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CONTENTS: Supplement 95

1. (MAJ) MUMIA ABU-JAMAL: `Just Doing My Job'

MUMIA ABU-JAMAL: March on Wall Street,
December 9; Calendar of Events

Leftist Youth Protest in Argentina

4. (SOCINF) Danish Socialist MP Expelled from Turkey

5. (ATS) ARM THE SPIRIT: Berlin Squats Face a Winter of

6. (TF) TRIANGLE FOUNDATION: Gay Bashing Victim
Awarded $10 Million Judgement

U.S. Condoned Drug Smuggling in Contra
Operations,' Commentary by Peter Kornbluh

Crack in America -- Mr. Deutch Goes to Watts

9. (REUTER) Germans Jailed for Racist Attack on Black

10. (IS-N) USA: Panel OKs Klan's Plan to Display Cross


Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 00:01:30 -0500
Subject: MAJ Article Nov 18, "Just Doing My Job"



Column Written 18 November 1996
Copyright 1996 Mumia Abu-Jamal

In what has become known as the Gammage case, the acquittal
of the white cop charged with the manslaughter killing of Johnny
Gammage sent ripples of shock through the Pittsburgh and national
Black community.

Policeman John Vojtas proffered an "I was just doing my job"
defense, which played quite well to the all-white, imported,
Lackawanna County jury.

Vojtas' acquittal all but guarantees the acquittal of
several other suburban Pittsburgh cops who will be retried after
a recent mistrial.

The case is an echo of what has been occurring with deadly
regularity in cities across the United States.

In New York, Puerto Rican youth Anthony Baez is choked to
death by a cop, Francis Livoti, who, although found "not
innocent" by a judge, is acquitted.

He was "just doing his job."

The same day of the Vojtas acquittal, a white cop in St.
Petersburg, Florida is cleared by an all-white grand jury in the
shooting of an 18-year-old Black youth during a traffic stop.

He was "just doing his job."

Again and again, in city after city, a Black or Latino youth
is killed, and the killer cop, if charged at all, walks free:
Freed, more often than not, by all-white juries or grand juries,
or judges.

In case after case after case, they are 'Just doing their

What is their "job?"

There are two ways of answering this question.

1. Their job is what they say their job is, i.e. keep the
peace, protect the weak, etc.

2. Their job is what they actually do, i.e. create social
disorder, repress the weak, and protect the interests of the
status quo -- Be a defender of the wealthy and powerful.

How else could killer cops be acquitted when they say in
their defense that they are just doing their jobs, unless they
really are doing their jobs -- and that job is terrorizing, and
killing Black, Brown and poor youths?

What are they telling you?

They are also telling you that courts are halls of illusion,
like the halls of mirrors in the spook house, places where things
are not as they seem.

Until we truly understand this, we will continue to be
shocked when we see the face of injustice in U.S. courtrooms.


Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 17:20:58 -0500
Subject: Noon rally at Wall St. Dec 9th


Press Release from: International Concerned Family and
Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Contact Pam Africa 215-476-8812
or Susan Burnett 203-847-6721


A New Trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia Abu Jamal, political activist, journalist and former
Black Panter Party leader, has been framed up for killing a cop
and on death row since 1982. He continues his revolutionary
reporting against: the dealth penalty; police brutality; the war
against the poor; political imprisonment; and the prison
industrial complex.

Where: Wall and Broad Streets
Federal Building, 12 Noon

for more information about a ride etc call:



From: Mumia@AOL.COM
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 17:22:51 -0500
Subject: Press Release re: Dec 9th March on Wall St.


Press Release from International Concerned Family and
Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal:

The following are events taking place in New York City
around the December 9th Demonstration on Wall St.

Friday, December 6th
6PM to Midnight
Brough of Manhattan Community College
199 Chamber St.


Special Guest performance by Dub Poet Extraordinaire:

ALSO: Alter Egos, Brad, CVGSheba, Latasha Natanasha Diggs,
GRFX Lucid Dreams, Drums & Poets Society, Sister Keisha,
Tony Medina, Ngoma, Welfare Poets

Free to BMCC Students, $3 CUNY Students $5 non CUNY Students

Free will offering taken to support the work of:
Coalition to Free Mumia Abu Jamal.
Vending, Refreshments, All Roots DJ Music.

Be there! For Information call 212-406-3980

Come be a witness for life and justice
Come pray with sisters and brothers from many faiths
We life our voices for a new trial for Mumia and against the
death penalty

Monday, Dec. 9, 1996
John St., United Methodist Church
44 John St. (Between Broadway & Nassau, 1 block south of
Fulton) (A,C, to B'way-Nassau, J,M,R,3,4,5 to Fulton)

Assemble 8:30AM
and then processional to different locations for spiritual

10:30 AM Press Conference (St. John's UMC)

12 Noon join rally at Wall and Broad Sts.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, award-wining journalist and political
activist, has been convicted of killing a police offer in a hight
irregular trial characterized by racism and on death row since
1982. We are assembling on this day in order to lift our voice
for a new trial for Mumia to oppose the death penalty and to work
together against racism in our society.


** Topic: Weekly News Update #357, 12/1/96 **
** Written 11:06 PM Dec 1, 1996 by
in cdp:reg.nicaragua **
From: Nicaragua Solidarity Network of NY <>


ISSUE #357, DECEMBER 1, 1996
339 LAFAYETTE ST., NEW YORK, NY 10012 (212) 674-9499


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Some 1,500 people marched on Oct. 29 in the provincial
capital of Tucuman to protest the first anniversary of the
installation of the legally elected provincial government of
rightwing former military leader Antonio Bussi. Eight young
demonstrators from the group HIJOS were detained by police for
writing grafitti against Governor Bussi; all were released five
hours later. Police also detained Carlos "Perro" Santillan, a
union leader from neighboring Jujuy province who was on his way
to the march; he was stopped by police 20 km outside San Miguel
de Tucuman because of alleged "irregularities" with the vehicle
in which he was traveling. (Tucuman police used this same excuse
last July to stop a group of municipal workers from reaching a
demonstration.) Participating in the Oct. 29 march were teacher
organizations, human rights groups, leftist political parties,
municipal truck drivers unions, and leaders of the Radical Civic
Union (UCR) and Frepaso opposition parties. [Diario Los Andes
(Mendoza, Argentina) 10/30/96 from DYN]

Another march against Bussi was held the same day in the
national capital, Buenos Aires. About 500 people from various
leftist groups participated in the march, which was called by
HIJOS, a group made up of children of political activists who
were disappeared during the military regime of the 1970s. When
they reached the Plaza de Mayo, the marchers were literally
surrounded by police agents in a disproportionate display of
government security. [Diario Las Americas 10/31/96 from AFP] Also
on the same day, the ultra-left group Quebracho called a protest
in front of the court building to demand the release of three of
its members who were arrested during a police riot at a concert
on Oct. 27 and were being held by order of Judge Carlos Liporaci.
[Diario Las Americas 10/30/96 from AFP]

In other news, Argentine high school teacher Nestor Beroch
has been suspended after being accused of involvement in the
Sept. 16, 1976 "Night of the Pencils," when 11 high school
students were kidnapped from their homes in La Plata after taking
part in a protest to demand cheap public transportation for
students. Nine of the 11 students were never seen again.
Allegations against Beroch by human rights groups were based on
evidence given by a non-commissioned officer to the 1984
commission on the disappeared. [Reuter 11/14/96 via Derechos: the
Week in Human Rights 11/11-17/96]


Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 07:27:37 -0800 (PST)
From: Chris Faatz <>
Subject: Soeren Soendergaard expelled from Turkey (fwd)


Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 12:28:58 +0100 (MET)
From: Steen Andersen <>


Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 10:08:00 CET
Subject: Ang. Sxren og Tyrkiet (3.12.96)


Friday 29. November at 6.45am Soeren Soendergaard, Danish MP
of the Red-Green Alliance and member of the 4th International,
were detained in Ankara Airport while on his way to leave the
country after staying two days in the city.

Soeren Soendergaard had been in Ankara to follow the third
court meeting in the case against Kemal Koc, a Danish citizen of
Kurdish origin, who was arrested in the beginning of July,
tortured and charged of supporting the Kurdish liberation
struggle. After 42 days in prison Kemal Koc was expelled to
Denmark on 16. August, but his trial is still pending.

After being barred from entering the plane Soeren
Soendergaard was put in front of a judge, sentenced to pay a fine
and ordered to leave the country. He was put on a plane the same
evening at 18.05pm leaving directly from Ankara to Frankfurt in

The charge against Soeren Soendergaard was his presence in
Turkey which had violated a - secret - entrance ban not to enter
the country which was issued by the Turkish Ministry of Interior
or the Foreign Office. The ban was issued 16. August 1996 and was
based on the assumption that Soeren Soendergaard was a threat to
the security of the Turkish State.

At the same time the Turkish embassador in Denmark explained
the entrance ban with Soendergaards "support of PKK-terrorists,
which among other things should have consisted of hosting a
meeting in the Danish parliament for members of the Kurdish
parliament in exile Thursday 14. March 1996.

According to the embassador there is a list of danes
unwanted in Turkey because of their support for the Kurds.

Another reason for the entrance ban could be Soendergaards
active support of Kemal Koc. Soendergaard participated in the
first court meeting in this case in Ankara on 15. August - the
day before the entrance ban was issued.

The Soendergaard case made quiet a notice in Denmark. A few
hours after his detention a sharp protest was issued from the
Danish Minister of Foreing Affairs, Niels Helveg Pedersen, who
also called the turkish embassador to a meeting in the Ministry
where he demanded that the list of unwanted danes should be made

A number of political parties also protested the detentinon
and the expulsion of Soendergaard. Socialist Peoples Party (SF)
demanded the case raised in the parliaments Foreign Affairs
Committee and the Socialist Group in the European Parliament
demanded that the parliament should freeze the 375 mio. ECU,
which Turkey should have from EU as part of the Custons Union
between Turkey and EU.

"After the arrest of Soeren Soendergaard and the expulsion
of him plus the information that Turkey has a list of unwanted
European politicians there is no doubt: Turkey should not have a
penny," said Kirsten Jensen, chairman of the Danish Social
Democratic members of the EU-Parliament.

After arriving back in Denmark Saturday 30. November Soeren
Soendergaard told radio and TV that he encouraged the
continuation and strengtning of the fight for human rights in

"Even though it makes you wonder the expulsion of my is only
a little thing. The real problem is all those people who are
still detained og who daily must live with human rights abuses,
random jailings and torture. It is them our solidarity should
concern," said Soeren Soendergaard.


Date: Mon, 2 Dec 96 20:06:18 -0800
From: Arm The Spirit <>
Subject: Berlin Squats Face A Winter Of Evictions



Berlin Squat Report

By Y.G.H.

Despite the freezing cold and abundance of riot cops, more
than 3,000 people marched through Berlin, Germany on Saturday,
November 30, 1996, in solidarity with evicted and threatened
squatted houses. Although the demo was nominally supported by the
former communist party PDS, most of the marchers were autonomists
and other young leftists. Four people were arrested, but the cold
and the cops prevented any cool rioting from breaking out.

The squatting scene in Berlin has been nearly wiped out over
the past year. A conservative ruling government in Berlin, made
up of Christian and Social Democrats, has pledged to make the
city "squat free" by 1998 when Germany's capital returns to Adolf
Hitler's site of power. The new Berlin interior minister, a
former general, seems to be just the man to do the deed.

The Marchstrasse, the last squatted house in West Berlin,
was evicted this summer, as nearly a dozen more houses in the
East. Despite a few attacks in response, like the total trashing
of a Mercedes Benz dealership, the mass response to these
evictions has not been enough to stop them. The leftist PDS party
wants to legalize the last few houses in East Berlin, turning
them into "alternative" youth projects with no revolutionary
potential. The capitalists have resorted to arson attacks to try
and speed up the remaining evictions.

In the early 1980s, there were more than 200 squatted houses
in West Berlin, many of which became legal projects later on.
After the fall of the Wall, about 200 more houses were squatted
in East Berlin. When massive rioting brought down the city
government after the eviction of the Mainzerstrasse houses in
November 1990, dozens of houses got legal contracts and a de
facto moratorium on evictions of squatted houses went into
effect, although no new squats were allowed. Now the stalemate
seems to be over and the state wants to clean Berlin up so it can
be a shiny capital for imperialist Europe.

Well, as usual, we say...Smash Capitalism! Defend the

Stay tuned for more updates.

Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist information
collective based in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide
variety of material, including political prisoners, national
liberation struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism,
the fight against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our
writings, research, and translation materials in our magazine and
bulletins called Arm The Spirit. For more information, contact:

Arm The Spirit
P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1P7 Canada

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ATS-L Archives:

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Subject: Bashing Victim Awarded $10 million
Date: 25 Nov 1996 22:41:59 GMT



Detroit Man Beaten, Shot, While Security Guard Watches, Does

CONTACT: Jeffrey Montgomery (313) 537.3323; (313) 832.6540

A Detroit man was beaten and shot six times in the lobby of
his apartment building while a security guard stood by and did
nothing. The victim, now a paraplegic, was awarded $10 million
by a Wayne County jury on 21 November 1996. This judgment is
thought to be the largest ever in a gay-bashing case. The
judgment is against Pinkerton Security.

Sean McBride, 28, was attacked in January 1994 by three men
who taunted and harassed him for being gay. After repeated
insults and slurs were hurled at Mr. McBride, the action turned
violent, ending with the six gun shots. The twenty-year-old
security guard watched and even laughed at some of the remarks
during the half-hour incident.

Carol McNeilage, Mr. McBride's attorney, said that her
client "thought [the Pinkerton guard] would have gotten them, out
of there." Of the verdict, she said, "Society has finally
realized that homosexuals are entitled to full respect and

Jeffrey Montgomery, President of the Triangle Foundation,
the Detroit-based gay/lesbian anti-violence project, had this
reaction to the judgment:

"Once again, a Wayne County jury has done the right thing
when confronted with facts that demonstrate that people are
victims simply because they are gay or lesbian. In this case
which has left Sean McBride paralyzed for the rest of his life,
they have sent a strong message that gay victims cannot be
ignored. The Pinkerton guard showed an irresponsible disregard
for Mr. McBride's safety, although she was supposedly hired to
protect him and the building he lived in, by finding amusement at
his plight and failing to assist him.

"Beyond providing a level of relief for the victim, this
award tells other gays and lesbians that they can get attention
when they've been brutalized. It also speaks volumes about the
importance of pursuing cases through all available channels when
one has been a victim.

"This case shows that there is not only a risk of doing time
if you prey on gay people, there is also a financial liability
for those who participate to any degree in the attack."


THE TRIANGLE FOUNDATION is Michigan's gay/lesbian anti-
violence agency, advocating for victims and survivors of
anti-gay bias-motivated crimes. TRIANGLE is a member of the
National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, and has been
advocating and intervening in bias-motivated, anti-
gay/lesbian activity since 1990.

Subject: controversy1118.htm



Published: Nov. 18, 1996

Special to The Baltimore Sun

With the scheduled visit of CIA Director John M. Deutch to the
community of Watts, Calif., last week, the controversy continues
to swirl around allegations in the San Jose Mercury News linking
CIA-backed Contras to Nicaraguan drug smugglers involved in the
proliferation of crack in California. But the promise of those
articles -- that U.S. officials would actually tolerate the flow
of drugs into the cities of America -- is fully supported by
available evidence.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, the National Security
Archive obtained the declassification of thousands of pages of
secret White House documents, including e-mail messages sent
between various Reagan administration officials and Oliver
North's handwritten notes on meetings and phone calls regarding
the Contra war.

Those records revealed a sad and shocking truth: U.S.
officials -- White House, National Security Council and CIA --
not only knew about and condoned drug smuggling during the Contra
operations, but in some cases collaborated with, protected, and
even paid known dope traffickers who were deemed important
players in the Reagan administration's obsessed covert effort to
overthrow the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

Former Reagan officials have denied this. When the issue came
up during North's failed run for Senate from Virginia, he called
a news conference. North was joined by Duane Clarridge, the CIA
official who ran the Contra operations from 1981 through mid-
1984, and by former Attorney General Edwin W. Meese III.

North called it a ''cheap political trick to even suggest that
I or anyone in the Reagan administration, in any way, shape or
form, ever tolerated the trafficking of illegal substances.''

Clarridge said that it was a ''moral outrage'' to suggest that
a Reagan administration official ''would have countenanced'' drug

And Meese stated that no ''Reagan administration official
would have ever looked the other way at such activity.''

A review of documentation, however, indicates that U.S.
officials looked the other way and worse.

North's own diaries and internal memorandums to him from
Contra contacts reveal explicit reports of drug trafficking:

On April 1, 1985, North was informed by his liaison with the
Contras, Robert Owen, that two of the commanders chosen by the
National Democratic Front (FDN) to run the southern front in
Costa Rica were probably, or definitively ''involved with drug

On July 12, 1985, North was informed that the Contras were
considering the purchase of arms from a supplier in Honduras. The
$14 million that the supplier had used to finance the guns ''came
from drugs.''

On Aug. 9, 1985, North was informed that one of the resupply
planes being used by Mario Calero, the brother of the head of the
FDN, the largest Contra group, was ''probably being used for drug
runs into the U.S.''

On Feb. 10, 1986, Owen informed North that a plane being used
to run materials to the Contras was previously used to run drugs,
and that the CIA had chosen a company whose officials had a
criminal record. The company, Vortex Aviation, was run by Michael
Palmer, one of the biggest marijuana smugglers in U.S. history,
who was under indictment for 10 years of trafficking in Detroit
at the same time he was receiving more than $300,000 in U.S.
funds from a State Department contract to ferry ''humanitarian''
aid to the Contras.

In not one of these cases is there any record of North passing
this important information on to proper law enforcement
officials. Out of the tens of thousands of documents declassified
during the Iran-Contra investigations, not a telephone message
slip, not a memo, not an e-mail, nor a letter has appeared that
would indicate that North took any steps to bring these drug
smugglers to justice.

Not passing along intelligence on Contra-related drug
smuggling was one way of protecting the personnel needed in the
covert war. In other cases, U.S. officials sought to interfere in
the process of justice.

The case of Gen. Jose Bueso Rosa demonstrates the lengths to
which high White House and CIA officials were willing to go to
protect an individual who fit the classic definition of a

Bueso was involved in a conspiracy to import 345 kilos of
cocaine into Florida -- with a street value of $40 million. Part
of the proceeds were to be used to finance the assassination of
the president of Honduras.

But because this general had been the CIA's and the Pentagon's
key liaison in Honduras in the covert war against Nicaragua,
North, Clarridge, and others in the Reagan administration sought
leniency for him.

As North put it in an e-mail message, U.S. officials would
''cabal quietly to look at options: pardon, clemency,
deportation, reduced sentence.''

The objective of our national security managers was to avoid
bringing the weight of the law down on the general in order to
keep ''Bueso from spilling the beans.''

In the end, the general served less than five years in a
white-collar ''Club Fed'' prison in Florida.

It is the documentation on U.S. relations with another Latin
American general, Manuel Noriega in Panama, that most clearly
demonstrates the shameless attitude of the highest U.S. national
security officials toward major drug smuggling into U.S. cities.
Noriega is serving 40 years in prison for narcotics trafficking.
Lest we forget, his involvement with Colombia's Medellin cartel
was so significant that President Bush ordered the U.S. military
to invade Panama to arrest him, at the cost of 24 American lives,
about 1,000 Panamanian lives and hundreds of millions of dollars
in damage.

The 1989 invasion of Panama was code-named Operation Just
Cause. But in 1986, when U.S. officials had the same evidence of
Noriega's career as the cartel's man in Panama, the Reagan
administration appeared to have another kind of ''Just Cause''
with Noriega.

Shortly after the New York Times published a front-page story
titled ''Panama Strongman Said to Trade in Drugs, Arms and
Illicit Money,'' Noriega contacted North with a quid pro quo
proposal: Help him ''clean up his image'' and he would have his
covert agents undertake major sabotage operations against
economic targets inside Nicaragua.

Instead of telling Noriega that he should rot in jail, North,
according to his own notes and e-mail, supported the proposal.
Indeed, North even wanted to pay Noriega $1 million in money
diverted from the sale of arms to Iran to carry out these
sabotage operations (which the Contras would then have taken
credit for).

In one of the most striking, and candid, electronic mail
messages ever written inside the White House, North wrote to his
superior -- national security adviser John Poindexter -- and
said: ''You will recall that over the years Manuel Noriega and I
have developed a fairly good relationship... The proposal sounds
good to me, and I believe we could make the appropriate

And Poindexter authorized North to fly to London to meet
secretly with Noriega and work out the details on U.S. help to
''clean up his image'' and collaboration in the covert war. As
Poindexter declared in his electronic response: ''I have nothing
against Noriega other than his illegal activities.''

This is but some of the documented evidence of the attitudes
and actions of high U.S. officials toward narcotics trafficking
and traffickers during the covert war against Nicaragua. While
these records do not address the issue of who knew what, when, in
the advent of crack cocaine in California, they do demonstrate a
shocking pattern of government behavior when it came to
protecting American citizens from a real national security
threat: the scourge of drugs.

This is a scandal. And it is a scandal that demands a full

Kornbluh is a senior analyst at the National Security Archive.

Copyright 1996 Mercury Center & San Jose Mercury News


Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 17:05:47 -0800
From: doug norberg <>
Organization: collision course video productions



November 30, 1996

This is to announce that the next "COLLISION COURSE
PRESENTS" cable television show will present "Crack In
America: Mr. Deutch Goes to Watts," The Speech by CIA
Director John Deutch in Watts, and the Reception He
Received, November 15, 1996.

This is a joint production of Doug Norberg of Collision
Course Video Productions and Michael Zinzun of Message to
the Grassroots. It is the only complete video program
available on the antagonistic meeting of the CIA Director
and Watts/South Central community residents at the Town
Meeting, November 15, 1996.

(Part two of a three-part series on the CIA / Crack Cocaine

Where: Cable Channel 53, San Francisco
When: Sunday, December 8, 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Collision Course Presents appears regularly on the second
and fourth Sundays of each month.

For more information, contact:

Post Office Box 347383
San Francisco, CA 94134-7383
Phone: (415) 587-0818
Fax: (415) 587-3048




Copyright &copy 1996
Copyright &copy 1996 Reuter Information Service

POTSDAM, Germany (Dec 2, 1996 10:42 a.m. EST) - A judge on
Monday jailed two Germans for a racist attack on three black
Britons, which left one of them paralyzed, and said he hoped the
sentence would help stop a "movement against foreigners" in
eastern Germany.

A court in Potsdam near Berlin sentenced Mario Poetter, 24,
and Sandro Ristau, 18, to eight and five years jail respectively
for reckless driving and causing grievous bodily harm in a high-
speed car chase last June.

Noel Martin, 36, from Birmingham, England, was paralysed from
the neck down after the car carrying him and two other Britons
hit a tree in the village of Mahlow, south of Berlin, and flipped
over after the Germans threw a rock through its rear window.

"In Mahlow and other cities in Brandenburg state, it is clear
that there is a movement against foreigners," Judge Klaus
Przybilla said in his verdict.

"It is a widespread trend, sometimes with lethal consequences.
I hope this verdict will shake up the people of Brandenburg," he

The verdict and sentence came against a backdrop of racist
violence which has followed unification of the two Germanies in

Much of that violence has been in the economically backward,
formerly communist east of the country, including Brandenburg
state which surrounds Berlin.

Last summer the region again witnessed several high-profile
attacks on foreign workers by young right-wing or neo-Nazi thugs
who used baseball bats and iron bars to terrorise camp sites
where foreigners were staying.

Two weeks ago an 18-year-old German went on trial in
Oranienburg, also near Berlin, for the murder of another British
building worker, Lee Hawthorn, in 1994. He allegedly tied
Hawthorn to his car and dragged him over five miles.

Poetter and Ristau admitted to shouting "nigger" at the three
British construction workers at a train station before pursuing
them and throwing the rock into their car.

Both at the time had shaven heads, a trademark of young
right-wing "skinheads," and told police they mixed with local
neo-Nazi circles in Mahlow. But they denied belonging to any
organised racist group.

Another of the victims of the crash, 38-year-old Mikel
Ricketts from Middlesex, still lives in Mahlow.

"I'm not afraid, I'm just more apprehensive," he said. "If I
see someone with a weird haircut, it makes me wary."

Ricketts said the sentence was too lenient.

"To Mr Martin, who will be severely crippled for the rest of
his life, I don't think it's sufficient," he said.

Both Ricketts and Arthur Blackwood, 39, from London, escaped
with minor injuries.

Przybilla had told the court during the trial that the case
might be serious enough to warrant a conviction for attempted
murder, but in the event decided this could not be proved.


Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 22:00:13 -0800
From: (michael novick)
Subject: KKK to raise cross in Indiana



By Will Higgins / The Indianapolis Star/News

AUBURN, Ind. (Dec. 3, 1996) -- Chalk up a victory for the Ku
Klux Klan. It received permission Monday from the DeKalb County
Commissioners to erect a 6-foot cross, emblazoned with "KKK," in
downtown Auburn.

In the middle of town. On the courthouse lawn.

The commissioners were dismayed but said their hands were

The Klansmen were thrilled.

"We're ecstatic," said Klansman Brad Thompson. "It couldn't
have worked out better."

Thompson said the cross would go up this week, probably

He and his brother Klansmen intend to anchor it in place
with metal spikes and aircraft cable "so if somebody's going to
take it, they're going to have to do some serious work to get it

Even if someone succeeds, Thompson is ready. He and the
others have built 11 backup crosses. "Every morning, if it gets
took, we'll be there to put up another one," he said.

Thompson had petitioned the commissioners to allow the
placement of a cross on the courthouse square for the 12 days
before Christmas.

The commissioners mulled the request for more than a month.
"An awkward, very unpopular request," is how Frank Laub, board
president, described the situation.

But there was no way around it, "short of a lawsuit," said
board member Chuck Ort.

In 1995, the Supreme Court ruled that Ohio officials were
wrong in trying to bar the Ohio Klan from erecting a cross near
the Statehouse in Columbus. The court indicated Ohio officials
could legally have barred the Klan's cross if they had banned all
other displays, too. But they hadn't. They'd already allowed a
Christmas tree and a menorah.

In Auburn, three other groups also will be allowed to build
displays on the courthouse lawn and leave them there for up to 30
days: the American Cancer Society, which plans to decorate a fir
tree; the Auburn Downtown Merchants Association, which already
has erected its annual Santa's Chalet; and a newly formed group
called the DeKalb County Citizens for Equal Justice, which will
erect a sign reading: "Remember the dream of Martin Luther King."

The Klan contends it merely wants to bring religion back to
Christmas -- and ease Santa out.

DeKalb County has only a handful of Klansmen. They "robe up"
frequently and noisily. Over the last 18 months, they've staged
rallies in Angola, Elwood, Fort Wayne, Marion and New Castle.

Not until now had they planned an activity in their own back

Most people in the area are not Klan supporters, said Dave
Snodderly, pastor of the Assembly of God Soul's Harbor, a small
Auburn church.

"Generally, I don't try to get too involved in situations
like this, but I'm certainly not in favor of what they stand
for," Snodderly said, "and I would say our members wouldn't go
for that, either."


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