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06 Dec 1996 00:00:00 +0000

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Moscow's oldest and most famous squatted apartment is under
siege. Members of the Rainbow Keepers joined artists,
musicians and others who live, used to live or just hang out
at Bulgakov house to try to stop the eviction of apartment
number five so that a development company can build luxury
offices. A highly publicized stand-off is currently under

The building under question was once the residence of such
luminaries as Sergei Esenin and Mikhail Bulgakov and is the
setting for the novel "The Master and Margarita". In the
mid-eighties it became something of an extraordinary place
as some subcultural types actually managed to squat it. It
turned into a low-keyed but still legendary hang out.
Although it was never a radical living space, like many such
squats in the West try to be, it was a very special thing, a
little free space in an unfree city.

Now some of the cultural elite is trying to come to the
rescue and raise 20million USD to keep the space.

The last great squat place, on Petrovsky Blvd., was wrecked
to build a hotel complex. Gentrification is happening
extremely quickly as the city makes great money by
exploiting the housing shortage. There's not much hope in
fighting the city, either. But hopefully we can finally find
a place that people can call for at least a while.