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a semiregular newsletter made by zagreb anarchist movement.
Date of release: 5.12.1996.

to contact zap write to: zap/ark
gajeva 55
10 000 zagreb
or e-mail: zap_zg.@zamir-zg.ztn.apc.org
fax: + 385 1 432 456

Dear friends, this is another issue of zaginflatch. It is an english version of
necemo i nedamo newsletter, another product of a group of individuals called
zap. In order tospread the information on what is going on around here, we
started doing this 2 years ago, and are quite happy with the way people respond.
We would like to thank to our numerous friends who have supported us during the
years of the group's existence. Especially groups like Maloka, Kochize, Germinal
, Neither east nor West, IVS - NI,Barricade bookstore ... and more... Also we
thank everybody who has sent us materialfor our info shop/library

We are not going to spend any more words in order to explain what are we about.
Those of you who know us probably have an idea, those of you who don't should
get the picturethrough Zaginflatch.... zap

note that zaginflatch isn't a word for word translation of necemo i
nedamo. Articles are modified, and are explaing the whole situation a
little bit more than in necemo i nedamo. That's logical, isn't it?


Attacks on the free media - first victims of article 71?
And a couple of words about how great is to be a journalist...

On the grounds of the new law on the protection of Character and Work (see
zaginflatch # 8) by which the president and four other high states functionaries
are protected from slander, some journalists were accused. This new law
(articles 71 and 77 of croatiancriminal law) is practically a reinforcement of
a verbal fellony. Anyway, Viktor Ivancic and Marinko Culic, two journalists from
a satirical weekly newspaper Feral Tribunewere accused but it was obviously a
political decision. After financial attacks through inforced tax on pornography
(to a satirical newspaper which never published any pornographic material?!),
verbal attacks from all state's officials, physical attacks finally came this
attempt of a final strike. It is important to note that Feral Tribune is a very
popular newspaper which deals with all kinds of different political issues and
that they are one of the few independent magazines which do not follow the
official line of covering the events. This obviously bothered the officials so
finally the two journalists ended up in front of the court on 14.6.1996. when
the first summons was held. Just before the first summons a demonstration was
held, on Cvjetni Trg in Zagreb. Around 60+ participated and witnessed a mini
play performed on the spot. A couple of hundreds of free Feral Tribunes were
given away. The whole thing went pretty quietly. However,the supporter's
presence was obvious the next day in court....
Next court dates were on 25. and 26.9.1996.
20.9.1996. a group called Neither East Nor West organized a demo in front of
the Croatian consulate in New York in order to show their support to Feral.
Also, a little bit more space was given to the case in other newspapers. After
the second and third day, a decision was declared by a very brave judge who has
found the 2 not guilty. That was a great relief for the majority of their
colleagues and for the informed part of public. Not that there were any
actual grounds for the case, but one can expect everything.

Sometime at the end of October, another unpleasant event happened. Radio 101
which has a reputation of being the only truly independent electronic media in
Croatia was denied a concession on their frequency. This radio station started
tobroadcast in 1983 and was a very strong opposition to then socialist
Yugoslavia. Their provocative program has always covered various political
questions and the radio became famous for its sharp criticism of authorities
(especially local, but also on higher scale). They played an important part in
overthrow of the socialist regime, and were the first radio station to
offer some space to today's Croatian dictator.9not that they should be
proud of that, but note that was a dangerous act at the time). They were
obviously inspired with a potential rise of civil rights, and therefore
supported the transition. As things have changed the radio stayed on the same
positions and naturally got in a conflict with authorities. Especially
when they managed to replace a HDZ (croatia's strongest political party,
in power since the first ellections, and pretty much responsible for the
whole situation) Today, they still have pretty nationalist and pro-capitalist
wievs, but thegood side of them is their open stand to all sides...
Anyway, after the commission's decision on the ban of radio 101 (which has
enormous popularity in Zagreb), an explosion of emotions happened. People
started to call in and send faxes of support. There was crying on air,
threats, calls for rebellion, swearing.
Thousands of people were irritated by that decision. Spontaneously, someone
called the radio and asked to be let on air. There he said:"o.k. people. All of
you who are listening to this, lets meet at Cvjetni Trg in 3 hours time." In
just a three hours note, approximately 10 thousands showed! The whole demo was
totally spontaneous. Ordinary people have made their own posters and flyers also
banners. Slogans were chanted, the whole city was spay painted with graffiti.
The whole city was on their feet! Practically everybody who meant something in
the domain of public life came personally to the 101 premises to show support.
Calls and faxes of support continued to come in the whole night. Something big
was in the air.
The next day came in expectations of what will the next evening show. Croatian
Helsinki Board announced a big demo to be held that evening, and a huge show up
was expected. Since the public reacted like a petrol bomb, and also all foreign
factors, the government was forced to withdraw the decision in question.Which
they did the following morning.It was a victory, and the battle was jet
prepared. That evening, around 130 thousands came to the demo. To us, the first
day was a great experience. Our ordinary passive neighbors got active and what
is more important they took the control over into their own hands. The whole
revolt and action was very spontaneous and selforganized. The second day was a
bit more official though. What is to be said about that? This event was not a
revolutionary act, but it was nice to see at least something going on in Zagreb,
and not being set up by a regular circle of activists.
At the same time, when radio 101 has lost its frequency, another station had
the same experience. Radio Sjeverozapad (very opositional, but also
close to opositional political parties) was banned, but they did not have enough
support to battle back.


Article 82 of Croatial law on defense was recently changed, and now it says that
conscious objectors have to serve in the army but without carrying any guns. So
called civil service ( although it really isn't since people have to serve
within the military forces) lasts for 15 months. On the other hand there is also
article 83. which says that civil service can be served in an adequate
institution approved by the ministry of defense. That kind of a law allows
different interpretations, so if one is going to serve within or outside of the
army depends strictly on the local office of the ministry of defense. As far as
we now, up today only one person has managed to serve the army outside military
forces, and that was back in 1992. All other objectors are sent to the army, and
usually experience lots of discrimination while serving. Because all of that,
most people who disagree with going to the army try to avoid it by failing the
examination checks. This kind of works if a person is determined enough to pull it
through. the sentence for total objecting is two years in prison.
While we speak about the topic of conscious objection, we should not forget to
mention the magazine PRIGOVOR, published by Belgrade∆s peace group Zene u crnom.
There are already two issues out, and it talks mainly against militarism
including conscious objection. Unfortunately we do not have an address through
which you could contact Zene u crnom, since it was never published, but we guess
that you can try through Torpedo or Kontrapunkt distribution
(addresses elsewhere in this issue).
One more thing before we conclude this article and that is that sometime in
1998, an international big WAR RESISTORS meeting should be held in Croatia
(supposingly in Zagreb).
In the city of Smederevo, a new anarchist group was formed. They call themselves
Anarhisticki pokret Smedereva (Anarchist movement of Smederevo), although they
are not sure about the name yet. They plan to press anarchist materials and
distribute them. There is still no address, hopefully next time...
A new issue of "Kako si?" newsletter is out, so anybody who might be interested
in receiving it can ask for a free copy at: VPP, Bolnicka 47, 34550 Pakrac,
Croatia. Kako si is a bilingual newsletter made by international volunteers
which do their work in the pakrac region since 1993, trying to normalize life
over there. It is a good effort, and worth supporting although the whole project
is in a bit of a crisis right now. At present they try to involve the locals a
little bit more and also to organize some long term volunteers who will be able
to develop their present post projects, such as: e-mail project, puppet theater,
house calls, photo project, kako si?. We wrote about VPP in a couple of last
issues of zaginflatch so check them out if you want some more info on the
whole story.
On 10.12. is the international day of human rights, and zap believes that this
day has to be celebrated in a way. Therefore this year we will once again
participate in organizing of the events which will cover the day. There is so
much to be done considering the basic human rights over here (and note that only
afterwards we can spread the domain to more complex structures. In the local
version of this newsletter we asked people to participate and help organizing
the whole thing but that seems stupid for the international version so take
this just as plain news.
On 30.11. is another date to be celebrated - No Shopping Day. Simply a day when
you should not buy anything (assuming that you otherwise do). That is a way to
bring attention to the consumer spirit of this society, and I guess we will all
participate in our own special ways.
Amnesty international Hrvatska - zagreb group was supposed to hold a
demonstration in Zagreb, on 27.9., regarding the breaking of human rights in
China. As the place where the demo was supposed to happen was "booked" (i.e.
previously announced H.Carreras concert was transmitted over there), the whole
event was rescheduled for one week later. In the meanwhile A.I. did some
campaigning for protection of human rights of children as well. Furthermore,
they published some written material. To contact A.I., write to: Amnesty
International Hrvatska, Vojnoviceva 26, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia or e-mail at:
TOPEDO (for those of you who still do not know, it is an anarchist group from
Smederevo, Jugoslavia) continues with its activities. Until today, they
published a couple of translations of some pamphlets. They are: Everything you
ever wanted to ask about anarchism but were afraid to ask, IWW - goals &
principles, Osteuropaarchiv:Yugoslavia: class war, crisis, war, AKF - Our wievs,
Edi Konlon: Spanish civil war,anarchism in action, Katarina: Mexico is not only
Chiapas nor Chiapas uprising is just a Mexican affair, Nestor Mahno: My visit
to Kremlin. Torpedo can be reached at: Milan Djuric, M. Velikog 12/10, 11300
Smederevo, Yugoslavia. They also publish a periodical newsletter in english
called Torpedo newsflash.
In a couple of past issues of zaginflatch we wrote about the situation in the
refugee camp Kupljensko. Being totally cut of the world, west bosnian refugees
were victims of both political and physical terror. Without any alternative
solutions they simply egzisted on a dead end road which served as an improvised
camp providing only existential minimum, and sometimes not even that. After two
years of tragedy, and the change in the geopolitical situations the refugees
were forced to leave the camp. a great number of them returned to Bosnia
(Kladusa, Bihac) although they did not want to. However,some people were allowed
to leave the region and go to third countries. it is still unclear what will
happen when they will have to return back to Bosnia (such is the case with the
Bosnian refugees in Germany at the moment), when they are clearly not wanted
there. They either do not fit into the political or ethnical picture of the
country, and once when they will come back they will have to face a great deal
of danger (just like those who have already returned do right now). All in all
Bosnia is a mess and normalization of life is still very far.
In cooperation between Anti War Campaign and ZAP, Volunteers Center was formed
few months ago. Main idea of this Center is to promote this kind of work, and
to send volunteers from Croatia to the work camps in the other countries. Some
of this people maybe come back with new contacts or ideas and start up some
other projects or continue to work as activists in some already existing
projects. Anyway, first steps were done, first volunteers went to their work
camps, and now we'll see first results.
Volunteers Center tries to provide traveling money for all volunteers that they
send somewhere, but it's hard to get enough money for that, so at this point
the group is in debts There are free places for volunteers in following
countries, and we hope that we will be able to send people there - France,
Northern Ireland, Germany and Switzerland. You can contact Volunteers Center
at: ARK / Volunteers Center, Gajeva 55, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.
Some of you might remember that there was a riot in Samobor,on 31.10.1995.,
when the cops arrested 200 punx. (For more info see past issues). Well, today
more than a year later, not much has changed in their approach to counterculture.
Maybe, this year's "Samobor anniversary" concert managed to implant some sense
into their minds, since the concert was rather successful and nice. In a small
pub in Samobor, around 150+ gathered and enjoyed themselves. The cops showed up
offcourse, but this time they could not do a thing against the gathering.
Furthermore, ZAP in collaboration with ARK organized an open forum which went
quite well too. In the premises of Novinarski dom in Zagreb some 70+ persons
came to hear has anything changed since last year.
punk corner
- Kontrapunkt is a new d.i.y. distribution which wants to revive the punk scene.
So far they did a list with a couple of releases and also pressed some t-shirts
(political) and patches... Bulajic Branko, Djure Djakovica 49, 36000 Kraljevo,
- a new distribution started to exist in Slovenia. Write to: Rusjan Junior, Pot
na breg 8, 5250 Solkan, Slovenia.
- Preko zidova nacionalizama i rata (Over the walls of nationalism and war)
compilation 7" is a new release which has to be mentioned. It brings 7 punk/hc
bands from ex Yu which all with one song raise their voice against armed
conflict in the area while targeting the cause. T shirts were also pressed,
and all that can be found at: Vedran Meniga, V. Ruzdjaka 8, 10000 Zagreb,
Croatia. That is the address of a label called Humanita Nova, and they have
also published an international benefit comp. tape, for this newsletter...
Its 5$ ppd worldwide.
- During the summer there were a few festivals, but we can't really say that
they were political in any way - there was lots of good music and alcohol.
And beans on the Monte Paradiso festival were great! Besides that, punx stayed
more or less passive.
the end

(@) (@) - MARKO V.

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