudan. effort coordinated with CIA. it tactical op to weaken an
unfriendly arab gvt. cockburn, a. & cockburn, l. (1991). dangerous liaison

israel, 83 israeli intel is playing a major role in some of the CIA's
most secret ops in a display of cooperation almost unprecedented in intel.
ops include: aiding the contras; aiding the afghanistan mujahedin; blocking
ussr and libyan influence in chad, the sudan, ethiopia and other parts of
africa. israel military intel supplying soviet made arms to cover the
west's involvement with the guerrilla groups. israel is also working
closely with the CIA station in lebanon. new york post 10/4/83

sudan, israel, ethiopia. sudan gvt is investigating the role of CIA in
airlift of ethiopian jews. washington post 7/20/85 a1

ethiopia, sudan, israel, 79-81 mossad and CIA established dummy
corporation named navco, which leased land by red sea in sudan, "a holiday
village for undersea divers." israeli frogmen received ethiopian jews and
sent them to israel. ravi, d. & melman, y. (1990). every spy a prince 240

africa, israel, sudan, libya, ghana. u.s and israel had several joint ops
in africa including CIA's evacuation of ethiopian jews from sudan in 85
the attack in april 86 on libya relied on israeli intel. a reported
u.s.-british-israeli effort in 83 to stir up ethnic strife in ghana.
covert action information bulletin (now covert action quarterly) summer 88

ethiopia, israel, sudan, 79-81 mossad asked CIA to help liberate
ethiopia's jews. with reagan adm, military and intel ties between u.s. and
israel at their strongest. mossad and CIA established dummy corporation
named navco, which leased land by red sea in sudan, "a holiday village for
undersea divers." israeli frogmen received ethiopian jews and sent them to
israel. ravi, d. & melman, y. (1990). every spy a prince 240

ugandans, americans and israelis worked in close cooperation particularly
through CIA and mossad, 60-69 agee, p., & wolf, l. (1978). dirty work:
the CIA in western europe 2 181

middle east, 96 clinton adm considering a more activist policy that could
include preemptive strikes and expanded covert counter-terror ops. to some
the main threat comes from a murky net of home-grown, privately-financed
and largely independent groups a kind of international terrorists internet.
net extremely difficult for u.s. intel agencies to locate and penetrate.
dci deutch said CIA drawing up list of military options "to act against
terrorist groups directly either to prevent them from carrying out ops or
to retaliate against groups we know are responsible for ops." a safe haven
might be afghanistan. yet given limited u.s. intel on these groups
difficulties appear enormous. state department has designated five middle
east countries as terrorism sponsors: iran, iraq, libya, syria and sudan.
iran remains premier state sponsor of international terrorism per state's
1996 "patterns of global terrorism." syria is a safe haven for nearly a
dozen palestian, turkish, and lebanese opposition groups. islamic
extremists also operate in camps in lebanon's bekaa valley. in sudan u.s.
trying to get president omar bashir to stop islamic extremist from using
his country. philip c. wilcox, who heads state's counter-terrorism office
says, the role of states in promoting terrorism is in sharp decline."
israel has a militant policy against terrorism. washington post 10/17/96